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  1. I feel it was mis sold because it was sold using the fact I'd constantly scraped the curb with my previous car (which is true) so was a given that I'd need and use it (the warranty) however with the style of the tyres on my new car I could scrape the curb all day long and it wouldn't affect the alloys because of the style of the tyres. This was never explained to me and was pointed out some months later by another car salesman
  2. Hi, not sure if this is the right place but ill tell my story I bought a brand new car in october 2019. I refused all add ons as I always do. All except the alloy wheel cover, it covers for any damage at all even a small scrape and I think I could get something like 15 wheel repairs for the 3 years of this warranty. I agreed to get this as the car I was putting in as part ex, the allow wheels were a mess where I constantly scraped curbs . The sales guy said it would be good buy as respraying one wheel could be £100+ and judging by the state of the ones I had on the
  3. I dont know who it was, thats my issue I have no paperwork. I know it will not remove my CCJ but it will be marked as paid for future creditors to see
  4. Hi, during a recent credit check I became aware of a CCJ that was issued august 2019. It was from a parking fine. I would like to pay the ccj so it is marked on my credit as resolved. However, I don't know who issued the fine and I have no paperwork at all. IF it is the fine I believe it is then I did contest it and heard nothing back, I may have missed the cut off time or I may have made a mistake submitting. I had lots going on at the time and didn't have the mental energy to deal with it so I just forgot about it when I heard nothing back.
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