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  1. Hi all, I find myself once again maybe going for the wrong/bad car! Basics Car: Audi E-tron 2019/19 with 13800 miles on the clock which was an ex-Audi UK car sold via an Audi Lookers dealership. Picked up: 17/6/2021 Method: Outright/cash with deposit of £1000 paid on credit card Price: £47399 Day of handover, found a small dent and showed to salesman who said he would get it all sorted - no issues as I know him/dealer very well. Evening of handover, I emailed salesman in addition to dent, several other issues with most being minor and one being the My Audi app not working with the car. Timeline 23/6: Car is picked up to get bits resolved. 29/6: Car returned - My Audi issue still outstanding (confirmed by salesman ) along with 1 other item (severe rusting on brakes/discs) + a minor rattle low down on the list of priorities. New issue with a scuff now on same side as dent - 14/7: Car back at dealership to get remaining bits resolved 21/7: Car returned with brakes/discs resolved, scuff for next time due to time, my audi issues remain What the officials say Dealership aftersales are stumped with the issue and have logged with Audi Digital Services + Audi UK I've spent 5 hours now with Digital services with 3 cases of my own logged- all 3 escalated by no ETA on resolution Audi UK have logged it too under my name. Why is the app so important? Well aside from the fact you can lock/unlock using it, being an electric vehicle, it tells you about charge status and enables climate control remotely. Why is this so important you say? EVs don't do well in cold temperatures - If this carries on into the winter, preconditioning is critical to the longevity and efficiency of the battery - this is where you remotely switch on the climate control to draw heat towards the battery. Charging status is also important - twice now I have been left almost stranded because the charger stopped working due to a fault. When this happened, the app failed to notify me it had stopped or it was not increasing charge. Some 30 mins later (or 60 as it was yesterday), I go back to the car to find its stopped and there isn't enough range to get back. Forums I am also not the only one with this issue. One forum has over 19 pages of people complaining around the world. Another one with 6+ pages- there is also an e-tron group on facebook again with complaints. Who does it impact? Pretty much anyone with a 2019 or early 2020 e-tron. It seems fine for late 2020 and 2021 models. Also the A8 I had as a loan car and a late 2020 e-tron, both worked as did my previous SQ5 that I sold. FOD The app also has something else called Function on Demand. This is where you purchase "packs" to enable functionality in the car that it did not come with or was not specced with. My reason for buying this specific spec car despite missing two bits I wanted was always that I could purchase them later. Initially these were not available at all - Audi stated an update would fix it so this was actioned...it did...well for one out of the 2 I wanted. But even the 1, I purchased it and it has been "installing " ever since. It is all however most likely related to the app/communication issues with the car. Conclusion I like the car a lot and don't want to reject especially as I will not find a similar spec/price again. The next closest option is almost £10k more as its newer. But if I do reject, is the app not working sufficient reason? I am looking at another brand as a backup but they have their own baggage with reliability and with my relation with this specific dealership + generally Audis, I would prefer sticking with them. My concerns around the FOD is also as the licences begin to expire (Maps, My Audi, Alexa etc) this should be something you can renew via FOD but currently may not be working/available to renew. Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks all - this topic is now resolved. I tried for Friday before a DVLA rep on twitter replied back finally to take details. They apparently tried on Monday a couple of times but with a private number + no voicemail left, I did not answer on the basis I was in the office (first day back in 1.5 years) Fast forward Tuesday (today), the car has been picked up by the dealer and a few minutes ago, I got the DVLA transfer to trade email. I suppose it can only go 2 ways - No come back in which case I save myself the 1 month renewal of around £50 something or they start playing up and try to fine me in which case I am more than happy to take it further. It is a shame I could not drive it 1 last time but hey ho.
