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  1. Update, they approved the cost and also the cost to recode the key. Tyres they will not budge - it's apparently what Sytner Select rules cover and not what Audi rules cover so thats on me. Accepted the repair on it so we will see how this pans out - they're hopeful the car will be back with me this side of the year
  2. I've just had an update regarding the car Air con is not working due to the condenser having impact and this is where the leak is. The cost is circa 600 put awaiting formal quote Recalls also outstanding Tyres audi are advising with this type of car, it should have the same brand and tread where as it has this has 1 budget, 2 Michelin and 1 pirreli. And wipers are smearing Key thing here is the air con is faulty and its not just a gas issue. Sending this to sytner now as it's a cost they would need to approve...if they
  3. Hi all, Not sure if this belongs here or another sub-forum - this is on behalf of a close friend so I might act as a go-between to get any further details required. Mortgage remaining: 280k Valued: Circa £500k Term left on current mortgage: 12 months Person 1: Main owner of house but Close to retirement Person 2: Son of Person 1 and on title + mortgage Person 3: Another son who pays towards mortgage but no name on house or mortgage Long and short of it is Person 1 has lived in this house for 30 years+, constantly had financial proble
  4. Bit of both- maybe you're right and at the same time, I might just be overthinking it due to the issues we had with the Q3 (resolved on another thread). End of the day, I like the car enough to keep it but the ac must be fixed and anything else that may come up in the health check - but this will take longer than the 30 days to resolve (it's day 7 since pickup today) and I don't want to lose the right to reject waiting on 1. Time taken to diagnose and quote if out of warranty, and 2. If out of warranty, for the dealership who are now closed for at least 2 weeks (sales) to authorise
  5. The stop clock query is relating to a number of number of forums and I'm sure a number of threads too ie: from: How The Consumer Rights Act 2015 Impacts Your Business (tollers.co.uk) "Consumers can elect or allow the trader to carry out repairs or replace faulty goods within the 30 Day Period. In such circumstances, the clock, for the purposes of calculating the 30 Day Period stops until the goods have been replaced or returned." But the response earlier from me is not relating to clock-stopping but more relating to what happens if I was to invoke it right now but now ca
  6. Thanks and will do! I have a slightly different question relating to the same topic - with Tier 4 closing the dealerships again, how does this impact the 30 day/6 month period? ie: if I outright rejected the car right now, and hypothetically tier 4 extends for another 2 weeks into Jan, I'm out of my 30 day or are there measures to protect the consumer of such issue? It does seem like servicing/MOT are open so I should still be able to get this properly seen to
  7. Fair enough, I think the issue is more the holiday break coming up. 30 days puts it at 11th January but audi want the car for 3 days minimum. Id rather keep the car if it can be fixed or rather the fix if at a cost, is covered by sytner. But if they turn around and say no on say the 12th I am out of my 30 day unless the clock can be paused if they're happy for audi to diagnose, trace, and (quote) fix.
  8. I certainly know how to pick them right? But yes this is a totally different car I picked up on Saturday to replace mine this time round. Thank you for your help as always - I will do just that. To be fair, their own order form/invoice does state the 30 day/within 6 month/after 6 month rules so it was more whether the clock stops once the fault is reported/discussed. Any fault is fixable one way or another but usually associated with a cost and with Audi, its always a big cost.
  9. Hi all, A new day and a new issue. Car is an Audi Q5 2018 with 36k on the clock. 1. Put £99 deposit on credit card via sytner website 2. Test drove once lockdown 2.0 was over and didn't notice any issues with the car. 3. Pick up car on the 12th December Payment = Further 2k on credit card, 16k part ex and remaining 17k on debit card. Invoice price was 34500 and then added a few extra bits. 4. 2 miles into my 110 mile trip back home to find the air con was off and I couldn't switch on. Pulled over, cycled car, and
  10. Wow you're right - did more reading this morning and a penny over 30k is no go. How does the s75a work in this scenario or it doesnt? Collecting the car tomorrow and suddenly nerves are kicking in with all this lack of protection
  11. Thanks BF - I'm happy to just let it go now and not deal with them again unless something drastic goes wrong. The car is under Audi warranty and any issues now would go via our trusted local Audi dealership The salesman just called me regarding the final issue of number of owners. Not a really good explanation but I have learnt a good lesson today. What seems to have happened is the HPI check they carried out did indeed state 2 previous owners however this was based on the current owner at that time. The HPI check I carried out early October also stated the same and
  12. Thanks Slick132, the car is 36k in total with part-ex but still, a loss of 6k is much better than 36k with the use of s.75. Thank you all - long slog to next sat when I pick it up
  13. I think I have closure! I dropped the car off on Wednesday for the gearbox service and also the software update they insisted on before they ordering the expensive part. Gearbox: Please do contain your laughter and/or shock. I am glad I kept banging on about this. It has transpired yes it needed one, yes they billed sales but no they did not carry it out because at the time, a part/s were out of stock. If I had not chased it up or accepted it may have been done and the gearbox went pop as a result of not having the service, I'm sure it would have been me to blame.
  14. No idea, they will not budge on the 2k limit on credit card. I suspect the charges incurred ? Frequently Asked Questions | Sytner Group Limited How can I pay for my new vehicle? All of our Centres have dedicated Finance Managers there to assist and advise you on the best way to fund your purchase. Deposits can be paid via both Debit and Credit cards with balances payable by Debit Card or Bank Transfer. (Credit card payments may be limited, if in excess of £2,000 and cash in excess of £5,000). Sytner Group Ltd are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authorit
  15. Perfect thank you! I have just had approval from the dealership they will take the full payment on debit card If there is more security given I have paid £99 on credit card, what I will do is pay £2000 on credit card and £18000 on debit card
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