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Found 16 results

  1. I think my landlord or someone else may have entered my property without my permission and this has made me feel very uncomfortable. Obviously at this present time it's just a suspicion. I think this because I have a coin meter for my electric, it doesn't seem to read the amount of coins entered well but it says not to exceed 80 coins. I have been in this property over 7 months and at a guess I have probably put in 150-200 coins and it doesn't sound anywhere near full, leading me to think someone might have let themselves in without my permission to empty it and I don't know how many times they have done this if it is the case. I have emailed my Landlord to ask what the procedure is with the meter and that it's never been emptied since I have been here (to my knowledge) It will be interesting to see his response. What also concerned me a little was on Monday I heard 2 people talking and they were knocking on the door of the flat that's right next to me and the lady wasn't in, they let themselves in, after that they knocked on my door and I said just a minute as I had just got out of the shower and they said oh sorry wrong door, I found this very odd too. If people acting on behalf of the Landlord or my Landlord have been in here without my prior consent and without giving the required 24 hours notice, I feel it would make it untenable for me to stay here as not only is it a breach of tenancy but I would feel it's a breach of trust and a lack of respect, nevermind not obeying the rules of the tenancy. Thanks for reading.
  2. Please help! I have no idea where else to turn. On 29th February 2016 I bought a Toyota Verso Excel D4D from Motorline Toyota. Since taking ownership of the car on the 10th March 2016 I have had a problem with a recurrent smell inside the car. Initially I believed this to be as a result of me following other vehicles that were emitting an acrid smell. It happened regularly enough that it became a talking point in the car with my two older children who were then aged three and four. The smell often occurred on the school run which is approximately 4 miles from home. Initially I noticed the smell occurred approximately once a month then on the 5th August 2016 whilst filling up my car with diesel at a petrol station, smoke appeared inside the car via the vent in the centre console. At the time my two sons and my baby daughter aged four months were inside the vehicle. Having paid for my diesel and returned to my car my eldest children asked me why smoke was coming inside the car. I immediately telephoned Motorline and told them about the problem and received a curt response which was that I had AA cover and I should call them. I was informed that they would decide if the car needed to be returned to them. I contacted the AA who came and inspected the car and diagnosed that the oil filler cap could not be tightened sufficiently enough without it popping off. He advised me to contact Motorline and inform them. This I did and I was again surprised by their initial response. I was informed that they were unable to supply me with a new oil filler cap as they were having a problem with their suppliers. I replied that that was unacceptable as I could not be in a situation whereby my three children were in a car with smoke entering the inside. I was then advised that if I were to bring the car into the garage they would attempt to locate an oil filler cap that would fit from another car. This I did, a forty mile round trip. However they did manage to source an oil cap that fitted. I decided that the smell that I had noticed in the car must have been the result of the faulty oil cap and felt assured that now that the problem had been identified and rectified it would no longer be a problem. However it did reoccur and I called the AA again on the 2nd September. They reported that they could find no reason for the smell and reassured me that everything appeared to be fine. The smell continued to occur approximately every three weeks and after yet another occurrence I called the AA out again on the 23rd December. Once again no obvious fault was identified and I was advised to contact Motorline Ashford. In November I had received notification from Toyota that there was a safety recall on my car relating to the Throttle Body. I decided that I would contact Motorline in the New Year to arrange for the recall repairs to be carried out and to discuss the issues regarding the smell. In the meantime, on an occasion when the smell occurred, I drove straight to a local garage to ask their opinion. They advised me that in there opinion the smell was not right and they advised me to contact Motorline . I took the car to Motorline for the initial inspection on the 18th January 2017. I was advised that they would look into the car but they mentioned it may be due to the DPF. I had now noticed that the smell was occurring approximately every two weeks. When I returned to collect my car I was advised that they had been unable to replicate the smell and so there was nothing that they could do. I explained that that was not acceptable and became emotional. I asked for advice as to what they thought I should do as when I stopped the car the smell would go. As far as I could see the only way I could get them to smell the smell would be to drive the 30 minutes from home to Ashford with at least two of my three children, if not all of them, being subjected to the awful fumes which I was concerned were harmful. I asked what they would advise I do in the event of the smell occurring again given that I did not feel it was appropriate to subject my children to the fumes in order to drive the car to Ashford. I asked if there was a garage local to me that they would not be happy for me to go to