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  1. Thank you BankFodder, I've just made a small contribution to your cause, I am fresh out of my Master's Degree so I can't afford a lot, but it comes from the heart as all those threads really backed me up when I needed it :)) Keep it up! p.s I will check out those fb groups and let them know as well, no worries
  2. Hey, Just wanted to share a quick experience for a lost Hermes parcel worth a couple of hundred pounds. I accepted Hermes' offer to use mediation and was pleasantly surprised! I read all the threads on here and thanks to the Bankfodder's great advice I came in confident and with notes and was not prepared to reduce the claimed amount even by 10p. Firstly Hermes stated that my item was not one that is normally covered and due to its fragile nature it is not compensated and secondly they gave the ordinary "you have not opted for insurance bla bla". These were their point
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