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Found 3 results

  1. Folks - a little advise please... I've signed up to a phone+broadband package with Newcall (previouslly primus saver) back in November 2012. I think it was done through quidco and the deal was £13.99 a month for 12 months. At the time it was fantastic value, especially as that was a second line and the broadband was just a freebie! Fast forward to present time, we've had 2 outages on this line and I called Newcall last week to lodge a ticket and get it resolved. As part of the support call I also noticed I couldn't login to their online account site and asked for my password to be reset. We have another service with Newcall (calls on our main line), and so I thought the same password will apply but that wasn't the case... When I logged in and looked at the bill, I nearly fell off my chair - the total was £30.22!! Called to ask customer services what was the breakdown, and was amazed to find that since day 1 we were charged separately for broadband at £12.66 (pre-VAT) by mistake. The obvious question they asked was - "Mr. NC, why didn't you let us know that we are over charging you for the past 18 months?!". Must admit, a valid question but the reason is very simple - I've had another service with them, similar monthly cost, and so when checked I thought the charge was for that service, and thought it was just me getting confused for seeing 2 charges from time to time. So I asked them to send me a full statement of account and arrange for a refund of the over charges. Today, I've had their response which is as below: ----------------------------------------------- Account: 11223344 We are writing to you regarding an open query you have with New Call Telecom Customer Services under reference: #2121212. An update has just been added on the system please see below for further details: Thank you for your email. In regards to your account, please note I have forwarded every copy of your invoices on to your email address linked to your account for you to view the bills. Please note, that the invoices will cover the audit that you have requested as this provides an itemised break down of the bills. Please note, in regards to any over charges New Call will only backdate charges to up to 3 months ago. Over the past 18 months, this was your responsibility to notify New Call regarding the price increases and the over charges. I hope this helps. We will contact you once the above query is resolved, we may also need to contact you for further information to assist us in resolving the query. To check on the progress of your query, please contact and quote the above reference number. Kind regards, ------------------------------------------ So they've indeed sent me the breakdown I've asked for, but with reference to the section highlighted... What is the legal position on that? can they get away with it?! has anyone been in a similar position where a provider has over-charged and limited the refund to a few months? I'm looking for some advise before taking action. I am not prepared to let them get away with it. Thanks in advance, NC
  2. Anyone else had issues with this firm? Prior to Dec 12 I would receive emails from Newcall Primus telecom notifying me of my bill for phone/broadband. The DD would be taken 2 weeks later. Something changed in December and the "Primus" name was dropped. I no longer get email alerts to view my bill before the DD is taken. Also they have started taking the DD on the 1st of the month instead of the 14th. And now they have taken the March payment on 27th Feb. Which means they have taken 2 direct debits in Feb. Also, I have been charged for going over my broadband limit. They did not alert me to the fact that usage had exceeded my limit. Previously I would get a warning pop-up telling me I was near the limit. This has now stopped and I can't see anywhere in my user account where I can request this service.
  3. I have a phone line and calls from this Carrier Pre-Select (but thankfully no broadband). It was first class for 4+ years under original Primus Telecoms but in Nov 2010 was taken over by NewCall Telecoms and has gone severely downhill. (aside) This was the company that was touted by the Daily Heil in 2011 for bringing its call centre back from Mumbai to Burnley because they could employ people there more cheaply, on minimum pay rates, than the Indian staff. As far as I am concerned no 'contract' exists as it was a continuation of a service I first subscribed to in 2006 with Primus. However, within the past week I have been unable to make any outgoing calls. Dialling out brings the standard BT response " sorry, your call has not been accepted" This is actually being increasingly widely reported across UK in other consumer forums. Added to that, all their service and business lines are NEVER answered. (Dial-in is cut off after 1hour 30 mins waiting) Many have tried, no success yet reported. Their 'on-line chat' permanently reports the office is closed. Their web pages are still up, but you can't get a 'human' response to anything. All emails are only given an auto-response. (now I know what you are thinking, 'cos I'm thinking it too) So now the legal bit: I have instructed my credit card provider to suspend all further recurring transactions as it was being paid by CC continuous payment authority. My thought is that should NewCall reinstate and make good their service I will resort to payment upon billing (or e-billing) Ought I to officially inform them, given that they now appear to be completely incommunicado, of my actions in suspending their auto payment method, to avoid future repercussions? (prepare for more posters on this company)
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