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  1. Just a quick update - I had more issues with Dell but it is now finally resolved I am pleased to say. It was more relating to the refund that was issued on the 20th. Apparently due to a technical fault, it was returned to Dell - Amex deny any issues their end and given the issues, I trust them more than Dell! It was re-issued on the 28th but still no show. I decided enough was enough and advised them I'll just resume the SCC case and suddenly I get a phonecall straight away trying to resolve with a BACS transfer. Fast forward yesterday, the 28th payment does now indeed show up as being refunded to Amex. I have the fun task of now getting Amex to shift that money into my bank account because the credit card is now in positive balance but they're sorting that out. So now there is closure :) Thanks again for all your help and donation on way too!
  2. Interesting you say that - I have always had a call recorder in place on my phone but since the S10 was released, it's not played ball with any of the recording apps available. At best, if the caller is loud enough, it records but you are right, I might need to look at an external device in future. If I'm at home, calls get routed via the laptop so it can record but when mobile it only seems to pick up my voice and in the car you can forget it altogether as it goes via BT which it can't pick up
  3. Hit post/submit too early but yes excellent result! I have now had the email confirming what was said too Thank you for all your help on this - I can be very harsh/keyboard warrior but your responses make mine look like childs talk so I can only say a lot of the type of language/wording/aggressiveness you used for me to send back to them is what ultimately got me a cracking result.
  4. I did just that! Just got a call... picking system up this week and issuing a full refund! I actually did offer to take a reduced refund (stupidly?) as I appreciate the first year it has been used. He said Dell policy is 10-15% reduction per year so it would be around 20% in total which I said I am happy about however he said due to the issues faced and what not, they would not allow that and only a full refund is on the table. I didn't argue any longer! Just waiting for confirmation via email of what was said.
  5. Just to update you, Got an AM appointment for Friday but got a call from the engineer saying he was stuck on at a company where the server had blown so he won't make it until 1pm...1pm then turned into 2pm but he kept me updated. Engineer himself - really nice guy and knew what he was doing. Replaced motherboard (second one now), palm rest (also second one), speakers (also second), power button to fix the gap, audio jack. It has fixed the speaker issue and power button gaps. With SSD they did not budge however I did some more digging and it turns out if ANY power is going through to the laptop, the SSD power on hours counts up. This includes if it is in sleep mode. Well I rarely shutdown! I only close the lid so this is what has caused the hours to bump up. The scanner folder...? I have no idea! End result...it's fixed right? Nope - life is not that simple Fans still making a rattling noise - I captures it on video and uploaded to youtube to show them. Today, I captures the screen just flickering between on/displaying to black. Only stopped after a restart. Again, captures on video and uploaded to YT Finally, connected it to my Dell D6000 dock that we use for this laptop and another Dell Latitude. The external monitor got some weird mirroring/artefacts on screen with some green fuzzy ghosting. Had to unplug, restart, replug the dock. Dock is fine- we use it daily between the two laptops. Going to be a fun one tomorrow when the advanced res group calls to follow up.
  6. will do Just got another email: Dear... We’ve now made arrangements for our onsite technician to visit your location coming Friday. Technician would replace all necessary parts for fix, if the issue is persistent post service we will take it up with our management for alternate resolution. We request you to observe the system over weekend and get back to us by Monday. Also, we’ve attached the previous service reports for your reference, Dell hasn’t replaced hard drive on your system, we’re unsure why the hard drive usage is showing different records.
