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  1. Thanks, I'll update you when I receive the refund. Yes, I'll hang around. I seem to have amassed quite a bit of knowledge over the years including dealing with litigation in the labour courts in China. I'll pop in from time to time and help out if I can. Bit busy getting my family back in the UK with me at the moment though. They were involved in that horrible explosion in China, everyone is okay thankfully, but I'll be happier when they're here with me.
  2. Well, the bike was collected yesterday by a courier. I'm guessing an actual employee of DB as the van was hired and he had comments regarding the footwell panels which would 'flatten over time' 'it's normal'. Nevertheless it has to be said he was polite and accommodating. We signed two receipts his copy and mine, for the bike and I received an email this morning to say a full refund has been issued and I should allow 3 to 5 working days. I'm guessing my knowledge of legislation and resolve is the reason this has been dealt with so swiftly and in my favour. So my advice to ANYONE who is currently involved in a dispute or finds themselves involved in one in the future is to 'stand your ground' and 'know your rights'. I hope the people who created the other threads here who are having problems get things sorted.
  3. Figure out which disgruntled customer I am then yet? I'm guessing you work at DB, considering your one and only post to the forum is a question asking which bike I bought.
  4. Correct, also under the Sale of Goods Act you have a statutory right to return something and get your money back if it's faulty. You have 3 weeks, 4 depending on the item and a motor vehicle definitely qualifies.
  5. 'Directbikes' were featured on Watchdog in 2008, since then there appears to have been a progression of complaints which follow a theme posted online, it is now 2015! 'Drectbikes' have categorically stated in several emails now that their policy is a 48 hour window to check their products for any defects or faults and so this return of mine is being deemed by them as essentially 'a favour'. Not that they have a cat in hells chance of actually enforcing such a blatant disregard for not one but two pieces of legislation of course but I have a question, especially to anyone who works within Trading standards. What the hell is going wrong within their system that allows a company to continually break those rules and continue trading? If they're being fined and simply paying the fine but still break the rule because it is worth it then the system is broken and needs amendment. If the people responsible for it and those with the power to amend it do nothing, then my opinion is they are as guilty as those who pay it no heed. Rant over.
  6. It's a Tommy. I have played tennis email all day long with 'directbikes' today, they simply will not accept their terms and conditions are incorrect, despite trading standards talking to me at length today. They refuse to confirm I am sending the bike back as faulty. Their initial email said, 'we are sorry you have experienced an issue'? An issue? That could mean anything, maybe I had an issue with the colour I chose and then changed my mind. An issue! Trading standards told me that the fact I have documented everything and sent several emails about faults it doesn't matter anyway. They have opened a case file and will await my input as to how the return progresses. They are collecting the bike on Friday and it'll be up to the courier to ensure safe transit. Visa have already taken the payment away from them so I care not about them deciding when they refund, its done.
  7. Already done great minds think alike, yes? I emailed VOSA and sent them all the details surrounding this.
  8. It's a possibility, it would explain a lot of things. It can be extremely difficult in China to get anywhere with a consumer problem and as I am sure you are aware, corruption plays its part in things as well. I have no idea about the regulations as things are coming into the UK as far as a road vehicle, but something isn't right here. Maybe they are supposed to be PDI'd prior to the point of sale, after all and I quote: I'm pretty sure that the problems I have found deem this 'unroadworthy'. A loose and defective tank for a start. I made a video comparing the seat on my new bike and the 'directbikes' one, you can see from the video that it looks flimsy and wobbles around. I wouldn't feel confident riding if the seat moves sideways every time I turn a corner. The roads around the area I live a very rural and as such have lots of patches and potholes, imagine that thing popping open and moving to the side if you accidently hit a bump or pothole in the road, not a nice thought The really sad thing about all this in my opinion is that it could be so different. China really does have some fantastic makes beyond the utter garbage which gets mass produced, even Prada produce a scooter over there for the Chinese market - big price tag of course but scooters are a big thing there.
