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  1. Oh I agree. I never understand folk who say truly, probation means nothing. Mind to be fair, I've never suffered one of those "Probation extended" situations either. I am just glad to least get something in writing concerning the job overall and I think an easy up to 3 month get out, is absolutely super ideal for the job type I am in. I cannot see me doing what is bordering on cold calling for years! so don't know what I was worrying over.
  2. Update. Received payslip and contract within last 24 hours. Glad I pushed back on that 6th day. This has/did turn out to be a 5-day a week job. No pension shows on my wage slip just yet, but the contract does indicate I won't need to actually give notice until I've been here past 3 months and deemed to have passed probation anyhow, so must not grumble and I can let the pension conts slide for the notice leniency. Thank you all.
  3. Hey, enormous thank you again. I've found out a bit more - the contract is being written up by Accountants - I can't see anyone in this role that's worth their salt committing writing about the 6 day week for the salary? ((prays)) I had a bit of success last week when I managed to jam buttie the company into allowing a mid-week day off in replace for working Saturday so only did 40 hours it was bliss! but the company are getting a tad suspicious I feel, even though I was really also kind of hoping it might raise or allow for further discussion. I've been adv
  4. This week for example, if I took off 45 mins for lunch each of the 6 days - I would make it total hours 49.5 if I allow an hour for lunch 48 hours. The only things I have in writing from the Employer has been an email received offered the first (telephone) interview, then the form for next of kin details/new starter form. My Mum has looked at the job advert and said really I'd been a lemon and they were a bit clever as they never noted the work hours on that. I think I'm probably going to get a payslip before the contact appears so hopefully that might
  5. Thanks again, like I say just kind of gutted, I thought 20k was kind of life changing and would help with bills/creditors, I dread saying I might be on my best salary yet but extra time means my costs have increased, knowing I normally use to struggle getting 18k admin job for round here. The job is working 9 - 6 Mon to Sat, I think Sunday is 10 - 4, no real lunch break as there is no where to go except sit at desk. I’ve followed up on the previous day’s leads in around 15 mins of arrival, then it is just mindlessly repeatedly dealing and reaching answer machines and hoping so
  6. Thanks for this, my Manager still saying contract being drawn up, I'm not sure if they are trying it on and I am so taken aback, they are trying to say I agreed to work 6 days (seriously don't remember that being clear so I suspect very much now this is the absolute danger when things aren't in writing and I wish I had picked up sooner that my Manager is a newly appointed Director) if 6 days had ever been made clear as part of the interview, I would have realised sooner that 20k was going to dwindle to less then or not much more then minimum wage. Seriously disappointed, whether th
  7. Hi there, I hope I can explain this well enough to receive any help. I started a job couple of weeks ago from being very short term unemployed. I plumbed for a Telesales job thinking this was quite easy, although I appreciate sales jobs can be short-lived. It seemed like a professional office, employed, working 40 hours per week at 20k yearly. ((might be wise to note this is a salaried role)) it wasn't an immediate start job either so whilst they say they are a small Employer, they did have time to put together something in writing. My first day,
  8. Perhaps you should redo this thread, it seems wolley unless dates are mixed up You say you had a DRO in 2010 Yet you first took out a loan in 2005/2006? Why wasn't this debt included when you were granted with a DRO? You might also want to refresh yourself on having a DRO in that you only have an entry on the insolvency register for 12 months (you're credit report is different of course) but you'll fall because you are allowed £500 at lender decision even in early days of a DRO... Up to you to be responsible eh?
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