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  1. Hi all, Thanks for your help. (not sure whether this was some test of the previously unemployed! or the company thought I was more a junior) I've had good news, I was told today, after technically my first week having done well, I've a pay rise to £19,760
  2. Ignore this one, common sense prevailed, all sorted the local job centre posted on my journal in reply that whilst it's recorded as non attended, it doesn't mean a sanction and they reckon I had good enough reason not to need attend!
  3. Hi, After all the worry at the weekend - Got a new problem today. UC had opened back up last week and awarded me a little bit of money that is coming to see me through this month as I start a job, (partly which I'm glad about as I don't feel I'm in safe employment and pretty much skating on thin ice, I was promised to be put on payroll today after it not being totally clear I was doing 2 days work trial last week, but my new employer hasn't gotten round to it yet and I've nothing in writing from the employer and I've nothing to be ashamed of as I only know for certain payday fails on last working day in June.) I was invited to attend a work search appointment at my local job centre today, now I gave the early indication I wasn't able to do this for the simple fact I was officially starting a job in another town which isn't my local job centre, being some distance from my home town and I'm getting concerned they've deliberately responded after the appointment time. I could really understand if I was communicating via message at 14:36 today... However; while my job centre wrote a reply saying wonderful, good luck in your new job role signed off by a local name; 'an agent' (case worker is some sort of central hub?) immediately at the very same time of the local job centre posted this! 6 Jun 2022 at 2:48pm Failed to attend: Work Search Review Monday 6 June 2022 at 2:35pm in a jobcentre Do I really have to spend time phoning their national number? when I am work between 8-6 taking back to back calls I thought the whole point of Universal Credit was everything was done online in relation to messages??
  4. Thanks all again, I guess I just need them to reconfirm the hours and possibly hope someone has got the salary end part round the wrong way, now I have found a recent past job posting albeit for part time advised at the right rate. They have advised the role is £18,250 for 40 hours. We eat on the go for lunch. If I take of half hours unpaid break daily making 37.5hrs then I get to £9.36 best case. On one of those salary to hourly convertor calculators it matches £9.50/£18,250 for 36.94 hours per week.
  5. Thanks, I was just curious I don't think there is much I can do apart from accept or walk away. It is just strange when they posted a part time job the hourly rate was £9.50 but with the adamant salary quoted for full-time is working out £9.36 which I guess it a bit better than last years rate of £8.91.
  6. Hi, If the employee doesn't want to report? They've tried justifying it to themselves, eg. clean workplace, latest technology to use, got an immediate start, it not being a work from home situation, least it's not zero-hours, and even going back in time to when they were on the same money roughly in 2018 in attempts to brain wash themselves! Was having a look and come by an article of some 191 employers last year not paying minimum wage who were named and shamed, (some of the big name companies I was a little shocked to see and get it can be genuine accidents) but wondered if that's all purely down to a case of the employee having to report? Many thanks
  7. Please delete, it's alright I will find my own help.
  8. Thank you for the advice about SAR'ing HMRC which I've done. I also did know there was a database containing companies who've claimed furlough which my ex company is listed on as having done so. The Coronavirus Job Retention notification still appears on the personal tax account and checking details Employer sent I've now got two lines of 0'00s for April. I even received pension contributions during the 'ghost wages' which the Employer now indicates they can 'take back' Employers who have claimed through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK Monthly data on claims made by employers through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. During this week I've had a development - I finally got the ex employer to communicate again. After nearly 12 months they decide it does affect them having paid employers tax and national insurance too! keeping up the reason of accountant error - blow me down, what a cover up, are they are now trying to indicate HRMC are responsible for making an error!? Reply goes: "We have re-submitted the payroll reports for Feb 2021 and March 21 to HRMC for xxxxx which should now rectify this issue with xxxx's pay record. There appeared to be an error with HMRC's system, which meant they did not receive our original amendments to your payroll" I am wondering if they give the money back that is claimed it just makes everything right again? it seems odd the Employer didn't defend themselves in October and just thinking of the wider implications like I could now be accused of slander. (all based on what I see on the HRMC tax account) I just can't see that I have anything further I can ask of the ex. employer with the reply above. I understand I can make a complaint to HRMC and then bring in the Parliamentary Ombudsman?
