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  1. Hey, Is the transcript something that will be sent over after the trial or? If so, I would happily provide that at no cost. What I can send you over right now is the assembled Court Bundle which was used during the trial as reference of the events. Basically an item was sold online, was then lost by Parcel2o, they admit they've lost it, we go to mediation they stand firm on their position that their compensation sum is fair and will not pay in full and also say in verbal in written form that the case is already lost for me and they see no reason to go forward etc etc. I also stay firm and refuse their partial compensation so case gets redirected to court and after many months of waiting there we are. In my opinion a really important part of the court proceedings was the fact that I fully and immediately refunded the person to whom I originally sold the item online and then took it upon myself (effectively losing all the money) for 6 months to actually try and fight Parcel2go myself to recoup the costs. She said by tracing the chain of responsibility, I've done the right thing and Parcel2go should be liable. To be honest I don't know why they decided not to settle at mediation, that is also what was keeping me on my toes up until the trial - 'do they know something I don't?'. Every possible logical and legal explanation was in my favour imo so I was really confused as to what they could possibly present that would win them the case. The Judge did also mention that even when presented with T&Cs initially, the majority of people drop or abandon their cases and do not pursue further. The big question she was try to answer the whole time is are those T&Cs transparent and fair and as an argument I did actually mention the CAG and said that one does not need to be legally trained to see the flood of new threads being opened every single day from perplexed citizens. This, I said, is the only real argument you need to realize that these insurance practices are obviously vague and designed to screw people over.
  2. Hey, My trial has now taken place and I am extremely happy to say I've won the case in full including my daily rate for my job etc. This is the second time I manage to win thanks largely to @BankFodder @The GodMother and @supernick90 . First time it was Hermes, now Parcel2go, I would strongly advise anyone that's in the same boat to just go all the way, don't be afraid of actually going to court. The judge was incredibly nice, educated and positive and completely felt my situation and has swiftly judged in my favour for pretty much all the reasons Bankfodder provided in his pinned article regarding insurances. She said the terms and conditions are NOT transparent and unfair and a really important point she said is that even though there is a more expensive and insured service, it cannot be labelled the same as a normal cost service which is only probably going to be delivered. The attempt to limit liability in my case she said is not fair and the full compensation should apply rather than the £50 maximum. I will of course be keeping my original promise to donate the full claim filing fee to CAG which in my case amounts to £50. Grab a pint and thank you for your help throughout the process, Justice has prevailed!
  3. In any case, I've already submitted and sent all the papers to the Court so it's too late for me. Fingers crossed !
  4. @BankFodderThank you for your great and exhaustive answer as always. Apologies for the Latin mishap, I copied it from another statement uploaded to the forum, googled it and sounded about right. I have now made the changes you proposed. I've made the decision to donate the claim filing fees to the forum if there's any positive outcome, last time my contribution was smaller but I really think we need this community and guidance! Witness Statement 5.pdf
  5. Hey guys, Could you please have a quick look at my witness statement if you have any time. I've never written one before. Best Witness Statement 4.pdf
  6. Thanks for your reply! I've found this info as well on cable.co.uk , so you think we should stick to our position and raise a complaint and disregard the early fees? If Virgin Media is not available at your new address If you find that it is not available at your new property, then you will need to let Virgin Media know that you are leaving as soon as possible. If you are not at the end of your contract, you will unfortunately have to pay Early Disconnection Fees. The amount this will be is dependent on how many months you have left on your contract. Best
  7. Hey, They have changed the transferring to other people option in February 2021. In terms of the first part, they don't have coverage at the new place we're moving, do you think that would help?
  8. Thanks for you reply dx! I'm really sorry I didn't quite understand what your advise is essentially? I do apologize I just don't get exactly what you're saying. What might trash her credit file, her simply not paying anymore or? Also the part regarding the fca ? Best
  9. Hey, Unfortunately I've been forced to write in the forum for the second time in a day on a separate issue. My gf is leaving her current flat in a month's time and would like to cancel her contract with VM but she's got 10 months left on the contract so they are saying it would be £240 for an early cancellation fee. She can't just transfer it to the girls staying in the flat because VM says a new 18-month contract will be needed and no one wants that especially with VM. However she's spotted that somehow they've got her first name spelled wrong, is there anything she could do to get away with this? Does it matter if they've got the name wrong on the contract? Best
  10. Thank you @honeybee13 for the quick response! I have an update to this case: Finally after many months of Parcel2go delaying the process I've had my mediation appointment - they have offered less than half of the claim value so I obviously rejected that so the mediation was deemed unsuccessful. We will be proceeding with a court hearing soon. Is there anything important to keep in mind since I've never been to any court before? Best
  11. Hey, I got the answer finally from their agent in chat. *see attached document* she admitted that it's parcel2go that is liable and provided me with the postal address to send legal paperwork to. She also said she has escalated this further to her senior and pinned it to my case. Does that mean they might reconsider after I send the the letter by post? let's see I will send both a letter and an email of complaint tomorrow and see that happens. Should I mention the Consumer Rights Act 2015 in the letter of complaint? ts.pdf
  12. Ohhh okay, right, I get it now, I will follow these steps correctly then. Just lastly, I don't fully understand who am I claiming against, the website is www.dpdlocal-online.co.uk, but on the bottom of the page it says : All payments processed by Parcel2Go.com Limited © Parcel2Go.com Ltd 1995-2021 All Rights Reserved Company Number: 02591405 VAT Number: 597 8491 61 So is my claim against Parcel2Go.com LTD or are they just handling the payments and my claim is actually against dpdlocal-online ?
  13. I have made a complaint via their live chat because this is the only form of communication they have. I told them that I don't agree to their £50 compensations and that I require the full amount. Also, when I was proposed on their online portal with 3 options - 1 - Accept Offer , 2 - Reject Offer , 3- sth else I clicked on reject offer and now the platform says 'under review' and 'We’re sorry that this offer did not meet your expectations. We’ll review this case again and get back to you shortly. Should I wait for them to respond first? Also, last time with Hermes I had not made a formal complaint per say nor a letter of claim and I started the small claim anyway. You are saying they might be more strict this time if some of these steps are not respected? Best
  14. Yes Hermes. Ok then, I'll proceed with it tomorrow morning, will come back to share experience once there is an update. Best
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