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Found 9 results

  1. Hi Could someone please help as I'm very new to this. I've just received a letter dated 3rd July from what looks like it's from County Court Business Centre. It says the claimant is JC International Acquisition LLC and the name for payment is Moriarty Law. It says I haven't replied to the claim form and am ordered to pay £1655.2 or £50 a month? It doesn't show what I owe it for but from looking at other posts, looks like it may be Talk Talk. Any help or how to respond will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi In October 2013 I started a 12-month contract with Talk Talk (Simply Broadband). In October 2014 I moved in another property. At the beginning of November I started a contract with PlusNet at the new address. On 11th November I have written to TAlk TAlk a letter of cancellation. Now, PlusNet claims there is a TAG on my line preventing them from placing my order. So, I have no connection. At the same time, Talk Talk is asking me to pay even December for the old contract, claiming they can not disconnect me too early. Conclusion: in December I should pay 2 bills having no service, neither from Talk Talk nor from PlusNet. What can I do?
  3. We received a letter from Talk Talk last week. This is what is said: Your Talk Talk Service is about to get better. At Talk Talk we're constantly working to bring you better value with improved services. We are therefore delighted to let you know that we're upgrading your package to our newer, better value service. What does this mean for you? The following will stay the same Your existing broadband connection your existing telephone number(s) Your email address (if you have one) You'll continue to receive VAT bills What happens next? You don't need to do anything to benefit from this, and we'll write to you again within the next few days with your account move date and further information. If you have any questions in the meantime, please see the FAQs overleaf. ....................................................................... OK lovely. They are going to improve our service. That's nice. What they fail to mention (which we only found out when Mr Tootles rang up to see what the improvements would be as we are on business broadband and didn't want to suddenly find we lose the amount of download we're allowed) is that they would be moving us from our £12.50 a month package to one that would cost £26! It was *only* £20 for the first 6 months! Cheeky monkeys (or words to that effect!!) So, if you receive one of these letters, best double check before you get a nasty surprise at the bank! Tootles x
  4. Signed up to a small business package with talk talk for 12 months back in 2011. The salesperson explicitly stated that I could cancel after 12 months, he told me all this was recorded on the system for future reference. So I've rang talk talk asking to cancel, they have told me that the voice recording has "CUT OFF" before the 12 months was agreed, and that they don't do 12 month contracts. Kind of ironic how the recording has cut of just before the 12 months thing. Clueless of what to do next?
  5. Hi All 2 weeks ago talk talk sent an engineer out as I had a broadband problem- turns out the modem they supplied was faulty however they say this is my modem and I must pay £49 for the privilledge of having an engineer coming out diagnosing this and giving me a new modem. I spoke to customer services today they stood their ground and will not refund this - will offer 3 months free same deal as everyone alse. My point is if modem is faulty how does it become your responsibility - god help the older generation the whole episode is torture- there is a lot to be said for UK call centres and paying a bit extra. When a modem is faulty talk want you to and beg / borrow or steal another working modem to make sure its not the modem thats at fault. If you find its the modem thats at fault I trust you have to buy a newone if under a year old what a polava. If the modem does not work and its the telephone point in your house guess what that = £49 too. How can the man in th street obtain other modems to these tests and or become a communications engineer overnight to test a telephone point
  6. As I'm sure most of you know, and quite a few of you use, TalkTalk began offering free broadband for all several years ago now. When my then fiancée and I were living in a town, we were able to get free broadband, which at one point was as fast as 11 or 12 mbps. On informing TT we were going to move to a village (also over the other side of the country), we were told that our Broadband, which would be six times slower, would now cost £15/month on top of the line rental etc. Refusing to accept this, we cancelled, still having to pay the cancellation fee (which I dispute as the contract had changed). The official excuse from TT is that the exchange where we now live is too small for their equipment. How can this be fair? Rural customers are being ripped off and given a technical reason. It should not matter if the equipment can't fit - there's surely enough profit to subsidise the rural areas.
