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  1. I'm aware of this which is why we're saving now read to put our application in during 2018 when my credit would have cleared, including this being removed from my CRA files!
  2. I ignored them for three years and they keep coming back. It is still on my credit file, but will have hopefully dropped off by the time we go for a mortgage. I don't just want to ignore them because I do want to pay what I owe, but I don't owe £1056! Haha
  3. We've been told that one of the questions in our mortgage interview would be whether we had any outstanding debt and that we'd be committing fraud if we didn't declare it, hence the motivation to pay what we owe. Why would taking them to court be pointless?
  4. Thanks for the replies guys and this is a position I would love to take. I wouldn't give them the option of doing court or not because I'd be filing against them. I'm keen to get it sorted because we're saving for a mortgage now and our mortgage advisor is a family friend and says we'll have to declare any unpaid debt whether it's on our credit report or not so any advice on forcing their hand to do this properly would be appreciated!
  5. Hi Everyone! First time poster here looking for some help dealing with Kapama in regards to a micro credit loan, from some general reading I see there is plenty familiarity with them here so I'll get straight to it. I took out a loan with mini credit in 2012 for £100 and they're now trying to play their old trick of adding many charges on so I apparently owe them £1056.00. I don't believe that these charges are enforceable and I point blank refuse to pay them but they're charming debt manager refuses to back down on the issue. I've offered them the original loan sum, one months interest a
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