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Found 14 results

  1. Received a letter from a DCA acting on behalf of another DCA claiming that I owe an old credit card debt. Sent the prove it letter as I do not recall having this debt, they've taken best part of 6 weeks to come back to me with a letter that states they can prove the debt and have enclosed the signed credit agreement. Long and short of it, the credit agreement is signed by me and is legit, but it's for a completely different lender?!?! They've tried to obscure the lenders names so that I don't notice, but there is small print showing the lender, so i know it's not c
  2. Hi. I'll be brief. I have just sold my car and I am trying to cancel my insurance. If i had not sold my car I would have had to pay just another 2 months on the policy. Some idiot drove into me a while ago and though the car was not really damaged I was still quite annoyed and wanted the driver to pay for it somehoe and thought I better tell my insurance company to cover my own back. Silly mistake. I did not put a claim in, it was simply a 'notification' to let them know. I strictly said this. Anyway long story short, I called them 2 weeks ago to ask abo
  3. Lodhi finance limited was liquidated in september last year. However the director has previously done the same . He did this with rasul finance limited same address and bought out the debt ledgers via a business named Crawford Business Services . This was not a limited company but was one that had been set up as a transfer vehicle. Once Crawford businees was assigned the ledgers then Lodhi finance Limited bought this business out for £30000 and persued the unpaid bedts that had been mounting up at a rate of 39.9 % per annum. This meant a lot of people lost their homes etc. However it seem
  4. I visited the car park at Eastbourne B&Q today and saw a UKPC operative arrive and wander round the car park. He stopped at a car that was quite properly parked, wrote out a ticket, placed it on the car windscreen on the drivers side, photographed it, removed it and wandered off to look at other vehicles. So, if you are the owner of a silver hatchback and get a NTK for some parking misdemeanour at around 1pm in the Halfords/B&Q/Mothrcare car park on Lottbridge Rd I will give you a full description of the dishonest person in a UKPC uniform for your ev
  5. I have just received a debt recovery demand of £160 on behalf of Gemini car parks. Apparently, on 17 October 2016 (two and a half months ago), I parked in a disabled bay in the hospital car park in Romford. This is the first I have heard of it. I had no ticket on the car, and I have had no notice to keeper by post. I have to park here regularly because I work as a doctor in the hospital. It is possible I parked there when I was in a rush to get to my shift and there was no other parking space. I am fed up with this company and their tricks, as are many of my co
  6. Had a letter earlier this week from: Absolute Locate Dear Mr x We require your assistance to verify information on behalf of a client. This is part of an investigation we are currently conducting Please contact ect ect No, I have not responded, and don't intend too. Letter states this registered office is for a Nat Bourner Huddersfeild HD2 1GN CCL 579084 DPLN ZA019311 Having done some homework and looking on this group, they are not who they say they are First off, the CCL 579084 is incorrect, Consumer credit number 579084 is for a Natalie Al
  7. Hi all ,Have been paying off a loan debt to 1st Crud every month for the past 4 years. Have had letters from them in the past offering discounts if I pay off the debt and even letters from them thanking me for making regular payments. Now, suddenly, I'm getting threatening letters from LCS Solicitors telling me I have to pay the full amount within 9 days or they will take it to Court!! As I'm a pensioner living on £67 per week they are lucky to have been receiving anything. Can I have suggestions as to my next step please. Do I ignore the letter or
  8. Waterman stars in the current series alongside Tamzin Outhwaite, Denis Lawson and Nicholas Lyndhurst Dennis Waterman is leaving BBC One crime series New Tricks. Waterman is the last remaining original cast member, having joined the series at its inception in 2003. "Dennis will be filming until the new year, but that will be it," his agent, Derek Webster, told the Mirror, adding that "he misses the old crew". Wall to Wall, producers of the series, thanked Waterman "for all his years of loyal service", adding that he would remain on screen until Autumn 2015. "Viewers won't
  9. I recently spoke to Vodaphone about leaving them as my bills at £50 a month were too high for me. of course, their Retentions team were falling over themselves to help keep me. They offered me a new contract at £21 a month with free texts, free calls and alot more data to use. I also asked if they could replace my iphone 4s for an exact same model as part of the deal as I had dropped it in water awhile back and although still working, it occasionally turned itself off and lost sound etc. When my new phone came I was really pleased but it took just over a week to realise that I had ha
  10. I live in a block of flats which are mostly elderly people. 2 weeks ago somebody pressed the intercom button and said " Hi I am from skype, buzz me in". I never let anybody into the block without first checking out who it is, so I went down to the door to find that he was in fact a charity worker from Scope. I declined to give him my bank details and closed the door. As I started to walk back up the stairs, the bottom door was opened as he had used the same false tactics to gain entry on an 87 year old single lady in one of the other flats. there where two young chaps about 18 years old
  11. Hi all I am in the North Herts District Council region and have just had my council tax bill. The total sum is £1140.97. They have calculated it in ten instalments with the first being £114.97 and the balance being another 9 at £114.00. So far so good. According to the new rules issued by the government I have the right to ask for this to be paid in 12 instalments. I therefore e-mailed the council as follows: Please re-issue my council tax bill to show repayments in twelve equal instalments and adjust your billing system to expect payments in twelve rather tha
  12. I had a Beneficial credit card when I joined BSAC (scuba diving). I cant recall when I took it out but I always paid min amount or more. Of course MBNA bought the card of Beneficial and I found it harder to keep up with payments. All was still fine till late 2011 when my Business and second job collapsed. I was late with a payment and called them to advise that funds sent. MBNA started calling on 30/1 with increasing frequency Anyway after a while it all went tits up and I got a letter from MBNA dated 10 feb 2012 "Following a review today a restriction has been placed on your accou
  13. got a letter today from Lloyds TSB plc Credit operations PO BOX 66 Rosyth KY11 2WG funny thing the heading shows a faint Lloyds TSB logo top LHC the letter pretends to be from Lloyds bank and states.written in.same format that Wescots use) 'As we haven't been able to agree a suitable repayment plan we've transferrd your Lloyds TSB bank to a debt collection agency Wescot Credit services Ltd'...an even fainter logo bottom RHC and above the logo is Wescots printer code. This letter is pretending that wescots are Lloyds bank. The account is disputed and is with the FOS awaiting decision.
  14. last year i got nailed for due care, £150 fine and £750 costs + £15 victim surcharge (what bloody victim, !!!) due to starting a new buisness i dropped a couple of payments, no court reminder or invite to tell the magistrates why i didnt pay just a snotty letter from MARSTONS. (cheshire courts dont give the option of explaining failure to the courts) well, after a conversation i made a payment of £200 and offered some more in the next couple of weeks, paid again over the phone, then a week later they rang wanting another payment, i offered £100 this time and this was REFUSED (IS IT L
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