for them to give an initial assessment. She just repeated that the problem would have to be replicated whilst with them. Following this event I decided to call Toyota Customer Relations. I rang them and relayed the problems I was having. I was informed that a case manager would be in contact with me within a few days. I never did receive a call from a case manager. I did however receive a call from the After Sales Manager. He agreed that they would use the car in a manner similar to myself in the hope that the smell would be generated. I agreed with this plan. My car was collected on the 3rd February by Mark. The After Sales Manager rang me later that day and asked me if I knew how many miles I had done since I last noticed the smell as he was able to tell when the car had last gone through a cycle and how many miles I had driven since. He believed the smell was to do with the regeneration system. Given when the smell had last occurred and how many miles I had done since I concurred with this. My car was returned to me on the 6th February. He told me that the smell was due to the regeneration system but assured me that the fumes were not coming into the car. I asked how I was smelling them if they were not entering the car. He said that the system was close to where I sit in the car and that was why I may be able to smell it. He explained that the regeneration system was designed to flood the engine with additional fuel and burn it off at a high temperature before dumping the fumes out of the car via the exhaust. He also explained that if the car had not completed a cycle it would emit a smell once stopped. He said that a regeneration cycle should occur on longer journeys and he felt that the problem may be because I was doing shorter journeys as I had been on maternity leave and doing more local journeys. He felt that this may also be the reason why I was smelling it more often. I explained that that did not make sense as I had recently driven a 30 minute drive and that the smell had occurred when I parked up at my destination. It was explained to me that as well as a longer journey other things had to be happening in the engine such as it getting to a particular temperature etc. to ensure a successful regeneration. I asked that if I needed to do longer journeys for the regeneration system to work properly then I should have been informed of this when I bought the car as, knowing I was due to start Maternity Leave, I knew that I would not be doing long journeys. I suggested that the car may therefore have been mis-sold to me. He advised me that the regenerations system had now been reset to the factory settings (I believe he said that this was every 2000 litres of fuel). I asked what advice Toyota gave to their customers about the regeneration system and was informed me that none was available. He also told me that he had found out what he had by looking on google and reading chat forums. He asked me why I had chosen a diesel and I explained that it was what I was used to driving and that it was what I was advised to purchase when I was buying the car. He suggested that he could speak to Matt Brown about me changing my car and suggested either a petrol Verso or a Prius Plus. I said I would consider this. We met with the manager on the 11th March. He agreed to see what he could do. He listened to my concerns and appeared to understand my distress. I explained that I knew that I would lose the £3204 I had paid in repayments but that I did not expect to be out of pocket as I believed the car was faulty. He agreed that finance would be 'sorted'. Matt agreed to look for a suitable car. I was happy to consider an older Prius Plus as well as a petrol Verso. I received a telephone call from the dealership on the 20th March. I was given details of a Prius Plus. I was getting ready to leave the house and took quick details about the car including the repayment details. A day or so later I rang and spoke to Toyota and asked if I could have a more detailed breakdown of the finance for the car. I explained that whilst I accepted that I would lose the £3200 that I had spent paying for the car over the past year, I was not prepared to lose the £2200 part exchange value of my previous car as I was returning the car because I believed it to be faulty NOT because I had changed my mind. I was told that there was no way that I would get the £2200 back. I said that I believed that I had a case to take to Toyota Finance to say that I was in dispute over the car as I believed that the car was faulty. I believe the car to be faulty and that it was mis-sold to me. I want to return my car and have the finance cleared and I wish to be reimbursed the £2200 I put down as a deposit (part exchange value of my Toyota Yaris) I have written to Toyota Finance and have not yet had a response but I do not hold out much hope as I did write to the CEO and have had a response saying that 'the issues I have are a consequence of driving styles and usage.' they go on to say regarding my claim that the car was mis-sold that 'we have not been privy to those sales discussions and are unable to pass comment'. The car was bought on finance. The initial cost was £17495 and I had £2200 deducted from that for the part exchange of my old car. The car continues to smell inside the cabin on a regular basis and happened last week with all my three children in the car. It is a revolting, acrid smell that makes me feel sick. I am greatly concerned for my children's health being exposed to this smell. Thank you to anyone that takes the time to read this.
  3. Hi, recently I received a PCN for entering and stopping in a box junction when prohibited. I don't remember this situation, but picture from the notice is very controversial. I want ask should I appeal or better to pay a half price straight away?