  9. Made yet another interesting discovery while moving the bike to make room for the other one. I heard something rattling underneath, after feeling around to see what it was I discovered it is the fuel tank which is really loose and not fitted correctly. Honestly I do not understand how on Earth these bikes are actually being sold. I've made some videos which I will post up when I transfer them to my laptop. I just finished sending the story to the BBC. I've also decided I am going to ask a friend in the force to come and give his opinion from a being stopped point of view and see if he thinks it is roadworthy.
  10. Oh another thing I forgot to mention. Another reason I am paranoid about simply returning this bike under their conditions is because I do not trust that they will then quickly take the bike into the workshop and fix the problems I have reported and try to say there is nothing actually wrong with it. I am going to convey with trading standards and Visa about that. I already took pictures and made a video of me attempting to turn on the lights etc. But it would be nice for a third party who is acting for TS or Visa to confirm the faults before 'directbikes' take it back again. I will keep you posted as things progress.
  11. Indeed they were, I never saw it because I only moved back to the UK a few months ago and that was apparently reported under the name 'directbikes'. Scooter.co.uk must be a new name of operation and incidentally is also what appears on the transaction with my bank and with Visa. When I bought a Chinese bike in the UK, I didn't expect the same lack of service, care and quality one sometimes deals with when actually living in mainland China, no offence to China because there are some cracking Chinese brand bikes there with excellent service and reliability. In fact to be honest, even with a cheaper and poor quality bike in China there are so many guys on street corners repairing push and motorbikes that it tends to be pretty cheap and simple to sort things out. There is no MOT or safety requirement, at least enforced with bikes. I just don't see how 'directbikes' have been able or allowed to continue trading for this long. Fair enough if they'd had bad press in the past, sorted themselves out and now played ball. That is not what I understand to be the case though, what I see is a continual stream of complaints which are still being made and ongoing. They say they have the number one selling scooter in April 2015 in the UK. Okay so questions??? In that one month only and if not then over what time period from when? Annually? And further, just because a larger volume of people may have purchased their bikes over a given time period or even indeed just in April 2015 does not in my opinion mean that they have happy satisfied customers. It could just mean they literally sold more bikes. How many of those bikes are on the road now? What problems have people had? From reading it seems many, the other thread on here was only started the end of last year I think, not so long ago. I'd be more interested in seeing other factors, not just a higher sales volume. Their bikes are significantly cheaper than the majority of other 'new' bikes. It also has to be factored in that many of those sales could simply be because of a tight budget, especially when you consider many teenagers and students use a scooter as a cheaper means of transport and the economy being what it is these days. As a reply to my correspondence with them over: A - Faults and quality, B: Justifying my lack of faith or trust in both them and the bike itself based on existing facts, it is a very weak argument. Since when did the singular fact of being 'the best selling' challenge following the rules of sale, return and service? I got my new bike today, it was really easy all be it more money. The had the plates on and had registered it with the DVLA for me before I arrived. The mechanics had checked everything and done a full PDI before allowing me to take it out. And there's another point to be made which I will also inform Visa and Trading Standards about. The PDI is as much a safety check as anything aesthetic or general. Do 'directbikes' perform a PDI and safety check? My opinion would be no. They obviously do something to them given it was supposed to have a chrome 'directbikes' decal on the front but I would have to assume that given the significant reports of problems, breakdowns and landing themselves on the No1 consumer action TV show broadcast in this country that not much of one takes place. Those bikes should be checked right before being shipped out to whoever buys them so that, bar a general safety check and walk around, they are safe to go straight out on the road. Even if you were expected to take the bike to a local mechanic or one of their 3rd party mechanics to do this, it would still require you ride the bike to that location in order to be carried out.
  12. My understanding is that they will have 7 days to come and get it, beyond that if something happens the onus is on them for liability. After 21 days I believe it becomes my property although that could be 45. If that were to happen, which I doubt but if, I would arrange to have the vehicle disposed of and destroyed and then follow them up in court for the cost of doing so. I choose destruction because I would not wish to drop such problems onto another person and would feel forever guilty should I learn someone suffered an accident because of it. Quite fair really isn't it?
