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  1. I've just replied to the email and it says replying to wonga.com ? The email link takes you to a online claim portal. Thanks
  2. Hi, I've had an email recently as follows : You may have a claim and be due a refund from Wonga Dear Miss Wilson As you may be aware, WDFC UK Limited (trading as Wonga.com) entered into administration on 31 August 2018. Chris Laverty, Daniel Smith and Andrew Charters were appointed as joint administrators of WDFC UK Limited on 31 August 2018 (the "Joint Administrators"). Why are you being contacted? As part of the administration process, the Joint Administrators are seeking claims from current and former customers of Wonga who believe they were sold an unaffordable loan(s) and may have an eligible claim. How can I make a claim? An Online Claims Portal has been provided by the Joint Administrators as a secure channel for you to submit a claim in a fast and straightforward manner, without the need for any third party assistance. Completing this application should take just a few minutes. The Online Claims Portal will ask you for some account information (e.g. name, email address associated with your Wonga account, etc). Following which, it will try to identify you automatically based on Wonga's records. If successfully identified, you will be able to submit a claim on the Online Claims Portal. Once submitted we will email you to confirm that your claim has been submitted, and no further action is needed by you. We will email you again once your claim has been assessed.Submit your claim now Has anyone else had one and is it legitimate ? I have had around 50 loans with Wonga over about 7 years but have never claimed against them. Thanks
  3. Update email today, can someone let me know if you think I need to respond.... My understanding is that this complaint is about the mis-sale of Short Term Lending . Please tell me if I’ve missed something, or if you have anything to add at this point. My role as an adjudicator is to give an independent opinion on the complaint. This means I’ll talk to you and the business, weigh up the facts of what’s happened, and then suggest a fair way to resolve the situation. In most cases, we find a solution at this stage. This might be agreeing how the business should put things right – or sometimes that the business has already acted in a reasonable way. But if either you or the business disagree with what I say, we can review the complaint and tell you our final decision. Thanks .
  4. Still awaiting an adjudicator to be assigned to my case.... Update...received a letter from the FOS today to say that my case is still awaiting to be assigned to an adjudicator and it's likely to be a few more months before I hear from them again.
  5. Still awaiting an adjudicator to be assigned to my case....
  6. Update...I've had an email back from FOS today to say Thank you for your providing your correspondence. We will be in touch with you once your case has been allocated to an adjudicator for an assessment. I'm assuming this may take some time to get assessed ? Thanks Katie
  7. Well I've just paid £126 which now leaves me with a final repayment of £90 odd. Then I'm free
  8. Hi all, I sent a claim to the FOS and a couple of weeks ago I received a letter to say they required more information such as bank statements and credit reports etc by 28 November which I emailed over. Does anyone know current timescales on what happens next ? Also in addition to the above, I contacted Lending Stream back In July to ask if I could pay my debts off in smaller payments of £100 per month which they agreed to. Should I still be making these payments? Thanks
  9. Is there a template claim for the FOS or shall I just use plain English ? Thanks in advance
  10. When you apply, you have to fill out your outgoings online. Tbh, because I needed the money I always put what I thought would make it look more attractive. Also received this today as I asked for original email as I couldn't locate it... This is in response to your recent correspondence. We acknowledge that you want a copy of your original complaint. We understand that you want Financial Ombudsman Services to intervene in this matter. However, we would like to mention that we never intend to miss or follow misleading practices towards our customers whenever they require our assistance. We would like to highlight that Lending Stream conducts rigorous affordability assessments for all its customers on each and every loan application. Also we would like to conclude that proper and proportionate affordability checks were conducted at the time each loan was approved. Please be noted that we have attached a copy of your original complaint and income and expenditure details to us with this email as per your request. We consider this as a closure towards the matter and hope the above information helps .
  11. I recently emailed Lending Stream to reclaim payday loan interest on unaffordable loans. I received my reply with 28 minutes to go of the 8 week deadline as follows : This is in reference to your correspondence dated 30th August 2018 about a complaint questioning the affordability of certain loans taken out with Lending Stream. We have reviewed your accounts and would like to share our findings. Before doing so, we would like to highlight that Lending Stream conducts rigorous affordability assessments for all its customers on each and every loan application. Furthermore, we would like to clarify that Lending Stream does not offer payday loans where the full amount is due within a thirty-day period, nor do we allow for rollovers. The Lending Stream product is a monthly installment loan, with a typical tenure of 6 months, designed specifically to lower the monthly repayments and allow the customer to repay the loan over a longer period of time. Our Findings Between 16th April 2017 and 9th May 2018, you borrowed sixteen loans from Lending Stream with Loan IDs ...). Thirteen loans were successfully closed .Below, we highlight the affordability checks conducted on each loan which was offered to you. Loan ... was approved for 80 GBP on 16th April 2017 based on the following affordability information and checks: · Your stated monthly income was 1650 GBP and you confirmed that you were in full-time employment. We also independently verified this income with third party sources · Your stated monthly expenditure was 1125 GBP, leaving you a monthly disposable income of 525 GBP. Furthermore, we asked you to subdivide those expenses into specific categories, where you provided the following breakdown: o 325 GBP for Mortgage / Rent o 25 GBP for Utilities o 325 GBP for Food o 75 GBP for Transport o 375 GBP for Other Payments · Using national averages for expense categories where data is available as a third party verification of your submission, we revised upwards your total stated expenses and this still resulted in a viable disposable income · The loan amount approved was 80 GBP which resulted in an average monthly payment to Lending Stream of 26.67 GBP, well within the overall disposable income · A credit worthiness check was completed and the third party credit reference agency confirmed a rating which was satisfactory for the loan obligation. For loans ….. an affordable payment arrangement is already set up for 99.99 GBP on 27th of every month.Based on the above information we conclude that proper and proportionate affordability checks were conducted on Loan ….... And the email goes on in this manner for each of the sixteen Loans.....very lengthy read If you have any additional information that would be helpful in investigating this complaint, please send that to us. Otherwise, please consider this as our final response on the matter. You have the right to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service, free of charge – but you must do so within six months of the date of this email My question is, is my next stop the FOS ? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi, Has anyone got any contact email addresses for Lloyds Bank please ? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi Lindy, I did go through the chief exec route and have today picked up the recorded delivery from them. It is all communication from Lloyds which is 3 letters, one saying we are looking into it, one saying sorry for the delay here's £25 for the wait and the last one is the final response letter saying unfortunately as I applied online then the onus lies with me for not reading the t&c's. So that's that then. Thanks Katie
  14. Hi, No I didn't pay for personal fuel. My employer paid for all fuel. It was diesel. Thanks Katie
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