  4. Please I need some help. I have been issued a PCN (penalty Charge Notice) from Merton council - 31J - entering and stopping in a box junction when prohibited. It took place: London Road/Armfield Crescent (box junction) in Mitcham. When I arrived at the yellow box junction, it was empty and the traffic at the exit was moving. I proceeded to move inside the box and just as I approached the exit, the car in front stopped suddenly due to traffic ahead of it. I phoned up the authorities to ask them to send the video evidence on DVD to my home address. They said they do not do that but offered me to come and view the evidence at their offices. Therefore I went to the offices to view. I have viewed the video evidence and it showed that as I entered the empty junction box, the traffic ahead was moving. It was only when I was approaching the exit, that the car in front stopped suddenly, thus forcing me to stop in the box. My front tyres were out of the box but my rear tyres were in the box. I had stooped for approximately 13 seconds in the box and my brake lights were on as were the brake lights of the car in front. I did notice that there was a bus lane to the left of the junction box and cars were driving in there. The incident happened around 3.00pm so I presume the bus lane was not in force at that time. I have to pay by the 20th December to get the reduced rate of £65. Do I have grounds to appeal? If so for what reasons? How do I draft my appeals letter? I would be most grateful for any help or advice. Thank you very much
  5. Hi Our car was snapped moving along with other cars and we got a penalty notice. Please see http://www.viewmypcn.co.uk/Default.aspx?r=f6f80b089747e06ef1c94390293c17bf7073b763 The cars before us were moving, and how were we going to predict that we were stranded there? Cash cow for Waltham Forest. See give advice.
  6. Hi All, Forgive me if this is in the wrong place as I am not sure which one to post it to. Today my daughter found two enforcement officers in her house when she returned home. They told her that they had a court order to obtain £640. for old council tax bill that my daughter knew about and had told the council she would pay it off in instalments. They issued her with no papers of any kind and would not say anything when questioned about the court papers and would not show them or any other papers to show they had a right to enter the property. They would only say that they were on file. The debt came about through the council messing her about when they she lived at a different property. The council had passed the debt out to a DMT but my daughter told them that she wanted to deal only with the Council and was told by the council that she would have to wait till the debt was passed back to them. They would not answer any question but would try to force the conversation away from any questions asked. Then because they did not like the questions I was asking they added another £110.00 to the bill. What I want to know is Did they have a right to enter the property while no-one was in (the door was closed but unlocked as she was just across the road)? Should they have had copies of court orders so that we could see them? Should they have had any papers saying they had the right to enter the property? Thats it for now but if more info is needed I will add it.
  7. Evening all, I'm looking for advise on a statutory demand. Today I have had a letter through the door saying they have tried to serve a sta demand and will return on the 3rd Of October to attempt again, saying if I'm not in (which I won't be because I will be at work) they will post it and class this as served. Now I'm not sure what I should do next. I've not made any payment or acknowledged any debt for nearly 4 years but still quite a way from the 6 year limit. what should I do about the stat demand,
  8. I have received a PCN from Redbridge Council for an alleged offence code 31 entering & stopping in a box junction when prohibited. The evidence is a picture showing my car crossing a box junction witha close up of the number plate, I can't tell if I'm stationery or moving but it does look like brake lights are on. My argument is that this is a side road entering a B road and the only way to get out is if you are flashed to go by someone queuing in the heavy traffic, that is what happened here, if I had not pulled out when given way by to by another vehicle I'd still be sitting there! This really grates my cheese as there's no effort put into this and no real policing, just some camera observer sitting there adding up the fines for the LA. Is there any point in arguing this and if so any tips on what to say? It's a £65 fine if paid with 14 days or £130 within 28 days, notice date is yesterday and alleged offence date is 03/02/2015 It states the alleged offence was noted by enforcement officer xx from a road side camera. Not a happy Homer.
  9. Hi, I just received a £100 charge notice (or £60 if I pay quickly) from a company called NPE for entering a small shopping centre car park through the wrong entrance (past a no entry sign). This is a shopping centre I have used for many years, but in the last couple of weeks, this company has started operating. I went back and checked the car park and can see two new No Entry signs (at lower level than they would be on a public highway), so you could argue I should have seen these. However, the sign containing details of the penalty is small text that is completely unreadable from a car. Anyone got any advice on how to handle this? Thanks, Richard [ATTACH=CONFIG]55267[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]55268[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]55269[/ATTACH]
  10. Dear All, I have received a pcn from harrow council for contravention 53 - failing to comply with a restriction on vehicles entering a pedestrian zone. In Station Road (College Rd - Sheepcote Rd) The road sign stated that you could enter the zone for loading purposes and I was driving a van with the intention of pulling up outside a shop on the street to load tools and materials. As it happened i passed the shop by accident and eventually managed to find a way round to the rear of the premises. Does anyone think that it would be worthwhile challenging the fine on the basis that i was entering the zone for the purposes of loading and therefore would not be in contravention of the order? A couple of further points: 1. If i do challenge, with today being about day 13 of the notice date and am unsuccessful, will i still get the discounted rate? 2. The notice date was the 3-7-14 and the incident was on 12-6-14, did they meet the 21 day requirement? What do you think, should i just pay up and take my medicine? Many Thanks