  7. Hi all. We cancelled our Tiscali (now Talk Talk) Broadband account as they weren't able to provide the service as required*. They provided our MAC on the 16/04/2010, but we then discovered they continued to bill us for 3 months longer - until we cancelled the direct debit. We then complained when they sent a letter threatening disconnection. In fact they demanded an invoice from the replacement provider as they had "lost" the cancellation request. None of their correspondence ever contains a contact number to the "person" in customer relations, and none of their departments seem capable of dealing with Business broadband issues. We have documented every call made, and have copies of all correspondence. We also informed them we would expect them to pay for the time spent in claiming the money taken from us (6hrs x £25/hr), which of course has been conveniently ignored. It has taken until now for them to reply in writing that they will repay the money, following formal complaints to Ofcom & Otelo. To add insult to injury, they have said they "will write off the outstanding balance of £119.28". As they have provided no reliable method of contacting the person responsible with the complaint "Elaine McGrath", what can we do, they have blatantly made it as hard as possible for us to recover the money taken from us, as well as breaking Ofcom's & Otelo's regulations. I would quite like to CCJ them for the costs, how would I go about doing this? We're not taking the mick with our costs, but merely want them to acknowledge how much they have screwed up. Many thanks, John * Business broadband contract stated that 1 static IP address would be provided. The broadband service was appalling using the static IP, but ok using a dynamic IP. Hence they were not able to fulfil their obligations. A fortnight of talking to tech support did not resolve the issue.
  8. Hey. Im new to this as Im sick of Talk Talk and needed advice. I ended with Talk Talk in September last year and went to BT (who werent much better as they mis-sold me a contract) an now Ive changed again to sky. The contract was ended in September because of faulty services and their incompetence mainly. My internet kept going down and I had to call them all the time to sort it and my phone was crackling through the summer. I work in the USA half the year an when I phoned home I thought it was just a bad connection till I was told it was the actual house phone. I returned a couple of months later to find it was still the same, so bad we couldnt hear the other person and then it died all together. I phoned Talk Talk from another phone to explain and when our line came back I phoned them from it so they could hear the bad crackling. They said it wasnt their problem, it was a BT line. I phoned them an they said it was TTs problem as I was paying them. After a month of calls BT decided to come and try sort it. They found it was the main unit box at the top of the street that was causing the problem, nothing to do with me or in my house as I would get a £120 call out charge if it was. Now if it took that long to fix an I had no proper phone service for months then why should I be expected to pay? I couldnt get any help from them whatsoever and was told I couldnt talk to anyone higher up the chain so I asked him to sort it and he said he couldnt! As I said the contract has been ended since September and I had no word from them until a debt collection agency letter came in demanding £35 in January. My mum paid it against my judgment. Now I just recieved another agency demanding £49.74. Talk Talk said I owe them another £19.74 and there is a £30 late payment fee. Why wasnt I informed that I owed the money? Why did they go straight to a debt collection agency without my knowing of it? When you try and phone them or join the forum it says you cant because they dont recognise your number as they cancelled your account. What should I do? Im sure Ive paid them more than they deserve and that I should have at least a refund for their faulty services which I still had to pay for. Badger.
  9. Hi all It's been a while since I had a consumer issue, but I'm back and I'm stressed! I was lured by the cheap tariffs and agreed over the phone to take out a contract with them. (Phone & Broadband) They asked for a new line fee of £69.99 which I paid using my visa debit card. (This was 14th Sept 2010) Over the next few days I spoke to friends and asked if they had any experience of TT and was horrified at the stories they told me. 4 days after I initially made the verbal agreement, I called them back and cancelled the contract. (This was 18th Sept 2010) TT asked why and I told them that they had a bad reputation for broadband issues (I'm a mature student and broadband is vital to me) They took it well and asked me to call back in 7 days as the £69.99 was held in limbo and it needed to be credited to TT before they could refund it to me. I gave them a little extra time and called back 14 days later (This was 2nd Oct 2010). TT said they couldn't refund that day as the system upgrades being done prevented refunds being made. They asked me to call back on the following monday. I called back on the monday and was told to ring back in 7 days! (This was 4th Oct 2010) I called back again (15th Oct 2010) and was informed that a refund would go into my bank account within 5 days. I kept an eye on my bank account, no payment arrived. I called back today (27th Oct 2010) and spent the best part of 2 hours either on hold or redialling following cut off from an India call centre. I also spoke to Cape Town who were more polite but equally clueless. The british call centres are equally clueless and resorted to just sending me through to depts that couldn't deal with refunds. I had been passed around 7 different depts and 3 different continents. I finally spoke to someone who admitted they had no idea how to put me through to the dept that does refunds, he actually read out the depts he could transfer me to and none of them were relevant. He then suggested that I ring Ofcom! He gave me the number and was very helpful and sympathetic. I spoke to Ofcom who took all the above info, they say I have to write to TT and give them 8 weeks to respond. They also mentioned Otelo (ombudsmen) and the next steps to take if the complaint letter isn't satisfied reasonably. My questions to Caggers are; 1) Can I expect reimbursement for the phone charge to the various 0870 numbers TT gave me to ring? I'm not talking minutes on the phone to them, I'm talking hours! They keep people on hold as long as possible! 2) Can I charge them a reasonable interest for withholding my money with no explanation?
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