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Found 15 results

  1. This is quite an amazing story, starting back in 2014. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/bills/article-4422682/How-went-war-TalkTalk-won.html and finally won a whopping £1,500!! The battle tips later in the article are no less that CAG have been saying for years
  2. Had a letter earlier this week from: Absolute Locate Dear Mr x We require your assistance to verify information on behalf of a client. This is part of an investigation we are currently conducting Please contact ect ect No, I have not responded, and don't intend too. Letter states this registered office is for a Nat Bourner Huddersfeild HD2 1GN CCL 579084 DPLN ZA019311 Having done some homework and looking on this group, they are not who they say they are First off, the CCL 579084 is incorrect, Consumer credit number 579084 is for a Natalie Al
  3. Hi Everyone! First time poster here looking for some help dealing with Kapama in regards to a micro credit loan, from some general reading I see there is plenty familiarity with them here so I'll get straight to it. I took out a loan with mini credit in 2012 for £100 and they're now trying to play their old trick of adding many charges on so I apparently owe them £1056.00. I don't believe that these charges are enforceable and I point blank refuse to pay them but they're charming debt manager refuses to back down on the issue. I've offered them the original loan sum, one months interest a
  4. I have decided to open a new thread in regards to this company. I purchased a bike from them on the 23rd of August 2015, trading under the name of 'scooter.co.uk'. I had searched for complaints etc. using the aforementioned name and nothing came up so I proceeded to purchase one. Having a fair bit of experience with Chinese branded bikes after living in China for nearly a decade, my logic was that while there are many poor quality bikes around in China there are also some good ones and if these are being imported and used on British highways, they must meet certain s
  5. Hello All, Im just writing for a bit of advice if possible.. I'm 19 years old almost 20, and i work as a locksmith in a technical department also doing ordering and stock control, lately ive been gambling quite a lot, for the past 3 months and got myself in a bit of a bad way really, 3 months ago i upgraded my bank to a classic one, which allows me to deposit for gambling websites online, and the first month, i bet all my money away within a matter of days, I get payed on the 28th of each month and the money (£860) was probably gone in the best part of 3 da
  6. To summarise, stay away from them, absolute rubbish customer service. Usual story - current supplier's plan coming to an end, comparison sites show Sainsbury's as cheapest option so despite previous run ins with British Gas I sign up. Order is confirmed, all details correct, they will contact me for meter readings in due course. Didn't hear another word until a neighbour brings round a letter addressed to me at her address about the direct debit. After first accusing me of putting in the wrong address, they eventually concede that it was their error but say it doesn't matter because
  7. Evening all, I'm looking for advise on a statutory demand. Today I have had a letter through the door saying they have tried to serve a sta demand and will return on the 3rd Of October to attempt again, saying if I'm not in (which I won't be because I will be at work) they will post it and class this as served. Now I'm not sure what I should do next. I've not made any payment or acknowledged any debt for nearly 4 years but still quite a way from the 6 year limit. what should I do about the stat demand,
  8. I recently took a shopping trip to USC (aka collapsed Republic, recently bought out by sports direct) on boxing day. I spent roughly £100 on my debit card and bought a number of items. One of which is a Police brand body warmer. I bought it out today to wear it and basically found that two of the buttons were broken and had come off. They are the push in button type similar to here (can't post images need 10 posts just copy and paste please) p.globalsources.com/IMAGES/PDT/B1051895309/Snap-Button-Push-Metal-Snap-Prong-Snap-Spring-Snap-Button-Spring-Fastener.jpg It's clear these w
  9. Just wondered if anyone had seen provident had now joined the payday loan bandwagon as satsuma they claim to be a new type of loan hahah
  10. Evening all. Been reading a lot of stuff (mostly bad, tbh) about the above mentioned company. Had a letter from them on saturday morning regarding an old debt of mine. The letter was addressed to me, they were asking if I was the addressee, and if I was, to contact them, and if I wasn't, did I know where I could be found. I fed the letter through my shredder........... Let's start at the beginning. In early 2008, we took a loan of 10k out, stupidly with Welscum Finance, which as most of you prolly know, was flushed down the tubes by the high up shirts
  11. I have a phone line and calls from this Carrier Pre-Select (but thankfully no broadband). It was first class for 4+ years under original Primus Telecoms but in Nov 2010 was taken over by NewCall Telecoms and has gone severely downhill. (aside) This was the company that was touted by the Daily Heil in 2011 for bringing its call centre back from Mumbai to Burnley because they could employ people there more cheaply, on minimum pay rates, than the Indian staff. As far as I am concerned no 'contract' exists as it was a continuation of a service I first subscribed to in 2006 with Primus
  12. right guys at my wits end here trying to speak to someone in authority is a nightmare. Loan was taken out during my bad patch, was a case of all information taken on phone approved over phone and had to meet agent the next day to sign and have my car checked this was done and paperwork was signed rushed ie sign here here here and here worst thing ever done. I was led to believe loam was 9 months its actually 18 and I was told £16 a week for 9 months not 18. The car has now been involved in an accident while driven by my partner on his own insurance policy and the insurance wa
  13. I am a first time poster on this site. I did a google search trying to find an answer to an incident that has me ticked off. The incident happened tonight, about an hour ago at a local Convience Store here in Indiana. This site says everyone is friendly, I am wondering how I can come back and find my answer.......HELP! OKay here is my ISSUE! I went to a local C Store to purchase Cigerattes and a snack tonight. I didn't bring my Identification with me. I asked for my Brand of Cigerattes and then the Clerk asked for my ID. I said I have forgotten it but I am 47 and dont look anywhere near m
  14. I have been receiving letters from RED DCA for a while now, each one stating the same, We "may" you "may". . They seem to think i owe Lowell £310 for a one off bank charge to nationwide building society years ago. I paid off some a while back but cancelled the direct debit as they asked for more and more money i dont have. The original overdraft on the old bank account was something silly like 50p which has now somehow become £310. need some advice how to tell them where to get off. I also moved house recently and they somehow found my new address and starte
  15. It seems Jonathon Compton AKA Student Debt Recovery and Hull and East Yorkshire Debt Recovery Ltd has been a very naughty boy; http://www.thisishullandeastriding.co.uk/Serial-fraudster-stole-400k-businesses-jailed/story-16647731-detail/story.html http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?250579-Student-Debt-Recovery-and-Hull-and-East-Yorkshire-Debt-Recovery-Ltd
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