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Found 3 results

  1. Inside the TalkTalk 'Indian [problem] call centre' http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-39177981
  2. Hi apologies if this is the wrong part of forum im posting in. i bought 45000 indian rupees in 500 and 1000 rupee denominations on ) Oct 13th last month. for my holiday in feb 2017 From TravelFX by Bank transfer (wish i'd paid by credit card now but they only accepted Bank transfers) then beginning of this month indian prime minister declares all 500 and 1000 in effect null and void. its nearly £550.00 worth and TravelFX wont buy them back. even though though they have a buy back policy. and now wont communicate with me any further even though i have been polite at all stages in communications with them. i stated to them that i should get a refund as a consumer under the sale of goods act, but they replied bureau de change transactions are not covered by the act. is this true im shocked if it is. ive explored all avenues in the uk with indian banks etc but nobody will take them so i believe my hope is to get the currency exchange to take them back and refund me. surely my purchase must be covered under some sort of consumer law. Any Help would be much appreciated and as with all help i've received in the past i will be making a donation to the forum
  3. I received a superb telephone call yesterday from cabot, and it went like this... Cabot: Hello is that mr Sev? Me : Yes, who is this? Cabot: It's Citibank - er, I mean Cabot Financial, we own your Citiba.. Me : I know, what would you like to know? Cabot: Can you confirm your date of birth and postcode for security Me : Sure, it's blah blah blah... Cabot: Thankyou. We've currently got you down as being on an arrangement with us for the sum of £blah. I was wondering if we can look to increase this at all? Me : Not really, as I don't have a lot of kob certainty at the moment and I'm not going to commit to anything until the economic situation clears. Cabot: well, if you wanted to settle this we could make this very attractive, and offer you a substantial discount anything up to 20% Me : That's very kind, but I really don't have the means otherwise, i'd have called you a long time back. Cabot: Well, as it stands Mr Sev, your current debt at your current repayment will take 25 years to pay off, we could come to a payment arrangement for £95 pm which will clear it in 5 years. Me : Sorry, but as I said, I don't have the means. That's why you and I are even talking. Cabot: Yes, I understand that. Perhaps we could interest you in a loan to settle this? Me : I don't think so, you've already defaulted me on my credit record, as have all my creditors. What makes you think that I can afford or want a loan when I can't afford to pay what I've already got owing? Cabot: Oh, OK, how about relatives or frieds, could they not lend you any money? Me : er... let me think.... no. Cabot: Well could you stretch to a 10% increase, it's only 2 pounds. Me : I probably might, but I'm not commiting to anything at the moment. Cabot: OK, well i'll send out the paperwork, to confirm and just to let you know if you miss a payment there will be charges and late interest fees... Me : Send what you like, but i'm not confirming anything at he moment as I don't know if i'll even have a job at christmas. Cabot: Well we need to get this debt moving and i'll give you a call in 6 months to see how your circumstances are doing. In the mean time, perhaps you could ask your family or friends for money, or consider our loan service. If you have an unexpected windfall We'd make the settlement offer very attractive. Me : Ok, if I win the lottery you'll be the first to know. Thanks. Cabot: Goodbye. Me : *hangs up* Is the lift actually going to the top floor with this lot?
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