  9. Hi, I get this is a taboo subject but really just wondered what should or may happen, as seems there is little guidance out there. I apologise for war and peace, I just want to lay out what has gone on: Basically I went to work early February 2020 for a very small company, (paye employee) who actually did quite well during the course of the pandemic, furloughed no body throughout much of that year only when it came to Christmas-time the boss became a little strange in behaviour and I was beginning to feel pushed out, sadly unbeknown to me, the boss started to look into furlough, not discussing this. I left the company completely not knowing this and moved to another business. Couple of months on, checking HMRC online tax account I was shocked to notice they were still recording full monthly wages with HRMC, at this point I am given the oh an accountant has made a mistake, it finally got to April before they put through zero's for that month's payroll as if that was going to change anything, the entries of previous month's wages still appear. I complete Census 2021 that I had never been furloughed. End of March 2021 HRMC then made it clear through the online account of mine, that the Employer did make claims from Dec 2020 and I followed the link to report. Basically three entries they reported as wages were never paid out, no wage slips provided and it was like I was a ghost employee. Since then I have just gone round and round and round in circles with HRMC with their awful replies, there are two lines they like to use, one, is they just keeping me to report the Employer. (now at what would be third report!) Two, They just say "HMRC cannot provide information about individual applications or claims made by the employer and unfortunately, we cannot intervene in the dispute between both parties. You would need to discuss this matter with your employer." I have no idea why they don't acknowledge it as former employer - or are they trying to insinuate that my now current employer is responsible for sorting the mess? - I get that a lot of this FF probably isn't going to be looked into but it feels like no support exists in getting things put right with HMRC and the employees (ex or current) of the fraud, surely can't remain the victim in paying for the crime. Does anyone know if the business had been in a mistake situation genuinely or have long given the furlough money back in correct their error, would HRMC by now have made my account right? I now have HMRC saying I've underpaid tax and have changed my payroll code, when I think the furlough fraud situation has something to do with it - HRMC have never been able to tell me with any certainty why/how I've underpaid tax. Sadly I don't think I will ever got the ex boss to communicate with me and, in sorting it out like HMRC seem to advocate it's as easy to - a situation last October where I needed a job reference, saw the boss ask if my tax account was now right and me, saying quite calmly I saw the business furloughed me, the reaction just proved wrong-doing. Do I now need a solicitor? Or do I complete HMRC self assessment as Dad say's? Please accept my apologies again if I sound like an idiot, I really want to get this sorted. I just thought at first report instance, it would all get resolved but seems HMRC just wash their hands of it. Sorry for typo - need to edit - Basically three entries they reported as wages were paid out, no wage slips provided and it was like I was a ghost employee.
  10. Thanks for your patience with me, I can understand all you've said and it's been really helpful. I don't know I can't help feel it almost seems like to have started a claim on the 1st of the month has actually been my error/problemo here to start with back in the spring. It will be interesting and I'm only to glad with what happens with my new employer who is paying extra early and in full for Christmas come the 22nd. Pleeeesssase let it stop UC! My HMRC personal account is in a terrible mess anyhow for the past year, I've had their first reply but that doesn't answer much so will go to 2nd level.
  11. Thanks, I have been guided by other forums isn't as simple as saying you want your UC account closed. I am concerned in months when DWP then suddenly feel they have been 'over paying';. I never asked them to get involved on September 30th - far, far from it. To hear the very same two excuses from a small backstreet employer to the UK's absolute largest is hard to comprehend. I don't know about last friday of the month, I was told the 26th was payday as a fixed term employee by the NHS trust I was employed by. I'm aware from the widely made available handbook to anyone of my more nearest trust their payday is actually the the 25th of a month. I received both P45 and payslip for the day of payday ie already populated for 26th so really don't don't get how an nhs trust does this and then takes days to report. I am not happy to waste a 30 min lunch break if this is simply handing over ID and an out in 5 mins as I suspect.
