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Found 3 results

  1. Hi - Could you advise me please. I lived in the ROI for approx. 4 years. Then the horrendous property and economy collapse happened and me like many others were left with very high mortgages and a property worth prob 50% of the value. I am faced with huge mortgage arrears and am trying to get them to agree to a reduction in the mortgage (i.e write off a lump of the negative) then re structure. They might not go for this but wondered what my options were. My mortgage is for circas 500k and the house is worth circa 280k IF I was to hand the keys back could they chase me in the UK for the debt? Is my bad credit in ROI going to cause issues for me in the UK? If I go bankrupt in ROI does that cause issues for me in the UK? I have currently been back in the UK for 6 years and the have been in sporadic contact with me. Any advice or direction would be much appreciated. Regards
  2. I recently took a shopping trip to USC (aka collapsed Republic, recently bought out by sports direct) on boxing day. I spent roughly £100 on my debit card and bought a number of items. One of which is a Police brand body warmer. I bought it out today to wear it and basically found that two of the buttons were broken and had come off. They are the push in button type similar to here (can't post images need 10 posts just copy and paste please) p.globalsources.com/IMAGES/PDT/B1051895309/Snap-Button-Push-Metal-Snap-Prong-Snap-Spring-Snap-Button-Spring-Fastener.jpg It's clear these were broken before purchase as both ends are stuck together. Anyway, they are refusing to refund me apparently because it's their policy, but agreed to give me a credit note. However, I argued that if they cannot provide me with the product I want / direct replacement that I am entitled to a refund. Basically manager told me where to go and outright refused Am I missing something here? Isn't this against my statutory rights????
  3. Hello I have a question regarding a possible debt collection enforcement in EU country. I've lived in the UK for 7 years (Czech citizen..) did my studies, worked, all went quite well. Then one day, I've decided to take out an unsecured personal loan from Lloyds ( done online in few minutes ..). Bit of a bummer, shortly after, I was told that our department will be outsourced and all members will be made redundant. So, I didn't touch the money and started looking for a job ( wasn't waiting for the redundancy, left before it actually happened..). I've found job in CZ and also because of other reasons, I've left the UK. The loan was sort of paying itself off as I tried not to touch the money unless necessary, managed as well to pay some off from my salary in CZ. Now however it became impossible for me to meet payments as paying £ loan with Czech Koruna based salary is just not really viable. The outstanding amount is something over £5000. I'm not sure what to do here, I can't pay it ... I guess my question is. What is the usual procedure in similar cases would Lloyds chase me ? can they chase me through some third party debt collector? or, can I ask them to freeze payments for some time (6 months) ?? Any advice will be much appreciated. Thank you...
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