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  1. Is it this one? ASDA Discount if so it has a list of post codes at the bottom and says selected postcodes at the top. You should however ever be able to have your data deleted on request
  2. HI Quick question to get some opinions. I bought a Samsung S8 in July 17, so just over 2 years old. Last week it was plugged in to charge and there was an immediate bang / flash from the charging port. In the hurry to unplug the thing I dropped it on the floor and cracked the back. Up until this point it was in good condition, screen protector since new, full case etc. Is there any point in going to Samsung to see about the failure, or will I just get the runaround due to the crack on the rear equally given it's now two years old? Thanks
  3. Renfrewshire council for there. They might argue it’s inside Airport land, so I would contact them too
  4. Did you actually talk to cancellations team. Much more flexible. Just call and ask for them don’t mess about with the call centre staff.
  5. I’m going to assume at pension age you may not be a heavy gamer / multiple HD video downloads at the same time? if so the offerings from TalkTalk, plus net etc on their fibre lines will be more than sufficient coming in around £27/month personally I would contact their cancellation team and point out the price options from the alternatives and you are planning to go to one of them. I expect they will match it!
  6. And so it begins https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/nottingham-news/mum-fined-picking-up-daughter-3168418.amp so many mistakes in the article.
  7. Yes they overpainted literally miles of double yellows with red in the last couple of months.
  8. Unfortunately I don’t believe you will have any recompense for the previous service since you returned multiple times. That suggests you were somewhat satisfied. The last repair is a different matter, they did not repair the fault, but as above what did the repair sheet say?
  9. I would look for a small Saab specialist. You could try through a Saab forum to get a recommendation just google UK Saab forum and you should find something. On a side note it would be a hydraulic line that failed which was replaced, but I can only suspect you just sadly paid them about half the car is worth. i certainly would not be going back with an open cheque book
  10. Yeah they have kindly painted double red lines everywhere. Must have gotten the paint cheap
  11. Clearly she gets paid £10.52/hr there can be no argument about that (Salary/(37*52)) so use the that alongside the gov site to calculate the hours then the amount. Put it in writing to HR and head office. Give them a limited time to correct it or say they don’t agree. Then make a claim if they do t pay up. Alternatively get them to confirm she has been getting paid less than minimum wage
  12. There is a final holiday pay calculator on the .gov site somewhere. Have a google Edit: found it: https://www.gov.uk/calculate-your-holiday-entitlement
  13. What mileage was on the car when you bought it and what’s on it now. Have you had it serviced by a main dealer in the 18 months
  14. There is nothing particularly unusual about a fail, then a subsequent pass. Do you know for sure the dangerous parts were not repaired? on the pass does it list any advisories, if they are similar to the fails on the previous test it may be questionable. But it is perfectly possible the garage brought the car up to pass condition then re MOT’ed it. How many miles have you put on it?
  15. Regarding the car value. if you say your car if worth £10k you almost certainly would not get that figure if it was written off. It is merely a guide, so if it was a similar number I would not bother too much. Also you can’t overestimate the car value, it must be market related. They will use estimators like Parker’s guide to give you a value. Are you absolutely sure you put the correct date in money supermarket? It would have been transferred across automatically, so no human intervention to type in the wrong date On that basis is it really worth the hassle for a days insurance.
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