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Found 7 results

  1. Daughter moved into student rental on 1 sept 2017 had set up her own energy supply on a dual fuel deal at a great price with scottish power take over date was 12 sept. on 2nd sept before it was taken over by sp from british gas and sse, a company called Snowdrop energy hijacked it and took it over. problem is now when snowdrop return gas/elec to british gas and sse who will have to put her on standard rate which is way more than she would have been paying with her new supplier scottish power. Can she get compensation from somewhere for the price difference and the stress/calls etc that have had to be made?
  2. I've recently paid off a loan and checked my credit record to ensure it was correctly settled.. when I've seen a default from TalkTalk dated Feb. Despite clearing off a £4k loan in 10 months, I've been screwed by a £65 default courtesy of TalkTalk. Essentially I cancelled my TalkTalk package in August, prior to moving house. I thought nothing more of it (and received no correspondence) until this mornings discovery. Apparently I've defaulted on £65, I presume the final payment? Now my issues revolve around the fact that I had no knowledge of this situation, and - to the best of my knowledge - TalkTalk made no attempt at rectifying the situation. I plan to draft off a letter this evening - highlighting the following points: Failure to inform me (via a Default Notice*) and provide me with a means of correcting the decision; Failure to ensure the accuracy of their data, per one of the Information Commissioners principles; Failure to adhere to their own Terms and Conditions, via storing my personal information in an inherently insecure manner with nothing resembling a coherent security policy. Clearly the main point is (1), but working professionally in Information Security - and having used the catalogue of TalkTalk failings as an example in numerous presentations since October, number (3) also seems an interesting point to make. My only query is - do telecoms contracts come under the Consumer Credit Act? I doubt it, and if that's the case - then is there any guidance I can view? I can only seem to find guidance for the Consumer Credit Act, which requires the filing of a Default Notice. I'm not sure if this requirement exists for agreements outside the CCA? I will also be doing a Subject Access Request as per the DPA, to try and work out what actually happened - as I'm stumped. If they refuse to rectify the situation, I'm pondering whether Ofcom or the ICO would be the next step - or if there's anyway I can really fight this? It's absolutely atrocious. Any advice guys and girls? Cheers!
  3. Don't know if we are allowed to mention names here, but here goes anyway. Interested to know if a letting agent can legally switch energy suppliers on a house up for rent without notifying or seeking authorisation from the Landlord/owner? Discovered that Countrywide 'sold' the contract to E.on, (who incidentally have a whole department dedicated to that company). Countrywide get a fee (although E.on would not say how much this was) and E.on get a new customer (we know how apathetic most people are on changing their suppliers) on any tariff they choose to set. E.on said they took the contract on in good faith (ie. that is on the understanding that the Landlord had agreed). Clearly no checks and balances on E.on's part, but then scruples are always thin on the ground when money is one the table.
  4. Hi My ex-partner has set up accounts with NPower and Severn Trent in my name, the NPower one has been sorted luckily as I knew the Electricity Act and made a complaint, basically surrounding the fact that I was not the occupier therefore no contract exists. I've raised a complaint with Severn Trent, but does anyone know the actual legislation around water rates?
