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  1. The last letter told me I had 21 days to respond, which I obviously didn't. So the fact that they haven't contacted me since is a good thing, right??
  2. Any further information to add from anyone?? It's not going to be long before these fools contact me again, so how is the best way to deal with them?
  3. Does that mean I have to wriggle out of it for another year?? Does it mean I should ring them and then just bend over and wait for them to do me up the bum??
  4. Keys surrendered 07/10/2008 Property valued 12/01/2009 Property sold 13/03/2009 Last voluntary payment made to account was 30/07/2010 (somewhat later than I thought)
  5. So I'm looking for dates within the collections department bit??
  6. Afternoon all. Sent off a request to HBOS for an SAR, as advised by a member in my last posts. I've been to collect all the information requested today, it's about half a ream of paper - approx 250 sheets!! What am I looking for?? Thanks.
  7. Quick update of where we are at this time. SAR sent to HBOS about ten days ago. Letter received today that says they have a different address on file for me. Because I didn't sign the letter (d'oh) I need to confirm who I am by either sending them a copy of my Driving Licence or similar, or, ring them up and arrange to collect my stuff from a local branch, as long as I show identification. I phoned them to arrange collection from my local. As an aside, it appears, (according to the nice chap I spoke to in the DSAR department) that Drydens Fairfax work on behalf of HBOS - so I'm assuming they're just a regular DCA that happen to have a very lucrative contract to handle HBOS's work. The nice chap also told me that the 40 day deadline starts from today, as that's when HBOS's conditions are met.
  8. Well, the SAR has been sent today to Bank of Scotland. The Postal Order was crossed, and the envelope sent recorded delivery. Guess I'll just wait and see now.
  9. Haven't been able to send off the SAR up to now, I'm intending to do it friday, as that's payday. I'm assuming that one of the standard letters will do, obviously changing the relevant details??
  10. Didn't do the SAR, tbh!! What letter do I need to send, and who to?? I'm assuming that by assessing, they'll start doing a bit of digging to find out what assets I do actually have, and whether I have the means to pay?? They'll probably send me an Income/Expenditure sheet, stuff like that?? What are the chances of them actually taking me to court, or applying an attachment to earnings?? Obviously, they would have to make sure that all the info and paperwork they have is absolutely spot-on - and as we know, the chances of that, due to these guys being nothing more than a DCA is pretty slim, right??
  11. Right then. all the other letters these fools have sent me have just been threatograms. Received one yesterday that seems to have a little more bite. Bear in mind that these people still have no idea whether I have any assets (I don't) or any extra money left over once I pay my bills. (I do) You guys told me to wait for a letter with a definite threat in it - and that's exactly what this one has. Still willy waving, or something a little more credible?? Cheers folks.
  12. That's a lovely idea, but to be honest, I just want them out of my hair!! Would I not have to prove what happened in the phonecall?? Are DF obliged to keep records of the call?? More interestingly, if I did report them, would they be likely to panic and stop bugging me at all??
  13. Evening all. I've posted about these guys before, but I can't find the thread I originally posted in. To cut a long story short, these guys were phoning me regularly. Last call I had, I said "I know who you are, I know what you want". "It is my right to request no more telephone contact from you, and that is what I am requesting. You want any more info from me, it needs to be by letter, or I'll go down the harrassment route." The guy I was speaking to tried to tell me they could contact me however they pleased, I just kept repeating no more telephone contact until he said, "okay, we'll write to you, you are aware what a serious situation you are in?" "This needs to be resolved sooner rather than later, as things may get uncomfortable for you". I then reiterated that I wanted no more telephone contact from them, and he agreed they wouldn't contact me by phone any more. That was a about three weeks before christmas. Today, myself and the domestic authority have received a letter from them. Obviously I've blanked out the identifiable bits. More sabre rattling?? Do I actually need to do something this time?? I have no assets, the house I live in is rented, and the car I drive is owned by the finance company for the next 2 and a bit years. I earn good money, but I don't want them to know that. What would the best plan of attack be?? Although the mortgage shortfall is chaseable for 12 years, I do know that the interest cannot be persued after 6 years. Out of interest, how might I work out what the interest charges might be?? Would these guys be able to find out who I work for without me telling them?? Would they then be able to apply the attachment to earnings without my say-so?? If they did so, how much would it be likely to be?? Bear in mind that they have no idea if I have a job, or whether I am in a position to pay them?? I have at no point admitted any responsibility for this debt, nor have I confirmed my address. The only detail I did confirm was my mobile number - which they obviously had already. I'm a little concerned at the moment, as this letter is somewhat scarier than the last ones I received from them.
  14. That would tell me what became of the debt, right?? It wouldn't admit liability??
  15. The only way the money could have got back to HBOS would be if the original DCA was working on their behalf, right?? The house was sold, so Halifax would have taken their dosh and probably sold the debt, right?? What's likely to happen next??
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