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  1. @Michael Browne Thank you so much for your help… they have accepted the appeal (attached) I don’t know how donations work on this site … how do I go about doing that? Photo.pdf
  2. Thank you both! I was taking thing to/from the shop but it wasnt like a fridge or anything .... I really appericicate your help! I will put the above forward to them and see .... But can they trun around, Cancel this and send me another PCN under Reg 10?
  3. @Michael Browne Thanks for the above. I didn’t know the difference. So do I not get a paper from the store saying I was loading or do I put forward both those things?
  4. Thanks for the above, But there is not much evidence. All they have is one photo of the back of the car what’s my best case scenario?
  5. Hi, on 08/09/2021, I parked my car on a single yellow at 81 Chamberlayne Rd, London NW10 3ND. I went into the shop to grab something, as I come out, the ticket inspector started taking a photo of my car, so I got in my car and drove away. on 11/10/21 I was served a notice to keeper (image attached) I dont think this ticket should stand because of the following: 1. They dont know that i was the driver and cant prove or make me tell them who the driver was 2. The warden has failed to wait to see if i was loading my car 3.The warden has snooped and failed to serve me with the PCN. Could you please help me to figure out if the above is enforcable by law and what I should do next Thank you so much in advance F WhatsApp Image 2021-10-23 at 18.06.55.pdf
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