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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all. I want to tell my story regarding these cowboys! I joined Costa Bingo a few years ago and played a few times. I however stopped playing some time ago and only very recently decided to join again. Three weeks ago I played on roullette instant game on their site and was lucky enough to win over 22k!. However, when trying to withdraw my winnings, Costa dragged their heels making every excuse under the sun in order to stall paying me. Eventually their "security department" contacted me by email and advised that they would not be hounoring my withdrawal, I susequently tried to log into my account only to find I could not. Their excuses wer'e nothing more than pathetic! The "security department" otherwise known as Cassava Enterprises kept all of my winnings and with no rock solid reason. The whole website is utterly suspicious As are their excuses. I won fair and square with my own money, I made withdrawals before with them, so why when I win big, do they suddenly have an issue?! Hmmmmm seems very convenient. These guys are nothing more than [EDIT]. I am exhausted trying to make thses idiots see sense, but they wont listen. Just come up with new excuse after new lame excuse. They need to be named and shamed once and for all!! It seems everyone has the same excuse regarding cassava, i'm so happy I am not the only one. I won life changing money and I want it back! I'm prepared to go/do anything in order to get my winnings............[EDIT]!
  2. Hello All, Im just writing for a bit of advice if possible.. I'm 19 years old almost 20, and i work as a locksmith in a technical department also doing ordering and stock control, lately ive been gambling quite a lot, for the past 3 months and got myself in a bit of a bad way really, 3 months ago i upgraded my bank to a classic one, which allows me to deposit for gambling websites online, and the first month, i bet all my money away within a matter of days, I get payed on the 28th of each month and the money (£860) was probably gone in the best part of 3 days, only had money left for lunch, then next month i got payed and did the same, only i got a £470 overdraft and went all the way into that, i had another month doing exactly the same, and obviously just passing a new month ive only recently been payed, which barely got me out my overdraft, i then suddenly got hit by unauthorised overdraft fees which suprises me as i never went into unauthorised overdraft, and all sorts of bills, including money i owed, but i wasnt to fussed as i won £520 on 888casino, and i said to myself thats it, it will put me back from the start and i will identify myself as a problem gambler on any form of gambling website im registered too. then i noticed i cant actually withdraw the money as all of a sudden they are asking me for ID, 'ok no problem' i thought.. But the proccess has dragged over the course of 5 days already, and they are now asking me for a copy of the back of my bank card as proof because the name i registered with doesn't match (which it don't as it was just a junk account untill i received a promotional e-mail and decided to play), i have now e-mailed them the back of the bank card, a nd i am yet to recieve a reply, but i cant help but worry after all the reports of bad service and 'refusal to payout' from Cassava Enterprises, it is litrally all i am reading about them. Not only that, you wouldnt think such a large company would be so hidden, they dont have a phone number in their signature in e-mails, they only have their phone numbers in a very select few places on a google search, and they dont even include their last names in e-mails. I just want the money in my account to be honest and the gambling to be over and done with, i did never in a million years think that a genuine casino company that owns atleast 100 (most of the popular) poker/casino/bingo websites could still be going while its doing this to customers, ive seen plenty of people posting of money being disallowed very very large sum's. I work 5 days a week, and this is really affecting me at work, im incredibly depressed as i havent even got money for lunch, its my mum and dad's wedding at the end of this month (23rd) and i dont have any idea how im going to pay for drinks, i've deactivated my facebook account and have had my phone turned off and havent been speaking to anyone at home, sure losing on gambling puts me on a low, but a gambling company doing this to its customers is just ridiculous, Its my fault for gambling in the first place but i have never felt so low in my life. If they refuse to pay out due to the name on the bank card being different to the one on my account, is there any legal action i can seek possibly, would i stand a chance and if so where could i start?
  3. I am in the same boat as many others, i had a foxy account from around 2009 and in 2011 i opened a wink account, i had no idea they were the same company and after a while i closed the wink account and told the CM it was because i was trying to save money, she told me all of your other accounts with us will be closed. ..great i thought as this was the only one, my foxy account remained open and i have regularly deposited and even updated my details, i have never withdrawn though as i have never won anything substantial until this week when i won £300 i withdrew and yesterday i received this email Dear Leanne, This is Danyelle from the Security Department at Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Ltd. Cassava Enterprises manages security services for ‘Foxy Bingo’. I am contacting you with regards to your ‘Foxy Bingo’ account with the username [edited]. Kindly note that your documents have been received. However, during a routine review it has been brought to our attention that our records indicate that you had previously requested to be excluded from a website that operated by Cassava Enterprises Ltd. Kindly note that once as such a request has been made, all related accounts on gaming sites licensed and regulated to offer online gaming services under the laws of Gibraltar through Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) must also be disabled. in accordance of our Responsible Gaming Policy, your new account has also been closed. As such, you are respectfully asked to refrain from registering further accounts with sites owned and/or operated by Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Ltd. Any new accounts registered shall be immediately closed upon detection and any successful deposits or accumulated winnings shall not be paid. Thank you for your time and understanding. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you well for the future. Kind Regards, Danyelle Security Department Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Ltd. it wasnt a new account it was an old account i have for a very long time, they have let me deposit hundreds over the years and no one ever said to me they were linked with any accounts on other sites! I wont take this laying down.. .has anyone successfully received a deposit after getting this email?
  4. I am having terrible problems with Cassava Enterprises. I ask on one of their bingo sites to cancel my account because I was fed up with forever depositing and not wining any money back. I have just recently asked for my account to be re-opened. Cassava are now claiming that I said I couldnt afford to deposit and are refusing to allow my account to be reopened, ad they have also blocked me from depositing!! I am disabled and I enjoy online bingo, but Cassva are being very awkward. How do I make a complaint about Cassava please?
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