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  1. Ad blue (or lack of) would not make an engine seize, it is an additive to the fuel that improves post combustion in the DPF/Cat. These days vehicles give a warning if the AdBlue is low and go into limp mode if empty, this is not because of potential damage, rather a requirement to ensure you actually refill it to maintain documented emission levels. If the engine seized it is nothing to do with that, but would potentially seize from a coolant leak?
  2. I have to say I’ve never had any issues with Tesco and I use them almost every week
  3. I’m fairly certain Tesco specifically note items that are short dated on the delivery note to allow you to reject them quite quickly. On this basis I doubt that they would specifically go for the short date items as they end up with more work by the time they not only refund the money, but also have to return the items to stock. In these days potentially scrap them too!
  4. From the GOV website on car aircon Check for leaks You’re legally required to prevent F gases leaking from mobile air conditioners, so you should get your technician to regularly service it and check for leaks. If you’re a technician that services a mobile conditioner, you share responsibility for stopping leaks with the owner of the vehicle.
  5. I’m not commenting on the money. But as it’s a refrigerant they should test the system in the first place to ensure it can maintain a vacuum. It sounds like that may just have refilled it without testing first.
  6. There is info on the .gov website regarding this. I would give that a read before doing anything else.
  7. Just seen some MP a has wound up Mr Bannatyne about payments and he is planning to go to court, be interesting if he follows through
  8. You can get the warning messages interrogated at an independent, this also shows what’s been reset in the past on most cars. You could consider getting this done to see if it confirms your suspicions. But please double check that they can get resets on a Jeep
  9. Was it only a change in title or were there any physical changes to the role?
  10. Can I just say Viesman boilers are one of the best around. Obviously if they have not been fitted correctly it can lead to problems. Power flush is the favourite costly add on for installers which is not necessarily needed. Chemical cleaning and magnetic filters give a much better result long term. Drop a message onto the Screwfix forum, some really knowledgable installers on there.
  11. On the basis it was a direct debit from the bank. Why did you not use the DD guarantee and insist the bank refunds the money.
  12. Just a quick update. Amazon refunded the costs on their A to Z guarantee. Still waiting the hear from Ebuyer though!!! Last time for them.
  13. If the car has a previous questionable repair would it not be better being written off?
  14. Technically they don’t, but without knowing we would potentially insist on 14 days off sick (containment). I’m sure you know the results are not what you would class as accurate, so we will not take risks. Her employer is only protecting its workforce. If an employer is seen to be the source of an outbreak they can be shutdown for deep cleaning and directors could be fined.
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