  7. The Dell Advanced Res person called @ 12:06 but missed the call. He did leave a voicemail essentially saying regarding your email he wanted a conversation etc. So this to me is acceptance of the email we sent earlier. He rang back at 13:48 just to go over what is going to happen next and that is an engineer will be on-site on Friday to replace the parts mentioned so far / parts assumed faulty based on my fault listing. He then re-iterated that the ssd is still the original and was not swapped/changed. I asked whether their motherboard stock for this model already contains the ssd but he denied this. I would be surprised if they removed it each time simply because it would require thermal tape to be removed etc so it almost makes sense keeping it married with the board but who knows. The engineer on-site will re-check the SSD. The ONLY potential bit of evidence I >might< have is a bit of digging I did. Bit extreme but I ran a data recovery tool last night. The issue is the drive has been repartitioned a few times from the factory image so it is difficult to find anything in an older structure but ... a Folder called Canon S1011 popped up. This is a scanner of some sort but I've never owned this and yet a folder with files came back from some point in March 2019. The reason I am unsure is I do own a Canon multifunction scanner/printer/copier so maybe it was part of the driverpack - not that I can find it again. Unfortunately this is all that came back using the free tool. Final comment was really based on next steps should a fault remain or more faults crop up etc. To this, he said it would then have to be escalated to his manager and go from there. As I type this, a Dell service request has just now logged confirming : Current Status: This e-mail serves as confirmation that you have successfully scheduled an onsite service appointment for the following time : 10/01/20 08:00 to 13:00
  8. So I added only the fuel cost for 80 miles *..45 as per hmrc rates currently. I assumed that section was only for the ups mess and not for the laptop costs itself as that is already mentioned in regards to replacing it... Or was that a wrong assumption? So in this case £36 for the travel The small claim part I am fine with as I had to do one a while back after a bad ebay purchase As for reference number, I used the reference of the support ticket they have opened for it and which the dell advanced resolution team use in their subject email header
  9. Also 1 more thing has since cropped up. While I was typing the reply, I raised the laptop slightly as you would when sitting on the sofa ... fans when at what sounds like 40% spin are emitting grinding or rattle sounds. Right ... hows this? And I am assuming this is meant to be a long reply based on you saying all the facts need to be stated! ok so the LONG draft:
  10. Well you're not wrong in saying it is for personal use. I use it at work but for personal use and personal development The UPS mess - Dell are fully-aware - It was the fiasco that pushed me into contacting the advanced resolution team in the first place last week. Thank you for all the advice - I will type up a draft tonight and post back on here. RE the final comment you made - remember they have held this Friday as the on-site repair slot for me so well within the 14 days. I was just talking to the OH earlier about how even if Fridays repair goes well - I just dont know whether I can "like" the system again as I have for the first year. Real shame the whole mess it has turned into. And on my final note for now, I assume if after parts are replaced the engineer makes me test it there and then, I can say I am happy to sign it off subject to proper testing and use? What I don't want to do is sign something that I am accepting this as a successful repair and all issues are fixed when in actual fact something else is hiding and will come out as / when I use it more. The speaker issue only showed its face when I was playing a movie...normal system sounds did not make it at all obvious
  11. Power on count I think is literally how many times from sleep/shutdown state it has powered on. In short - yes/spot-on.... almost 2 physical repairs of where it has gone away to Dell. And numerous troubleshooting type steps over the forum via Dell support staff (ie, try this driver, try this bios, download that file etc) The third would be this Friday if I go ahead with it. Other than that yes - estimated hours... on the basis of the 18 months you mention.... Hours in 18 months (according to Google)= 13140 Days in 18 months (according to Google) = 547 Even if I say 10 hours per day / 7 days a week... that would be 10*547 = 5470 hours usage. Even at 15 hours a day/7 days a weel, still looking at 8205 hours Hopefully my math is correct - Took far longer than it should have to work that out :- ) No cost in returning as they have picked up however ... brace yourselves.... Between Dell and UPS, the second repair return...UPS lost the package. It was supposed to be delivered to a UPS drop-off shop, it didn't. Ended up having to drive to Croydon to pick it up...after 2 hours of standing/waiting, they gave up saying it was lost so went back home (40 mile round trip). it then ended up going to the drop-off shop when Dell apparently said it couldnt due to high value item in package. But anyway... I'll let that fiasco remain in 2019! And just to finalise, I do have to give them this final chance? the 2 repairs/4 major components is not sufficient to request refund/replacement? Also the concern with replacement will be apparently according to the forums, it would be another refurb so only someone upstairs can even guess what condition they're in however thats another fight for another day.