  3. I think it now has gone to the point where I need the car is no longer the issue as we've had to hire out where we need to and depend on friends for nursery pickups. The main issue is can they issue an automatic fine ? Surely there is a way to make them accountable for the mess they are causing? Strike is one thing but looking at social media, not being able to get through to them has been going on for months/possibly even a year+
  4. On any normal day I would say the V5 would get here in the same week but I'm thinking with bank holiday and now this industrial strike... The fault was more on my side but will speak to them Insurance - good point! Not as of yet as I thought given no tax, I can't drive it anyway and on top of this, I was waiting for the plates
  5. Hi all, The short version: 1. Website won't accept V11 number to tax 2. Can't get through to DVLA 3. Live chat says ring DVLA 4. Can't go to PO as new V5 has not arrived post number plate change 5. Can't drive car due to no tax which is severely impacting nursery runs, day2day shops, work etc. 6. Can't complete the sale to then pickup new car as the car is effectively prisoned by lack of tax to get to the dealer but also lack of V5. Slight detail behind why it cannot be taxed: The car was supposed to go to a dealership to be traded in over the weekend a few days prior to tax renewal date. During this window, the numberplate on the car had been put onto retention and reverted back to its original. Unfortunately due to a delay, the selling of the vehicle has now been moved to this weekend and so on Sunday 30th May, I proceeded into renewing the tax via the online linke and V11. But... the issue is, the ref number on the V11 is not being accepted on the DVLA site stating the below message which I can only think is due to the numberplate change where the reference number is associated to the plate now on retention. On the assumption bank holiday they were shut, I tried ringing the DVLA pretty much all day Tuesday from morning to evening to be told they are too busy and to ring back later at every attempt. I also had a live chat explaining the situation + the fact no one is answering to which she responded...you guessed it... you need to ring the DVLA. I am now seeing on their twitter account they are now in the middle of industrial action and to avoid calling the call centres. Completely stuck as to what to do. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks in advance Error is: Vehicle details could not be found Sorry, your vehicle registration mark or reference number has not been recognised. This means you cannot proceed with your Tax application.
  6. Update, they approved the cost and also the cost to recode the key. Tyres they will not budge - it's apparently what Sytner Select rules cover and not what Audi rules cover so thats on me. Accepted the repair on it so we will see how this pans out - they're hopeful the car will be back with me this side of the year
  7. I've just had an update regarding the car Air con is not working due to the condenser having impact and this is where the leak is. The cost is circa 600 put awaiting formal quote Recalls also outstanding Tyres audi are advising with this type of car, it should have the same brand and tread where as it has this has 1 budget, 2 Michelin and 1 pirreli. And wipers are smearing Key thing here is the air con is faulty and its not just a gas issue. Sending this to sytner now as it's a cost they would need to approve...if they don't, I assume only option is reject and ultimately get the part ex back or can I request to have this as cash instead? In the last few weeks, the part ex has gone down in value so I will be at a loss this way
  8. Hi all, Not sure if this belongs here or another sub-forum - this is on behalf of a close friend so I might act as a go-between to get any further details required. Mortgage remaining: 280k Valued: Circa £500k Term left on current mortgage: 12 months Person 1: Main owner of house but Close to retirement Person 2: Son of Person 1 and on title + mortgage Person 3: Another son who pays towards mortgage but no name on house or mortgage Long and short of it is Person 1 has lived in this house for 30 years+, constantly had financial problems and lived pay-cheque to pay-cheque and when the current mortgage term started 4 years ago, she could not get a mortgage on her own. Person 2 therefore stepped in and put his name on the title and mortgage however has not paid a penny towards it in the 25 years or so he lived there or the 4 years he has had his name on the title + mortgage. Person 2 also made Person 1 remortgage 10 years ago to take a chunk for his studies - also none of it paid back. Person 3 on the other hand has paid her way monthly without fail for 18 years. Fast forward to 2021 and the term is due to end, Person 1 knows she cannot get a mortgage on her own due to age/retirement Person 3 wants to step in to take over the property altogether (and can afford it) Person 2 ... I'm sure you can guess where this is going... wants a chunk out of the property. Options are from what I can gather... 1. Sell-up, get the 200k odd from it and put it down as a deposit in a downsized property with any extra Person 3 taking on I suspect as a mortgage 2. Re-mortgage on Person 2 only (not an option) 3. Re-mortgage on Person 3 - an option but only if Person 3 is getting full title 4. Do nothing, probably default and there is no winner here as Person 1 and 2 have a default on their credit, house is repossessed and person 1 is homeless. So questions are... 1. Does Person 2 while on title, have any rights to the property in terms of value? 2. On the basis of the above being yes, is there a way Person 1 and/or 3 remove this right on the basis he has only ever been a name and no financial benefit? 3. Are there any other options? This does indeed sound like internal family politics driven by Person 2 greed but this is at no concern to the rest of the family, the primary concern is Person 1 has a roof and does not mind relocating and downsizing especially as they're on their own now Thanks in advance