  5. I have been under a strange assault over past 3 months. Started with a my energy supplier Scottish Power (SP) calling me to say am leaving them when I had not asked to do so. They were as confused as self and reinstated direct debit dual energy account which is up to date and in credit rather than debit. Then letters to a Mr *** arrived at my address from British Gas (BG). As I am in flat x of No 5 I asumed this might be a mistake and might be a new tenant arriving who had done so and left letters on top of mailbox. No pickup. No sign of Mr ***. Then following week again had Scottish Power calling me for same reason! Same response from self then had letter from SP telling me I had changed supplier. I left that letter with a note on it on top of mailbox by the door asking if anyone knew why that was happening and e-mailed estate agents to ask if they had any newcomer who was confusing addresses. The agents said they would e-mail all residents to ask but then their cleaners took away the letter I had left and put a further letter addressed to Mr Chiu under my door. Since then I complained to agents over loss of letter and got a 'we dont deal with that' response and have since had to call SP again who said that I had to call BG to block transfer. Have done so and spent a long time on phone resetting deal with SP who are still receiving direct debit payments. I got a further call from SP last friday (about the 10th since this started telling me again I was leaving them) and another letter from BG to Mr Chiu on saturday. BG said they have some previous problems with this address in 2007. I moved here in 2008. I am in dispute with agents over a number of matters and have decided to leave. Since giving notice 3 weeks ago I have been surprised to find that I have been mailed by council tax to give final bill without my input which I can only put down to agents (again no problem as direct debit and rent by S.O) Agents want to renovate. I have pretty good advice from many quarters but does anyone know who could make money from upsetting utilities? Only connection I can imagine would be a juvinile attempt to delay me recieving my deposit or trying to hurt credit record. Has this happened to anyone else and if so have worked out why? Best to all. J
  6. Hi everyone, my friend recently applied to their mortgage company for some extra cash to do some home improvements. To their great surprise they were turned down. Nationwide stated that the reason for not getting the extra cash was due to their CRF. After further calls Nationwide finally admitted that the mortgage was in arrears of approx £50. The arrears was due to Nationwide messing up their calculations when they took a short agreed mortgage holiday in 2010. It appears that Nationwide have never mentioned these arrears to my friend before (no letter was sent) and simply posted them on Experian the mortgage was taken out about 10 years ago. My friend agreed to pay these arrears just to put an end to it and maybe get the loan. The OC has agreed that the error was completely theirs. Due to Nationwide's error my friend has been unable to change credit cards etc last year to a 0% deal. So they can show damage to their CRF caused them financial loss. What if any action would you suggest other than a very strongly worded official complaint would be advised? I'm unsure what parts of the CCA actually apply to mortgages would BCOBS be of any use? Reading BCOBS quickly it appears that they have breached by not communication information correctly or even at all. "information to be communicated to banking customers, including appropriate information and statements of account;" Does this seem correct, any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance Pumpytums
  7. Hi! I was a happy Scottish Power domestic gas/electric customer for many years. All payments by monthly DD and up to date. Then in Sept 08 I was erroneously switched (both supplies ) to BizzEnergy (a business supplier) I immediately contacted Scottish Power, they investigated and their Erroneous Re-Registrations Team eventually wrote back saying "Bizzenergy have transferred your gas and electricity by mistake. Your supplies will be transferred back to Scottish Power" A couple of months later, my gas was back with Scottish Power but not my electricity. Many phone calls ensued, "these things can sometimes take a long time", etc, and the thing was duly forgotten about for many months. To confuse matters even more, shortly after that our gas bill estimate was erroneously doubled by SP for 12 months, which led us to believe we were back paying for both services -- but this then was refunded to us in Nov 2010, which set the alarm bells ringing that we'd not actually been paying for any electricity. So now it is 3 yrs 11 mths after the erroneous switch, and out of the blue I get hit with a solicitor letter demanding £3,500 on behalf of British Gas Business. It turns out that Bizzenergy went into receivership and got taken over by British Gas Business shortly after I was erroneously switched to them in Nov 08. So in all this time, BGB had been "billing" me as a business customer. ( As a domestic user my bill for that period should have been about half of what they were asking for.) During this almost 4 year period - I never received a single bill from BizzEnergy or BG Business, nor did I receive any other correspondence from them (I wasn't expecting any) - I never made any agreements with BizzEnergy or BGB about tariffs or indeed anything else. Why would I ever agree to their business rates? - My meter was never read by BizzEnergy or BGB. All of their calculations in their unseen bills were based on estimated readings. My last actual meter reading was in February 2008 by SP, which was 6 months before I got hijacked I have now just switched back my electricity to Scottish Power, who were very happy to have me back with as a "new customer". So I'd like some advice please on how to deal with the demands of British Gas Business for money on bills I've never seen, on a tariff I never agreed to, for a period going back 4 years in time? Thanks for any advice!
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