  12. Sorry sometimes the typing works faster than the brain sometimes here Laptop currently is with me as per the last update in the original thread ( Returned: 03/01/2020) (just noticed my original thread states 2019 but I meant 2020!) I have taken screenshots and PDFd the various links above stating the policy - thanks for the heads-up on this. In regards to the disc - Let me start again on that one. I had not taken any details down about the disc originally before sending it to Dell on the 26/11/2019. I should have. I know they had done something as the disc had been restored to factory Dell image when it was returned the first time - this is fine and I was advised of this. Was this a replacement disc they keep with a factory image on it or was it my own and they applied the image on it...who knows. By the time it went off for the second time, I had reinstalled Windows 10 and when it was returned on the 3rd, the same reinstalled version was there (same demo user account I had created, it joined my temp wifi network etc) so I know between repair 2 and now, the drive is the same. What I don't know is if the first repair (motherboard replacement), did the drive get swapped - this is where it is difficult to prove. The hours usage mentioned earlier is something I did today using CrystalDiskInfo. This currently shows 14119 Power On hours and 365 Power on Count. Hope this clears up the confusion. What I will be unable to prove is whether this drive is the same as what I sent in originally. But looking at the number of hours, it just does not tally up to my typical use of the machine. Maybe it CrystalDiskInfo (and HWiNfo as I have just checked) cannot read this drive correctly for power on hours - who knows. I think this is currently the least of my worries as the drive luckily is a user-replaceable component unlike a lot of these ultrabooks. So I think bottom line, letter of claim to agree to repair and to carry out the repair and to return it to you in a condition which is completely satisfactory to you or else you will begin a county court claim against them without any further notice. I'll mention the 14 days although he has said Friday is possible (thursday at the earliest but I can't make this one). Thanks again
  13. Thank you for your reply and re donation - I'm not doing it based on the result This site whether by ways of a personal thread or someone else has helped numerous times! When you say where are they - do you mean Dell? The laptop was sent to a Dell repair site in Germany however but I purchased the laptop from Dell.co.uk so I'll assume this is who I am dealing with. re Disc - I think this is going to be difficult to prove - more on that below... Finally, in regards to the policy - unfortunately not although I am going to dig around more. The only reason I mention it is Dell reps on the Dell forum mention it a number of times: 2013 - does not work for Dell but is a "dell Rockstar": https://www.dell.com/community/Customer-Care/is-there-an-exchange-policy/td-p/4104977 And more recent 2018 by someone who works for Dell: https://www.dell.com/community/Customer-Care/Exchange-Faulty-XPS-13/m-p/6147639 (funnily enough, the same laptop) So around 4:30, I got a call from the guy I have been chatting to from Dell Advanced Resolution Group. He basically stated the laptop had a 1 year warranty and this expired in March. I did mention this from the start way before the initial repair was booked and I even asked again once I got it back the first time to which I got "Yes, this was covered under the country's STAT rights " At this point, I was very impressed with their service! However as the laptop is faulty based on the repair undertaken, he is prepared to send an on-site repair technician to my house/work to have all the components in question replaced. I said I'll get back to him as I am not prepared to have it opened yet again and parts put in that are clearly not being QA'd. The follow-up email is as follows after the usual sorry about the issues etc Considering the case, Dell is offering free onsite service for issue resolution though the system being out of warranty since March 2019. We are confident with your cooperation we can resolve the reported issues on the system. He also said on the phone regarding the SSD that as far as he can see in the records, only the motherboard was replaced the first time and the drive would be what I originally had. I just don't get how physically this is possible given the hours but it's going to be their word against mine. I did not take a snapshot of the drive usage before sending it in - I took every picture possible but I did not consider this could have been an issue. I do have a snapshot now however but a little too late So this is where it stands at the moment - I am to get back to him confirming Friday. What I don't know is if I reject Friday, what happens then...can I reject the laptop altogether? If not based on the 1 year warranty issue (I'm now hoping CA 2015 kicks in here), then Friday would be the only option. Thanks again:)
  14. Just did a bit of digging and it seems they have replaced the original SSD with a refurb. I can only assume the refurbished motherboards they hold in-stock have the SSD with it (it is removable). Bit of a kick in the teeth as it has around 14114 hours of use (588 days if used continuously) which is impossible if you equate even the basics such as 30 days in total holiday without laptop since ownership, 21 days just with dell and UPS, travel time to/from work and at the very least 6 hours of being off in a bag while I sleep. At home it does not get used much as I have a desktop so I tend to use that if I need to.
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