  9. Bit of both- maybe you're right and at the same time, I might just be overthinking it due to the issues we had with the Q3 (resolved on another thread). End of the day, I like the car enough to keep it but the ac must be fixed and anything else that may come up in the health check - but this will take longer than the 30 days to resolve (it's day 7 since pickup today) and I don't want to lose the right to reject waiting on 1. Time taken to diagnose and quote if out of warranty, and 2. If out of warranty, for the dealership who are now closed for at least 2 weeks (sales) to authorise the repair to reimburse. If the latter fails, then yes I will reject but I suspect due to lockdown, this will be more like day 45 before we know. And by fail, I mean not only for them to say yay/nay to the repair but also if they state I need to drive back to them (100+ miles) for their non main dealer Audi specialist to diagnose/fix - the same company who have clearly missed a number of things on the 135 point check. Anyway, I can't do much until Monday so I'll pick it up then with the dealership
  10. The stop clock query is relating to a number of number of forums and I'm sure a number of threads too ie: from: How The Consumer Rights Act 2015 Impacts Your Business (tollers.co.uk) "Consumers can elect or allow the trader to carry out repairs or replace faulty goods within the 30 Day Period. In such circumstances, the clock, for the purposes of calculating the 30 Day Period stops until the goods have been replaced or returned." But the response earlier from me is not relating to clock-stopping but more relating to what happens if I was to invoke it right now but now cannot return car for x weeks/months due to tier 4 lockdown. Do I just have to keep the car unused until things reopen not getting my money back, the car out of here and I assume if the part-ex cannot be given back, the monetary value for this too. I should note at this point I'm asking possible outcomes - having just received the new logbook for the registration transfer (cherished plate), replacing a number of accessories such as mats etc, buying the ludicrously expensive road tax etc, I'm not looking to reject however I am mindful of having a possible major issue all in this uncertain time so I don't want to be out of pocket
  11. Thanks and will do! I have a slightly different question relating to the same topic - with Tier 4 closing the dealerships again, how does this impact the 30 day/6 month period? ie: if I outright rejected the car right now, and hypothetically tier 4 extends for another 2 weeks into Jan, I'm out of my 30 day or are there measures to protect the consumer of such issue? It does seem like servicing/MOT are open so I should still be able to get this properly seen to
  12. Fair enough, I think the issue is more the holiday break coming up. 30 days puts it at 11th January but audi want the car for 3 days minimum. Id rather keep the car if it can be fixed or rather the fix if at a cost, is covered by sytner. But if they turn around and say no on say the 12th I am out of my 30 day unless the clock can be paused if they're happy for audi to diagnose, trace, and (quote) fix.
  13. I certainly know how to pick them right? But yes this is a totally different car I picked up on Saturday to replace mine this time round. Thank you for your help as always - I will do just that. To be fair, their own order form/invoice does state the 30 day/within 6 month/after 6 month rules so it was more whether the clock stops once the fault is reported/discussed. Any fault is fixable one way or another but usually associated with a cost and with Audi, its always a big cost.
  14. Hi all, A new day and a new issue. Car is an Audi Q5 2018 with 36k on the clock. 1. Put £99 deposit on credit card via sytner website 2. Test drove once lockdown 2.0 was over and didn't notice any issues with the car. 3. Pick up car on the 12th December Payment = Further 2k on credit card, 16k part ex and remaining 17k on debit card. Invoice price was 34500 and then added a few extra bits. 4. 2 miles into my 110 mile trip back home to find the air con was off and I couldn't switch on. Pulled over, cycled car, and its on...but then switches off which is why I didn't notice during test drive or handover. Drove back to the dealership and sales manager took it to their audi specialist. 5. They deemed it to be potentially just a regas and the dealer would reimburse once I got it done locally as they couldn't do it there. 6. Got it seen to by an Audi main dealer for a regas today and they have confirmed no gas is in the system but they need it for 3 days to investigate further as there is a chance of a leak and the leak could be due to a manufacturing issue of the compressor or an external issue like a stone hitting it (common when i research forums). The former is covered by the warranty the car still has of its original 3 year whereas the latter wouldn't be. I don't want to return the car but IF the fault is chargeable and the supplying dealer does not play ball, can I exercise the 30 day return ? I assume if yes, I get the part ex back or the monetary value of it? And again if yes, has the clock stopped for the 30 day until either resolved or returned ? With the Xmas break, I can't get it seen to until the new year potentially. I have already notified the sytner dealer via email of todays findings The dealer is a Sytner branch (non Audi) and they sell other brands under an umbrella called Sytner Select with slightly limited perks. For instance, 6 months warranty vs 1 year for the brand they primarily deal with. I also know the air con hasn't worked since the early part of 2020 based on the date the first error was logged but their 100+ point check.has it ticked to say its working. Thanks all
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