  13. Anyway, must dash for now. I am going to pick up another bike from a dealer which is deemed roadworthy and I can ride it away today without all this fuss. I guess I am lucky I have extra funds so I can play hardball and afford to have that money sitting in limbo for as long as it takes - FIGHT THE POWER!!
  14. Exactly, which is why I have chosen to advise them to speak to me via the Visa dispute instead. It was started because they didn't reply to me and now as far as I am concerned, the following has taken place: They have only begun contact again since being informed a dispute is in place. Visa told me the payment will be transferred back within one working day and only taken again if they find I am at fault, not DB. They have not confirmed I have any faults They are suggesting they are doing me a favor and are accepting return for reasons other than those it is actually being returned for They are operating outside of the regulations which exist to cover me which are stipulated in both the sales of goods act and the recent distance selling act As such, and with the amount of already documented evidence against this company I am in no position obliged to trust them. I don't trust them and therefore will allow the legal experts dealing with the dispute, and those I inform at trading standards to advise my steps, I will not be led by a seemingly rogue operation. If Visa tell me to give them the bike for return I will do so. I will, as a ehm 'gesture of goodwill' be prepared to drag the stillage out so it can be used to return the bike. I will not be responsible for securing it, providing straps for that purpose and nor will I be responsible for providing outer packaging which was delivered on a raining day and has obviously since been disposed of. I'll be following up with this on Monday both with Visa and Trading standards. I have a good mind to contact someone else too in regards to whether it can actually be deemed lawful to be supplying a road vehicle which is not considered roadworthy. It would be a danger to both the rider and any pedestrians should something cause an accident. I always thought it was written that a dealer or private seller was not allowed to sell a vehicle new or used which was not roadworthy at the time of sale. The DVLA actually list headlamps being non functional as an example of a vehicle being classed unroadworthy too.
  15. I have decided to open a new thread in regards to this company. I purchased a bike from them on the 23rd of August 2015, trading under the name of 'scooter.co.uk'. I had searched for complaints etc. using the aforementioned name and nothing came up so I proceeded to purchase one. Having a fair bit of experience with Chinese branded bikes after living in China for nearly a decade, my logic was that while there are many poor quality bikes around in China there are also some good ones and if these are being imported and used on British highways, they must meet certain standards. I cannot believe that they are being allowed to trade after the heavy volume of complaints and being featured on BBC watchdog. I believe that this name changing serves a purpose , I believe that purpose is to make it much harder for someone to find complaints raised and discussed on the internet. The first problem I have encountered was with the delivery. I ordered on a Sunday using the additional service provided 'next working day delivery'. The way that the FAQ describes how deliveries working, in my opinion, is extremely misleading. As far as I am concerned, putting the fact they can offer 'next working day delivery and Saturday delivery' at the end of this information leads an individual to believe that this is separate from the preceding info. I just bought a computer from an online retailer who word things in this way. I ordered on Sunday evening and received it the next working day, Monday. Why would I assume this would be any different. I have argued this with Directbikes, I felt they were extremely aggressive and tetchy in the tone of the emails and said that 'next working day delivery' means if you order on a Sunday, because they don't pick and process on a non working day means delivery is Tuesday. Then they told me they refused to discuss the matter with me any further. I put the payment into dispute with Visa. After the bike was delivered I began finding various problems with it. Attempts at contacting Directbikes seemed to fall on deaf ears and I felt like those I spoke to on the phone were simply there to deflect me. No one called me back and I received no email. I decided to contact Visa again and report the additional problems with the purchase which I will now bullet: The headlamp and rear tail lamp don't function The foot well panels are not well fitted to the rest of the frame and cannot be tightened, the screws just turn around - I consider them a hazard if you were to ride (from experience in China very A-Typical of an extremely poor bike) The safety covers which surround the battery terminals don't fit and are too small as well as the housing cover not securing down firmly - Again dangerous