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  1. Yes I will convert to Pdf tomorrow. Will get them over to you by close of play tomorrow. There over three different trails so will put in date time order. Thanks for your assistance
  2. Its a training issue and was not authorised however it was confirmed in email and a time agreed. It was someone from legal team apparently and the director who I originally dealt with is the one who communicated today. However for the training issue they are prepared to give me 50 quid.
  3. I have the payment was rejected when it went for review they have issued a formal letter and deadlocked my complaint. its been classed as a training issue
  4. How would I word this on a court claim form. They have not made payment by agreed time. Had enough of there games court claim going off tonight. I do have email confirmation of this payment agreement
  5. Thanks for all advice. We reached a fair resolution today. Default amount x duration £3500, legal department basically asked what would I consider a fair resolution
  6. That's the situation as for putting a value on it I wouldn't know where to start. The bank have assured me a final response by midday tomorrow after declining the 1000 offer. This is coming from the legal and compliance team, this cant go on I feel like I need to stop communicating and wait for SAR. Also harassment from their collections department
  7. Sar was sent two days ago and acknowledged via email. No fee was requested. losses Stress as this have been over me for 5 years. family breakdown no longer have loving relationship with sibling as they want money and to go travelling I have been unable to get mortgage although underwriters cconfirmed if default is removed its accepted subject to survey. unable to get emergency funds declined for a wonga loan. If it had accepted I would have paid back the principal within 24hours I have limited credit reporting mainly bank and utilities so this default has had a drastic effect.
  8. Yes defiantly caused family stress and breakdown. I done so much to stop this sale. 5 years and 3 months of chasing. Composing a complaint letter now referring to section 140a of consumer credit act. Going to state after today's comments I only wish to communicate in writing. Will eloborate Also going to submit court claim on back of this. Don't know what to value it at. Shall I go and get legal advice from solicitors as costs will be recovered if successful claim
  9. Do you think I would be able to claim solicitors fees. I've withdrawn from the sale of property, as now default removed subject to survey mortgage accepted. So I can buy my half.
  10. My losses are hard to evaluate In a court. the mortgage is going through as default now gone spoke lender today obviously got to wait but nothing holding me back. I live comfortable without needing loans. Due to having minimal credit. Bank. Broadband. Utilities are only things reported so default had a big impact. Credit score was 265 with it now its gone its 812
  11. My contact is now In the directors team. After taking the call I confirmed the discussion in email and had a reply. I declined the offer via email to be told sleep on it. Although on the phone he said no judge will offer you more he denied this in emails after
  12. S.A.R sent and acknowledged. Had email to confirm and followed by a telephone call with an offer of £500 which has been declined. I want to see what SAR shows as this has got them panicking. They brushed off the letter before action but seem nervous now I sent SAR. ANY IDEAS?
  13. Ive got to be honest i`ve withdrawn from a sale so the above is now possible as one of the underwriters have provided me written confirmation that if I get default removed by 20 Jan and my circumstances have not changed they will provide mortgage subject to property survey. This is why I have constantly badgered the bank over last two months. Emailed every contact I have found online and phoned every telephone number. Once I had the admittance my hopes were restored, the sale was close to completion i dread to think the bill i have to pay now for the cancelled sale
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