  11. Hi, I received a Penalty Charge Notice yesterday (13/09) for Entering and stopping in a box junction when prohibited... It occurred in : BOX JUNCTION - NEW KINGS RD J?W BAGLEYS LANE Date: 08/09/12 @12:17 I have pictures but can't add any I feel this is unfair as I entered the junction with moving traffic. The cars in front of me entered the junction just in front of me and were moving. At the point of entering the junction all the traffic ahead of me seemed to be moving I had not reason to believe it would stop. The next traffic light it very close after this one and when turning red quickly caused the traffic to back up. The light of my junction was and remained green throughout and I believe I exited the junction while the traffic light was still green. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Karl
  12. I have just come home from work and quickly realised someone has accessed the property while I was out. This is almost certainly related to some repairs I have recently been chasing the person who entered is likely a contractor used by the Landlord. About two weeks ago I emailed the agents about the repairs that have essentially been outstanding since I moved in; nothing huge but all in all detrimental to the quality of living at the property. I was contacted via email the next day with a some what ambiguous message saying someone would go round that day (without asking if this was ok) I phoned them and was told someone was nearby that day so would pop in (however it was clear they had arranged this before talking to me) I reluctantly went along with this as I was keen for the repairs to actually take place. I heard nothing from the agents after this and when I got home there wasn't any obviously sign anyone had entered the property but I assumed they had. Back to the matter in hand ; it seems some ten days after this that the contractor has now entered the property to inspect the requested repairs. I have been given no notice of this at all. I am most upset that my right to live in peace has been breeched but it seems to me there is very little I can actually do about it legally apart from ineffectively moaning and giving the landlord good reason to give me notice to quit in the near future (I'm on a six month AST that ends in September). Am I right in thinking that I can ineffectively whine but do nothing to stop them doing what they like apart from leaving when the lease runs out? what are my rights with regards to leaving early if I wished to? (Though I doubt I can afford this as haven't started saving to move out when the lease ends yet). Any help appreciated
  13. Today I received a nasty PCN by Waltham Forest Council for my alleged contravention 31. I don't deserve it because I was waiting before a red light with cars in front of me. There was a yellow box at the road junction. The light changed to green and cars in the front began to move and so did I. Just after a few seconds suddenly the car in the front stopped and I had to stop too to avoid collision. But I was on that yellow box. The reason of that sudden stopping was that one car ahead stopped to give way to pedestrians crossing and the other cars stopped too because of that and the ripple effect was upon me. I moved only after the car in my front moved. It was for a very brief period. But the stupid CCTV sent me a photo of my car on yellow box but it does not show the whole process of my moving into and stopping in the yellow box. Please help me how to appeal. Many thanks.
  14. Hi Just wondered if a loan account falls into arrears and goes into a DMP, whether the PPI payment is still included on the debt or is taken off?. I have a 2 loans that ended up being paid off via a DMP. Admittedly I do not have all the paperwork as I couldn't cope with the amount of debt at the time but on the paperwork I have it doesn't seem to have been cancelled. I am looking to claim back PPI but I'm not sure if I only paid it until the account went into a DMP or if the entire cost of the loan and PPI was sent to a debt recovery agency.
  15. Hi guys, I just wanted to know what the law is on this? I hate entering my reg. no into a pay and display machine and was wondering if there's any law that says you have to? I only ask, as my mother entered hers incorrectly the other day (226 instead of 227) and if they look at the images before they send out charge notices? Regards.
  16. I live alone in a ground floor flat and have been here for about 5 years. During that time I've had an OK relationship with my landlady - she lives locally and has in the past called round as she's walking the dog etc., and certain repairs that should have been carried out haven't been completed, but for the sake of maintaining a cordial relationship I've put up with this. I always pay my rent on time, I'm in stable employment, I don't have wild parties, and the flat upstairs and next door have been up for rent many many times during the period of my residency, so generally I think my landlady's fortunate to have me as a tenant! However I have one issue that keeps re-occurring and it's really upsetting me. My landlady often enters my garden - this is a back garden and I feel this is a major invasion of my privacy. My bedroom has patio doors out on to the garden, and I used to leave these open on the rare occasion we had warm weather, until one Saturday afternoon when I was resting (naked!) on my bed only to find my landlady and her husband in the garden outside my open doors! She often puts my bins out, moves my garden furniture and generally tidies up in the garden. She rang me at work a couple of days ago and mentioned that the night before she'd been "sweeping up" in my garden - whilst I was inside the flat! Is she allowed to do this? Surely I rent the garden area as much as the building itself, and as this is impinging on my privacy isn't this contrary to my right to quiet enjoyment? I am going to have to ask her to desist, but I first need to know where I stand legally, so if anyone could advise me I'd be really grateful. (She also does things like clean my front door - again whilst I'm inside the flat! )
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