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You can now change your notification sounds by going to this link https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/index.php?/&app=soundboard&module=soundboard&controller=managesounds


You can find a library of free notification sounds in several places on the Internet. Here's one which has a very large selection https://notificationsounds.com/notification-sounds



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  1. Parker’s is quite a good place to go. You also get prices on autotrader I think
  2. Cant answer much, but furlough scheme was extended to 19th March, so the new company should be able to do it if he started before then. have a look here Furlough date
  3. I’m not sure the govt documents actually use the word essential with regards to working. Rather it is essential to work from home unless that is not possible and then you can go to your place of work as long as social distancing etc can be met. They may consider that keeping records up to date ensures supplier payments, keeps tennents from being sent late payment notifications etc which it may not be possible to do that from home?
  4. To be fair Apple have child accounts which have the ask to buy feature, this requires an authorised adult member to say yes to the purchase. Did you have that switched on? Apple and Google offer the same games on their store. In app purchases are very common across all types of App from games to business. Purchase authorisation is covered in their T&Cs I would suggest Apple will say you are responsible for letting the children access an account that could set this up without them understanding the implications.
  5. I would suggest you have no chance of any claim. You purchased the car for an agreed price. Regarding the filter, there are generally no bolts on the oil filter, are you sure that’s where it came from? But having it 15 months, was it due a service before then?
  6. Eric. Loose connection will cause massive heating, but will not change the overall load as that is based on the resistance of the circuit and if anything that would go up due to the loose connection(s), so current would drop.
  7. Hagar produce good quality products, it might be worth a bit of time emailing them images if there is more than one like this as it could be a faulty batch or they may offer some support as to the issues, other houses around you may have the same issues with potential fires. www.hager.co.uk
  8. Hi. Not commenting of guarantees etc, but I can assure you a loose connection in one box could not possible cause the others to fail. It’s far more likely the other connections were also loose, failing that a very high current was in the circuit for a long time. out of interest did you change low energy lights for high watt traditional types, or fit extra spotlights into the circuit? Are you able to read the maker/ ratings on the failed junction?
  9. Just read one of your messages again. Was this on a downhill slope? It’s odd if the car got faster while breaking, even sliding. if you want to load the video and send the link I’m happy to have a look.
  10. Can’t answer the other questions, but ABS on ice does not always work. ABS works by detecting one wheel is stopped (sliding) while the others are still turning. It then releses the breaking to that wheel etc. However on ice it’s very easy for all 4 wheels to lock up. Under that circumstance the ABS thinks the car has stopped and does not come into operation. It’s possible that is what happened in this case. Was the damage significant. Airbags don’t trigger for every accident, I think it’s estimated over 20mph on impact, do you have an idea how fast he was still going? Regarding insurance, they may be suggesting the ongoing costs going forward would be reduced for a thrived party claim only? I assume he is fully comp?
  11. A 50:50 claim usually means their insurance sorts their car and your insurance sorts yours. I’m not clear if you have put in a claim to yours? So the offer should come from Makerstudy
  12. if you are thinking about one. Ensure your supplier is using SMETS2 versions. Those are comparable across suppliers. SMETS1 ( the original ones) require some updates to infrastructure to reconnect. This should be fairly soon. If you are fairly careful with your usage, you are unlikely to save anything on use. The benefit is down to auto reading. I'm very surprised the operator is trying to tie you in for 2 years. I did not think they could do that. The government have set targets for them and have recently stretched that out, so putting restrictions in place seems odd. Also for note, smart meters do have the ability to accept a remote off signal
  13. A fixed rate mortgage does not change due to SVR changes. It sounds like you were not on a fixed rate? do you still have the paperwork you signed to set it up?
  14. Unfortunately it looks like a common issue. Have a read and follow the suggestions before the garage charge you to do the same https://www.briskoda.net/forums/topic/437938-love-my-citigo-but-water-water-everywhere/
  15. Did anything change, design, significant delay on your part etc? roughly as a percentage what do the extras come in at? Was he always going to design and have them approved as part of the project?
  16. If I’m browsing I use Chrome, but jumping from Twitter links it uses Safari. I’ve not seen much of a problem with either. i don’t think you will get an App to work. It would need to be developed by CAG to access the database what iPhone do you have, obviously smaller screens are going to suffer a little due to lack of space.
  17. Or just set their email address on a black list and dump them. Probably quickest and simplest solution to the problem.
  18. ‘Get rid of excess electricity’ Holding the power button for a prolonged period simply invokes a hard boot process that powers down the entire system. This commonly solves problems where a process is effectively stuck in a loop. Sadly this shows what they try to get away with in unsuspecting customers. Im sure the options suggested above may help. However it’s not your problem to solve and at this stage in the game would not adjust anything as it may be used against you.
  19. I understood they are responsible as it’s one of they approved contractors who marked the road. I would expect them to chaise the culprit if they think they are in the clear. The yellow low paint has been added after the last attempt, usual quality workmanship lasts a few weeks and they are back to square one. There is a perennial one near me, must have been filled 5 or 6 times this year! This is what we pay our taxes for
  20. The ‘good’ news is that it has been marked up fairly recently, certainly after they tried to repair it before. So the council know it exists. There is usually some contact details on the website for the local council to put in your complaint. That wheel is gone and I would expect the tyre will be damaged internally. So the claim should be wheel and probably two tyres to ensure that axle pair remains the same. Edit: probably alignment too if it was sting enough to break the wheel
  21. Is it this one? ASDA Discount if so it has a list of post codes at the bottom and says selected postcodes at the top. You should however ever be able to have your data deleted on request
  22. HI Quick question to get some opinions. I bought a Samsung S8 in July 17, so just over 2 years old. Last week it was plugged in to charge and there was an immediate bang / flash from the charging port. In the hurry to unplug the thing I dropped it on the floor and cracked the back. Up until this point it was in good condition, screen protector since new, full case etc. Is there any point in going to Samsung to see about the failure, or will I just get the runaround due to the crack on the rear equally given it's now two years old? Thanks
  23. Renfrewshire council for there. They might argue it’s inside Airport land, so I would contact them too
  24. Did you actually talk to cancellations team. Much more flexible. Just call and ask for them don’t mess about with the call centre staff.
  25. I’m going to assume at pension age you may not be a heavy gamer / multiple HD video downloads at the same time? if so the offerings from TalkTalk, plus net etc on their fibre lines will be more than sufficient coming in around £27/month personally I would contact their cancellation team and point out the price options from the alternatives and you are planning to go to one of them. I expect they will match it!
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