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Found 5 results

  1. So Ive been being chased by Mackenzie hall for some time. They call me easily 5 times a day. I have an iPhone so i've blocked unknown calls, although a few still slip through. The annoying thing is, ive spoken to them, and told them outright that i WILL NOT give out any personal information over the telephone, and that if they wish to discuss the matter, to contact me by Post. Their perpetual calling wont change my view on the matter. Because they use spoofed numbers to call, Its made me paranoid about answering my phone, and i've actually missed some pretty important calls because of it. Having to delete two or three voicemails a day from their robot caller is getting on my nerves too. At what point does this become harassment and something i should report to the police?
  2. Evening all. Been reading a lot of stuff (mostly bad, tbh) about the above mentioned company. Had a letter from them on saturday morning regarding an old debt of mine. The letter was addressed to me, they were asking if I was the addressee, and if I was, to contact them, and if I wasn't, did I know where I could be found. I fed the letter through my shredder........... Let's start at the beginning. In early 2008, we took a loan of 10k out, stupidly with Welscum Finance, which as most of you prolly know, was flushed down the tubes by the high up shirts within the parent company, another dodgy lot by the name of Cattles Group. Now due to marriage breakdown, the debt didn't get paid. I've heard nothing for the last 5 years, but now it would appear that because Cattles has gone down the bog, they've sold on some of their debts to this rather notorious bunch, or at least the administrators of Welscum have. Now I'm no fool, and there is absolutely no way I would even think about phoning these people, even before I'd looked on here. Obviously the debt is NOT Statute Barred as of yet, I believe it will be as of April 2014. I'm very tempted just to sit back and see what happens, whether they know I am who they think I am. I'm guessing that they will have bought the debt for next to nothing as it's nearly SB, and therefore very unlikely to ever be paid. If I ignore the letters, are they likely to get more threatening?? It's up to them to prove the debt exists, right, not up to me to prove it doesn't?? Rather then ignoring their current letters, is it worth firing off a "prove it, fools" letter to them?? We do know that Welscum were particularly poor at keeping paperwork, it was well documented some time ago that they lost a lot of customer information. Obviously, for the moment I'm gonna continue using them as shredder food, (or possibly kindling for Sunday's bonfire) and there is NO way I'm gonna phone them. I understand that MH are a really nasty lot, and we've already had a fight with another DCA that were particularly nasty, so I'm no stranger to fighting with these low-lives. What's the worst these people can do?? Are they likely to push me into bankruptcy?? (Saves me the trouble of doing it, saves me the money and wipes off the other 23k we owe for a mortgage shortfall, so what's known as a win-win situation, I guess.......) Anyway, I've finished rambling now, so thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing your replies and thoughts on these idiots.
  3. Received a letter from Mucky Hall regarding someone who MAY have been a tenant at some point in the past...Its regarding a settlement figure...probably SB or something as Ive been a tenant for 2 and a half years and not heard anything about this guy.. I opened it, and emailed them ( not that Im expecting a response ) told them this guy doesnt live here so what do if i do if i get any more?
  4. Mucky Hall rang for my partner yesterday, me being aware of number unavailable calls etc this displayed a local number which I answered and is false. They must have been ringing from Scotland. Surely that action is illegal? They have been searching for her under her previous name and me answering they have her, and my name is mud now also! They don't know here new surname. Over eight years ago my partner had a serious accident, broke her neck (is ok now) but was in a neck / head cage thingy etc. Happened in between changing jobs (notice period). She couldn't start her new job and had resigned from previous job! She unfortunately had to declare herself bankrupt (debt's from her ex- husband). Anyway that was all behind us now. Cleared from bankruptcy, built her credit rating back up etc but this Mucky Hall firm are chasing her now? She is aware of not contacting them or speaking to them ever and hasn't. They have rang her workplace as well. Everyone has denied knowing her apart from muggins here Will this go away? Expecting the calling and doorstepping and letters to escalate now. Thanks
  5. Hi. I had a roasting at work yesterday from my boss. Mackenzie hall have been phoning the office and I am not allowed calls at work. I have written to them to tell them that I'm not allowed calls and still they insist on phoning. I am in the process of getting a complaint off to the OFT, however, yesterday I found out that they actually left the reference number that relates to my account with someone in the office. I just would like to know if they have breached the Data Protection Act as well as OFT guidelines. Thank you! Paul.
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