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Found 17 results

  1. Hi All I am in the process of buying two mobility Scooters via the internet I have paid for them and one has been delivered to me Friday. The one that was delivered on Friday is not fit for purpose as it is a fold up electric one that is dangerous for me to use as it is to flimsy. The problem I got is I fell off it the first time I tried it out and made very small scratch marks on the side of it and I mean very small but noticeable. The question I would like to be answered is is it the case of the company can refuse to take it back or offer me something back! Richie
  2. It's in good condition and has a nearly new battery but I feel like I've had my money's worth from it so would prefer to give it away. Anyone know a charity who would take it? It's in Dorset.
  3. Hi, Unsure if this is the correct area? Need some help / advice please. A relative has been involved in a accident where a car has gone into the back of his scooter at an island. The driver admitted causing the accident (noted by a passing officer) so my uncle has perused a claim against the drivers insurance company axa (uncle ins, is 3rd Party) Axa, have sent out their guy to view the bike, and has confirmed that the bike is a write-off.. (Garage purchased bike from has provided a report which details over £3k of damage - bike is worth £2400 at today price on auto trade
  4. i payed 3,500£ for a mobility scooter,last november i payed 90£for a service, the next day it ran awry and i nearly ended under a bus . they then send out another engineer and he said it was motor problems but would not have one in stock for at least a month so i waited,now it out of warrenty they want 480£ for the motor and 99£ to fit it because it out of warrenty i only use it to go to the shops about a mile once a week i think it is just over a year old with only twelve months warrenty
  5. I am looking for some advice re mobility scooter. I brought a new scooter from Care_Co http://www.careco.co.uk/cl-ms/mobility-scooters.htm in June i went out approx 4 times on this until early September because i had to wait until some of my garden had been concreted over to accommodate scooter. On approx by 10th trio it stared to break down, it went okay the stooped etc and twice crossing the road. I contacted the supplier and i have been met with indifference, it took almost 5 weeks before an engineer called which was today. There is a fault with the scooter. I have asked for a full re
  6. Is a mobility scooter an aid/device for the disabled? This is the subject of this thread and how some LA's/HA,s see them as a pain. But legally are they an aid/device and or other ? Please bear in mind that I already know this answer, I am hoping that others will see it differently. So pop quiz time can you answer the following? Please supply links to your answers and an explanation... A, are they an aid? (yes/no/other) B, are they a device for the disabled only? (yes/no/other) C, can a LA/HA ban them from their properties without breaking the law? (yes/no/other) wh
  7. I have decided to open a new thread in regards to this company. I purchased a bike from them on the 23rd of August 2015, trading under the name of 'scooter.co.uk'. I had searched for complaints etc. using the aforementioned name and nothing came up so I proceeded to purchase one. Having a fair bit of experience with Chinese branded bikes after living in China for nearly a decade, my logic was that while there are many poor quality bikes around in China there are also some good ones and if these are being imported and used on British highways, they must meet certain s
  8. Hi all I am just looking for a bit of advice if anybody can help please. I purchased a £148 Stunt Scooter for my son from Pro-line Skates Online towards the end of November this year (2014) just a few weeks ago basically. When the scooter arrived we noticed the 'Grip-tape' was faulty. As I was going into town I thought I would pop into the store for them to replace the grip-tape. I was told that as I bought the scooter online they could not help me (even though it's the same business!) and I would need to go through the website to fix the problem. I did and I was sent a generic
  9. Do not trust or deal with DIRECT BIKES operating under Scooter.co.uk. The brand new bike arrived damaged in a rusty crate, unsecured and we were unable to move it, on opening the bike was damaged. We contacted Direct Bikes within 1 business day and they didn't want to know and when we challenged them they said we had to pay for the return of the bike at £85 which we now find out is completely false and they tried to bully us into keeping the bike. It had 1 mile on the bike and yet inside were rusty nails, after just 3 months the clutch went which th
  10. Hi, Need some advice regarding a mobility scooter that my wife and I bought. It developed some problems and we tried to get the company to rectify them. They refused and during the swapping of emails they tried to bully and intimidate me. I sent them a formal complaint about this and about the refusal to fix the scooter. They totally ignored the formal complaint. I sent a letter before action, which they have also totally ignored. In the letter before action I said that if no response was forthcoming that I would then send them a bill for the cost of the replacemen
  11. This happened last year, but the insurance dispute it still on going. My mother was stationary, indicating right to turn on to her road, when a teenager on a scooter came out of a side road, and tried to overtake her, but hit the side of her car instead. We have witnesses that confirmed this. The guy came off of the scooter and had injured his leg, I believe he had a fracture. Everyone that came to help noticed he stank of weed. Coincidentally, some blokes that live on the corner of where this happened knew the teenager on the scooter, and apparently the teenager owed them money
  12. I need advice on this before I go to the Police: 2 years ago my 125cc Scooter 'popped' a valve,I don't know what this means either but it resulted in having an Engine rebuild which cost me £180,I paid this no probs. About a mile up the road the bike konked out,well the engine run ok but there was no drive.my Son came out and pushed the bike to his friends as by then the Garage had closed. After a year of trying to get them to come out and pick it up ? they said they couldn't find the address ? My son took it back to the Garage in his friends van. They repaired it free of ch
  13. Hi I bought an electric scooter on a Group on offer, although sceptical, I trusted group on. When it arrived my fears where confirmed and it hasn't got the torque (power) and I wanted to return it. I had the usual perfunctory instant non-help and then no one got back to me. When I approached the company Sto Racing Products, they had the attitude of "what did you expect" and that I had negated their returns policy by even riding it once. I rode it for a 100m and new it was no good. I approached them to complain to no avail and also group on to no avail. I want my money back and I don't
  14. Right or wrong? (Forget about the the 'licence excuse') Speaking as an ex-bus driver, I actually know the answer! http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/features/4859900/council-jobsworths.html
  15. Hello! I bought a pulse strider scooter 2/3 months ago, and within 2 weeks the diaphram on the carburetor had broken. I took it to scootlife (a scooter garage in darwen) and the part was replaced (£30 labour + £15 part). It has since broken again with the same fault. I am under the impression that the part (at least!) should be under warranty and that i should not have to pay for the new part, and when giving me a quote for the work the garage did not mention anything to do with warranty. I have since contacted the garage and asked them about it and he has said he will contact the su
  16. A few weeks ago my scooter was stolen from outside my house - they cut right through the security chain, busted the ignition, had a jolly and dumped it a few streets away. Police recovered it and my insurance company arranged for their authorised repairer to collect it. I had been told that the only real damage was to the ignition so it should be repaired; however, I have just had a call from the estimator saying the repair will be too expensive for the value of the scooter, so I am now waiting for my insurance to get in touch regarding a pay out. There's a number of issues I am wondering abou
  17. Normally I love argos but I ordered a scooter months ago and it has still not been delivered I have sinse ordered a scooter online from another company (for about half the price) and am trying to cancel my argos order but I keep getting passed around Can anyone help me? Thanks guys
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