in my opinion The fly screen will not fit to the bike using the provided fittings - botching a fit would again be very dangerous if it came off when moving The certificate of conformity has not been printed properly, you can see the marks where it seems to have jammed in a printer and some of the information is unreadable - The DVLA stated in a call I made that if that is the case the documents would be returned and not registered, deeming the bike unroadworthy There was a grey area in regards to a question requirement on the V55/4 form which asks for the CO2 (combined figure) - The CoC contains no information, the DVLA stated I may be required to provide it and take the bike to a testing center to get the reading - How am I supposed to get the bike there? Why isn't it provided on the CoC and why am I paying hundreds to have it done? I found a silver decal later on when moving the metal crate away, upon opening it out it said 'directbikes' - From their website photos I now see it is the decal which is supposed to be in the front of the bike This I haven't reported to Visa or DB yet as I found this as I am preparing the bike for return but the seat doesn't lock down easily and feels like it could easily break off the hinge when open The side stand sensor which immobilises the engine start button is temperamental, sometimes you cannot start the bike without putting the stand up and down a few times. I don't trust that packing in whilst riding or being out and getting stuck somewhere There is some mileage on the clock which means it has been run before registration too, never mind not new if they plate the bike, it is not new if there are miles on the clock when sold So all in all not a happy bunny. After giving these details to Visa and elevating the dispute I decided I would send one last email to directbikes and assure myself I had given them every opportunity to deal with the problem. The following day I received an email back, after I had started the dispute with Visa. Directbikes told me they were sorry, informed me that all my statements are incorrect about legislation and that even though I had been a very naughty boy and gone over their 48 hour window to report problems, 'as a matter of goodfaith' would accept a return and ask the courier to collect. I told them that is wrong and I am only interested in following the laws, not their seemingly self serving 'ad-hoc' rules. I would accept the return under the conditions the bike was faulty and cannot be put on the road. I wanted to know beforehand to arrange pickup and that I would not be responsible for ensuring ALL of the packaging was put back on given the day of delivery it was raining and all the cardboard got soaked. Given they quote 'delivered to the roadside' any and all deliveries are at the whim of British weather. I am a consumer in a residential address, not a company with a warehouse. As far as I am concerned 'as a matter of goodfaith' suggests they are doing ME a favour and they did nothing wrong. Means the bike is being returned on their terms, not mine and not the reasons I want to return it. I have declined to return it without them confirming the reasons I am doing so. I feel that they are attempting to manipulate me by getting me to return it by another method. While you are expected to give a seller the chance to put things right I do not believe I am supposed allow someone to take advantage. I have told them that the Visa dispute will remain in place because of this and that I will not communicate directly with them any longer, they will have to go through the correct channels and do it through Visa from now on because I do not trust them. That lack of trust is based on the weight of evidence built on the internet and appearance on BBC Watchdog and they way my own experience has gone . They told me 'we are the number one bike seller in the UK confirmed by the DVLA and there are bound to be, wait for it 'A FEW' negative reviews. :mad2: I think I have done everything right so far. My next step on Monday will be to report the matter with trading standards now because I refuse to be manipulated into playing by rules which do not appear to follow the legislation which exists. If anyone else has any comments or suggestions beyond that which I have already taken, please feel free to let me know. Mainly I wanted to ensure that anyone else considering a purchase finds it easier to spot the posts. In the meantime of all this going on I have purchased a more expensive bike from a local reputable dealer which is currently being plated and checked for me to pickup this afternoon. I wish I had just spent a bit more in the first place now to be honest. I do have one question, in regards to storage of their property. How long am I expected to keep it under my responsibility. I would love to have the courier take it but I trust directbikes about as far as I could throw the bike I bought. I am waiting to speak to Visa to see what they advise but I am unwilling to allow return if I am then essentially saying they did nothing wrong.
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