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  1. Well it seems they did not even look at their own instructions. Tyre Age - How Old Are My Tyres? - Quick Kwik Fit Guide | Kwik Fit WWW.KWIK-FIT.COM Old tyres can begin to crack and perish making them dangerous. Identify the age of your tyres with this simple guide from...
  2. The thing is you have knowingly broken the law, you were given what I would suggest as clear advice. You chose to get personal over the advice from an online forum. If you want expert advice find a solicitor who will help you and pay them for it. Don’t get nasty with people spending their own time to try and help you out.
  3. Did you buy it from a Solidworks retailer. They should be able to solve any questions for you
  4. If the total is over £135 (I think) the carrier will be looking to collect duty/VAT from you before delivery. Are you sure 123 have the correct contact details for you? Another one of the joys of Brexit
  5. Just to clarify the delays with cars is more likely due to a global shortage of chips. There are very few silicone manufacturers and one in China had a fire and was/is closed. This is why deliveries are generally much longer just now and the likes of JLR are on reduced working. I assume you don’t want to hand the car back?
  6. I thought VM had a moving home clause that let you out if either they did not have coverage or it was not appropriate to transfer
  7. Ok that clarifies things, so where did the £2500 go that you got for the sale of car 1? If this was a recent swap then the garage may not have sent the payment yet. I would talk to the garage personally and ask them where it is. However you did use the term part ex, which does mean the valve of that car was used against the new one. Have you double checked the paperwork to ensure it’s not shown against the new one?
  8. So was the list price on the new car £4900? It sounds like they used the trade in as said part ex against the new one. So you would still have to cover the outstanding balance for car 1 unless they rolled it in to the new car finance. But from the sound of your post that did not happen.
  9. Their brochure shows the suppliers equipment / pipes are not included. So if the leak is between the tank and the intake it’s out with the contract. is it an LPG tank buried in the garden? Ours it rented from the company we get gas from, but even then there are strict rules in place should it fail.
  10. Yes the V5 reference number changes when you change the plates, so the one you have is obsolete. it’s difficult enough normally to get through to the DVLA, so I don’t hold too much hope. My son bought a new car a couple of weeks ago. He got his V5 in the same week. If the car is being sold fairly soon, while it may be inconvenient, I would be tempted to leave it and ask the garage to collect it using their dealer plates. If it was their fault the sales was delayed I’m sure they would support this. other than that you should get the document in the next couple of days. Just one question, did you update the insurance details with the new number?
  11. Remember, if they are doing their job properly, they won’t have much about you, unless you only just left their employment. We delete almost everything after 3 months
  12. So let’s say you won’t get more than 1 hour for lunch, so 48Hr/wk is your paid hours. That gives you 2496Hrs/yr at £20k yours hourly rate is £8.01/Hr. if you are 21 or 22 you should be on £8.36 23 or over takes you to £8.91 so unless you are younger than 21 you are below minimum wage and they are breaking the law if those are the hours you are contracted for.
  13. Can you confirm the hours as you have shown 7 days?
  14. We pay our staff a salary. That is however broken down to an hourly rate to ensure they are above min wage. They tend to work the contracted hours. However if there is something exceptional they would be paid OT based on their rate. How many hours do you work over the 6 days? By reading your post it seems that you are not going to be happy working 6 days, so the contract is almost immaterial. Perhaps start looking for a new role?
  15. You need to see a contract to understand what your payments will be. However £20k at 40 hours is not much above minimum wage, working 48 without overtime payments would bring you below min wage (potentially). Regarding your hours, I assume you have not opted out, but 48 is still the continuous max without doing so. But the holidays is interesting as you are entitled to 5.6 weeks paid time per year. I’m not sure they can force buy them from you.
  16. From the Pirelli website Repairing Instructions Premise: examination of a damaged tyre and execution of a proper repair are the responsibilities only of a specialized tyre dealer. Pirelli does not assume any liability for operations performed by third parties. To perform the repair of a tyre with Seal Inside technology it is necessary to remove the layer of sealant in the puncture area within the tyre until you reach the impermeable butyl layer, for an area with the same size as the repair patch to be applied; after removing the sealant the repair operation is equivalent to that of a standard tubeless tyre. As is evident, this operation to remove the sealant from the puncture area inevitably means that the treated area loses the special technical feature of Seal Inside.
