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  1. Hi I am still fighting this as I think the company are bang out of order for selling me a mobility scooter not fit for purpose and dangerous for my condition.. I was informed by another mobility supplier that this company if a member of British Healthcare Trade Association of which they are. On their site BHTA it stipulates that they should of asked me questions on the suitability for a scooter this wasn’t done in fact no questions were asked about my condition. So I have put in a complaint to BHTA stating it would have been obvious that the suitability of this scooter was not fit for me and dangerous. So I am waiting for a reply from the BHTA on Complete Care Shop response with my grievance. Carrying on with this could I have a chance of winning my money back if I didn’t tick a box or acknowledge their Terms and Condition as they never sent me anything about their TC Your help in this matter would be appreciated Richie
  2. Thank you for your reply I have another scooter coming from the company tomorrow which is to walk the dogs this was like you for the back of the car and local shop
  3. I thought I was buying a mobility scooter to ride the local shops on the pavement but I was wrong it cannot do the the basic thing of taking me safely the 200 mts to the shop https://www.completecareshop.co.uk/mobility-scooters/folding-mobility-scooters/
  4. I am willing to fight them but I need some legislation to do so!
  5. Just to let you know the company got back to me and said they cannot take the scooter back as it had been used Richie
  6. Hi All I am in the process of buying two mobility Scooters via the internet I have paid for them and one has been delivered to me Friday. The one that was delivered on Friday is not fit for purpose as it is a fold up electric one that is dangerous for me to use as it is to flimsy. The problem I got is I fell off it the first time I tried it out and made very small scratch marks on the side of it and I mean very small but noticeable. The question I would like to be answered is is it the case of the company can refuse to take it back or offer me something back! Richie
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