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  1. Thanks, I'll update you when I receive the refund. Yes, I'll hang around. I seem to have amassed quite a bit of knowledge over the years including dealing with litigation in the labour courts in China. I'll pop in from time to time and help out if I can. Bit busy getting my family back in the UK with me at the moment though. They were involved in that horrible explosion in China, everyone is okay thankfully, but I'll be happier when they're here with me.
  2. Well, the bike was collected yesterday by a courier. I'm guessing an actual employee of DB as the van was hired and he had comments regarding the footwell panels which would 'flatten over time' 'it's normal'. Nevertheless it has to be said he was polite and accommodating. We signed two receipts his copy and mine, for the bike and I received an email this morning to say a full refund has been issued and I should allow 3 to 5 working days. I'm guessing my knowledge of legislation and resolve is the reason this has been dealt with so swiftly and in my favour. So my advice to ANYONE who is curre
  3. Figure out which disgruntled customer I am then yet? I'm guessing you work at DB, considering your one and only post to the forum is a question asking which bike I bought.
  4. Correct, also under the Sale of Goods Act you have a statutory right to return something and get your money back if it's faulty. You have 3 weeks, 4 depending on the item and a motor vehicle definitely qualifies.
  5. 'Directbikes' were featured on Watchdog in 2008, since then there appears to have been a progression of complaints which follow a theme posted online, it is now 2015! 'Drectbikes' have categorically stated in several emails now that their policy is a 48 hour window to check their products for any defects or faults and so this return of mine is being deemed by them as essentially 'a favour'. Not that they have a cat in hells chance of actually enforcing such a blatant disregard for not one but two pieces of legislation of course but I have a question, especially to anyone who works with
  6. It's a Tommy. I have played tennis email all day long with 'directbikes' today, they simply will not accept their terms and conditions are incorrect, despite trading standards talking to me at length today. They refuse to confirm I am sending the bike back as faulty. Their initial email said, 'we are sorry you have experienced an issue'? An issue? That could mean anything, maybe I had an issue with the colour I chose and then changed my mind. An issue! Trading standards told me that the fact I have documented everything and sent several emails about faults it doesn't matter anyway. The
  7. Already done great minds think alike, yes? I emailed VOSA and sent them all the details surrounding this.
  8. It's a possibility, it would explain a lot of things. It can be extremely difficult in China to get anywhere with a consumer problem and as I am sure you are aware, corruption plays its part in things as well. I have no idea about the regulations as things are coming into the UK as far as a road vehicle, but something isn't right here. Maybe they are supposed to be PDI'd prior to the point of sale, after all and I quote: I'm pretty sure that the problems I have found deem this 'unroadworthy'. A loose and defective tank for a start. I made a video comparing the seat on my new bike
  9. Made yet another interesting discovery while moving the bike to make room for the other one. I heard something rattling underneath, after feeling around to see what it was I discovered it is the fuel tank which is really loose and not fitted correctly. Honestly I do not understand how on Earth these bikes are actually being sold. I've made some videos which I will post up when I transfer them to my laptop. I just finished sending the story to the BBC. I've also decided I am going to ask a friend in the force to come and give his opinion from a being stopped point of view and see if he thinks i
  10. Oh another thing I forgot to mention. Another reason I am paranoid about simply returning this bike under their conditions is because I do not trust that they will then quickly take the bike into the workshop and fix the problems I have reported and try to say there is nothing actually wrong with it. I am going to convey with trading standards and Visa about that. I already took pictures and made a video of me attempting to turn on the lights etc. But it would be nice for a third party who is acting for TS or Visa to confirm the faults before 'directbikes' take it back again. I will keep you p
  11. Indeed they were, I never saw it because I only moved back to the UK a few months ago and that was apparently reported under the name 'directbikes'. Scooter.co.uk must be a new name of operation and incidentally is also what appears on the transaction with my bank and with Visa. When I bought a Chinese bike in the UK, I didn't expect the same lack of service, care and quality one sometimes deals with when actually living in mainland China, no offence to China because there are some cracking Chinese brand bikes there with excellent service and reliability. In fact to be honest, even with a chea
  12. My understanding is that they will have 7 days to come and get it, beyond that if something happens the onus is on them for liability. After 21 days I believe it becomes my property although that could be 45. If that were to happen, which I doubt but if, I would arrange to have the vehicle disposed of and destroyed and then follow them up in court for the cost of doing so. I choose destruction because I would not wish to drop such problems onto another person and would feel forever guilty should I learn someone suffered an accident because of it. Quite fair really isn't it?
  13. Anyway, must dash for now. I am going to pick up another bike from a dealer which is deemed roadworthy and I can ride it away today without all this fuss. I guess I am lucky I have extra funds so I can play hardball and afford to have that money sitting in limbo for as long as it takes - FIGHT THE POWER!!
  14. Exactly, which is why I have chosen to advise them to speak to me via the Visa dispute instead. It was started because they didn't reply to me and now as far as I am concerned, the following has taken place: They have only begun contact again since being informed a dispute is in place. Visa told me the payment will be transferred back within one working day and only taken again if they find I am at fault, not DB. They have not confirmed I have any faults They are suggesting they are doing me a favor and are accepting return for reasons other than those it is actually being returned fo
  15. I have decided to open a new thread in regards to this company. I purchased a bike from them on the 23rd of August 2015, trading under the name of 'scooter.co.uk'. I had searched for complaints etc. using the aforementioned name and nothing came up so I proceeded to purchase one. Having a fair bit of experience with Chinese branded bikes after living in China for nearly a decade, my logic was that while there are many poor quality bikes around in China there are also some good ones and if these are being imported and used on British highways, they must meet certain s
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