  17. Cancel the order and wait a few weeks/months. The manufacturers will start loosing orders and have no choice but to reduce the list price. There is hardly any choice left sitting below the £35k mark, so it won’t take long for them to fix it.
  18. Some tyres have what is called rim protectors. It’s an extra part in the side wall that give some protection against kerb marks, but it’s only a piece of rubber and it is absolutely possibly to deform it and damage the wheel, so if the op was prone to marking them it would be of benefit. Also if you change the tyres the next set might not have the feature.
  19. I’ve had a look over the Gov website again. I think they must be basing it on the second last paragraph in section 2.4 https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-and-renting-guidance-for-landlords-tenants-and-local-authorities/coronavirus-covid-19-guidance-for-landlords-and-tenants#repairs-maintenance-and-health-and-safety But this is based around the assumption multiple people will be viewing the property (paragraph 3). But even so it’s a recommendation within a guide, at best they could recommend you left the property, they can’t enforce it!
  20. They would not be getting into my home alone. The landlord does not even have that right. They may have chosen to do this as part of their COVID safe practice, but it does not mean you have to accept it. This is the statement from the Gov website that covers this scenario ’You should also wear a face covering in indoor places not listed here where social distancing may be difficult and where you will come into contact with people you do not normally meet.’ It is clear that you are expected to wear a mask, but certainly does not suggest you go outside. I would tell them that they need to follow your rules on entering your home and you need them to sign for having a negative lateral flow test in the last 7 days and if they wear the PPE you prescribe they can then come in, but you will be there at the time. It’s not your problem they are doing this and you being out of the building will not offer any realistic safety benefit.
  21. You would need to check. I know on my mortgage the most I can overpay each year is 10%. I am on a fixed rate however. I believe most companies have that. Also check that you don’t have an early settlement. It cost me £3k to close a mortgage down 3 months before the end. But it was that or not selling...
  22. Thanks, I'll see what turns up. Yes LR refunded the steering rack change. It seems to be an acknowledge recall issue in other countries, but not here. Thankfully I went armed with that info the LR direct and they paid for the part in full, but as I said I picked up the labour cost as the car did not go to a dealership.
  23. Thanks DX, The reason is that they said they would take it 50 miles, when the guy turned up he said 10 was their max, so it could not go to the LR dealer to be fixed as they were 25 miles away. That resulted in LR only paying for the part and refusing to pay for the labour charge as it was not a dealer repair.
  24. So, hopefully an easy answer to this one. My car broke down in November 2020. I had no recovery type support so I called RAC. They read the standard terms, Mechanic roadside, or recovery truck up to 50 miles, that is not in dispute. I knew the Land Rover dealership was about 25 miles away. Eventually I got a text message to say they were on their way. A subcontracted recovery driver turned up (non mechanic) and said they will only recover to 10 miles! At no point in the discussion with RAC did they say they may subcontract the work. This resulted in the car having to go to a non dealership garage (although LR Specialist) which was within 10 miles. I complained to the RAC and they said it was recovered to a garage and so I still needed to pay, end of story. I therefore contacted the back and they did a refund on the payment after I sent them prints of the RAC website etc. This was in early December. Roll forward to today when I get a letter from RAC telling me I needed to pay. I called them up to confirm they reversal had been made by the bank to be told they still want to money and will be putting it to debt collection, the guy said what the bank did was nothing to do with them and I was the customer, not the bank. I am waiting for a manager to call back, as there were none available!!! The financial result for them not taking the car to an LR dealer was that LR refused, reasonably so, to pay for the garage labour to change the failed part, this cost me about £300, the RAC charge was £149 So, can anyone tell me, can they actually put this into debt recovery after a bank do a reversal? Where do I go from here, I really don't want my credit rating ruined by these clowns!
  25. We had a green carpet in the lounge. There was a rug in front of the fire. After a couple of years my wife fancied a new rug. When we lifted it the carpet was a totally different colour to the rest of the surrounding floor. The sun had bleached the colour out and under the rug was the original colour. It really does not need too much time to do it. I expect the expert may suggest the sunlight has caused the problem and it would be very difficult to argue the case.
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