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  1. don't think any one would want to try this\\\\\\\ am not to bothered about the warranty... .am more wanting my £220 a paid them upfront for the two services and two mots as i don't trust them ..having read reviews on them on trustpilot people putting their cars in for service and getting told there car need this and that... ...if a loss the £220 so be it no way would I let them touch my car now.. .just want to know if they're within their rights not to refund my money for the services and mots?? ps yes my friend got a very big bottle ..........
  2. hi.. bought a audi 2014 q3 for £17.300 off Arnold clack on the 18th dec.2017 ..took out one year extended warranty plus service and mot plan ...last week I put petrol in the car instead of diesel. arnold clark recovery came and took car away... phoned me and told me it was going to cost £2.200 to fix ...I got a friend who owns a garage to pick my car up he drained the tank and bleed the pipes ..put £15 of diesel in and the car is working perfect. ..now I have lost total trust in Arnold clark. ..and have asked them to give me my money back for the service and mot plan. ..been told they don't give refund... ...first mot not due till October where do I stand on this??
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