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  1. All sky channels are chargeable, the Freesat system is not part of sky it's backed by ITV and BBC. It's more in line with Freeview that you get via your aerial. You are in essence paying for a card that will allow you to use their equipment to gain access to the Freesat system. You can buy alternative boxes, but they are more than £25 If you want the sky channels you would need a contract. EDIT: Did you not look over the Freesat website first to see the channels you get? That might have saved some time and anguish.
  2. I'd be very surprised if he could get away with charging you for maintainence of the fabric of the building and central heating etc. Satellite dish LNB, is the dish anywhere you could have damaged it? Sounds like a chancer who deserves to be found out!
  3. I don't think he said he had no intention of paying for the fuel?
  4. This is from the DS owners club, looks like they don't all get one! " So the ds3 has no spare wheel! So the ds3 has no spare wheel .and only the repair kit that I'm not kean about I would like to know if any Steel wheel fits as a back up .would a saxo or 106 or similar fit for a space saver or get me home? "
  5. I don't think it's a legal requirement. My BMW had run flats, the only thing in the boot was the locking wheel nut key. Don't be fooled by the spare wheel space either. The car would have been designed with one, and some countries may well require a spare. I would expect the car should either have had run flats fitted or a can of foam stuff. Certainly talk to the dealer, but don't go in too heavy handed, perhaps make a call first to see what they come.with and go from there.
  6. To be fair it's quite normal for this type of thing on new build estates, the finish surface is usually done once the heavy machines go. However that drain does not look too high, certainly not the 100mm or so gap under the car. Were you possibly going a bit too fast and the resulting landing compressed the springs quite a lot? But realistically a sump will set you back about £50 and is easy to fit for a mechanic, I would not expect any more than £200 and that would include a new filter and oil. Personally I would not go near my insurance company with that, as said you will pay it and more next renewal. Find a local garage and get it fixed.
  7. Vokera boilers are pretty poor, I moved to a house with one. It was bad from the start, but failed a few months later. Had a Worcester Bosch fitted by a local engineer, he services itvevey year for £60 and I get a 10 year WB guarantee. Personally I would not be paying BG £30 a month you have paid for two boilers in that time.
  8. Thanks, but no KY16, mainland. I tried an old address PA7, right next to Glasgow airport, but still increased charges.
  9. Thanks for that. I do understand they can charge what they want. It's the suggestion the charge is location based. Their website shows Royal Mail 2nd class. Just the charge changes dependant upon postcode which seems rather odd.
  10. Hi Quick question. I was looking to buy some parts via a retailers online store. When I went to pay it showed the 2nd class postage charge, at the point of putting in my postcode (Scotland) it went from £1.95 to £3.95. Being as bit surprised it changed I put in a Nottingham postcode and it dropped back to £1.95, so was sure it was a location charge. I emailed the store and they have said Royal mail charge by both size/weight and location. I accept that is true for parcels, but I thought 1st & 2nd class post was by weight/size only? Thanks
  11. Seems he's not much of a plumber then. All you need is a replacement knob. Buy a standard valve from Toolstation , Screwfix etc and just screw on the knob to the current valve. https://www.toolstation.com/shop/p76890. Send the LL the bill for £2 if you want.
  12. I don't believe the guarantee starts over again when you receive a replacement. It continues to roll from the original purchase, was that over 6 years ago? They may well delete records after that time as they would no longer have reason to keep them and GDPR would come in to play at that point too.
  13. It is possible to blacklist a phone. I bought one still sealed from cash generator and it was blacklisted on startup. They sorted it out without any question, but I expect that phone had a similar previous owner as you. So in short they can blacklist the phone irrespective of who's SIM is in it now.
  14. Why did you sell it back to them? If the oil leak was visible, drips on driveway etc and you were having to refill the oil fairly regularly, then it's probable it should have been mentioned. How old and how many miles on it?
  15. It may well have been processed. Our accounts team process payments every day, but they then go for approval and even after approval they sit for a few days waiting on the the transaction at the bank finally happening. Up to the point the bank process it the payment can be stopped. Can I ask was there no paperwork with the camera bag. Everything I have had from them had something that related back to the store that issued it. Would it not have been reasonable to give them a call? I don't see that they could hold your phone credit, but I expect they will certainly try to deduct the cost of the bag.
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