  12. Hi, I'm getting really thread bare with the job centre (DWP) and I just do not know who to believe. (I do get most people probably have the opposite problem) I made a claim to Universal credit in April 2021 on the 1st, get you have the 7 day wait which makes payment date the 7th of a month. My understanding from the job centre is on declaration of any new employment live feeds are started with HRMC. This ran fine until I left an almost 6 month Employer end of Sept - this is when the problems began. Woke on 1st October asking me to an appointment, I thought this a joke at first as I had been paid in full on 30/09 from employment but was powerless to then stop a month's (September) universal credit which turned up. At this point as I had been working for a shady company I believed the Job Centre when they blamed this ex employer advising the employer simply didn't HMRC report until the 5th Oct and thus was late. The job centre told me this September payment would rectify itself but it actually really never did and I can understand why*. They advised week commencing 12th October at a face to face, I had to register my then unemployment whilst checks for a new job was going on. October come shady company didn't pay outstanding holiday pay so with no wages being reported via HMRC nonetheless another month's Universal credit for October in full turned up. *Perhaps it would have helped had this employer put something through but as they didn't I appreciate it would have looked like no earnings in or for whole of October. At this point I went to work for the NHS after the seriously under exaggerated 6 week's background checks allowed me to go to work, which the Job Centre, before starting oddly asked me how my first wages would go which I recolled I'd been told by the NHS trust I would only be getting one week's pay for working November due to strict payroll cut off and then would have to go around to late December before receiving any more wages come to me from that trust - I got the impression JCP wasn't totally happy with this but explained UC would work in the background. All my starting of jobs has been correctly declared through my journal. I received one week's from the UK's largest employer of £340.00 with a payslip and P45 promptly landing on payday for 26th November. I received Universal credit of £137.00 for November. I am now advised that the UK's largest employer have, well, reported late. I have to attend job centre for a face to face next week despite now back in work, for a 'routine' appointment all because of this late report situation (although all their confirmation states the appointment is mandatory and for job seeking conditions) part of me is beginning to wonder if this is just to see ID each time. How does this happen?? Can you get corrupt jobcentres? Why are HMRC being slow, I just can't believe I'm hearing twice now of late reporting be it little companies to large organisations. Can I get my MP involved.
  13. Hi, I am the owner of a new problem. I went to start a new job in the nhs and realised very quickly it was not me. I was also struggling with being bereaved and aware a new job was very shaky ground for this. By the third day, I expressed my apologies for making an error of judgement over taking up the position and gave my notice with immediate effect. I heard nothing more. I didn't expect to be paid for 2 days let alone the 7 days pay I've become in receipt of. I would be asking how to return some of it and wondered if I would get a demand through to repay but opening the post today to find a payslip and P45 for want of putting it better, with what's a fabricated leave date on it indicative of a week spent there when I didn't, it occurs to me I have no way of proving what I did and didn't work. The payslip is noted a one week's pay - am I best to open a dispute about time worked there? I've now got a new employer back in the private sector but who will be carrying out background checks as well themselves so thinking I'm heading for hot water if I don't do something as it looks like I worked at a hospital longer then I truly did. I also want to ask about getting copy of reference? Can a hospital be SAR'd for getting to see a reference they took during background checks. I felt in my heart there were issues before I took up the role, background checking which was going to be 3 weeks long become 6 with the line manager's manager getting involved and I just wonder if there was a reference issue behind all of it, that maybe they couldn't tell me as I think protection for references has changed? Thank you for any guidance and hope I make sense.
  14. Thanks again so much - I can get some businesses genuinely have had it tough. After some emails went ignored, I chased by phone getting hold of the Employer. I decided to draw a line under this saga, as the DWP are paying Universal Credit for the month of October so it felt wrong pursuing this employer for holiday pay. And give them benefit of the doubt if they are a struggling business. They've now issued a P45 and whilst no answer forthcoming on why it took 6 months to open an contribution pension account with then no intention to pay in, the accountant apparently say the nest account closes automatically without anything further need being done with it. I did give them the option of me assisting back paying in making up the employment missed contributions so I couldn't have done anymore in helping them.
  15. Sorry, hope this will be clearer I joined the company in April as a fairly new company that had come about during Covid19. There was a trio of Directors - the older one had a company which seemed dormant/inactive and unrelated to the challenging business I'd joined but I only became aware part way during employment, upon checking my personal tax record on the gov site, it seemed that this company was the payroll live feeds reporting as far as HMRC were concerned. Albeit pay slips given in the hand were noted for the company I believed I actively worked for. It appears this dormant business dissolved toward end of September if I go by companies house update. I reported to the younger director but getting answers from them for pay related things was quite difficult as they would just say they were not on payroll themselves. They are office based so if I get no response to an email, I could try and visit. I've tried to end the employment on the HMRC site my end but it does state I need to allow until 12th November. Should I leave it till I've past this date. To be fair I think I might have been their only non family employee.
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