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  1. Thanks for that. I thought it sounded fishy with them offering a 50% discount.
  2. The plot thickens. Just got hold of him and checked his credit file (which he had never done). His current phone contract is with O2 not Vodaphone as he thought. The contract was taken out in July 2018 and is up to date, No arrears. No other phone contracts listed. No defaults registered Greens all the way. Thanks.
  3. OK, will do, when I can get hold of him later.
  4. Only his present one which is with vodaphone.
  5. My neighbour, who has literacy problems, has asked me to help him in regard to a letter from BPO Collections. The letter states that they are offering him the opportunity to "save" 50% on his Lowell account which is for an alleged debt to O2 (UK). He denies any knowledge of this debt. Am I right in thinking that the first course of action should be a standard prove it letter? Thanks for any help.
  6. Hi, Yes, we do have a contract. It states that the building should be completed to the specifications and drawings supplied. These show disabled access, extra wide doors for wheelchairs etc. Specs were included on drawings plus on separate sheets. Specs and drawings were supplied to builder in person (full size) and by email attachment (A4 copies). Thanks.
  7. Hi, We employed a builder to convert a brick shed and passageway into a wet room and utility area. Part of the job was to install two external doors (one front, one back), these doors had to be wheelchair suitable. We are now at floor laying stage (tiles) and the doors have been installed too high. Can't get a wheelchair through them. The builder contracted this work out to a local window and door company. We are trying to get the doors lowered but having difficulty in getting them to come and do it. They promised within two weeks but never came. My question is, if I have to take them to court, who is my case with, the builder or the company he contracted to do the work. Thanks
  8. Hi, Just spotted this article in my local paper. Please note the use of language - i.e. "Fine", "Penalty Charge". Very misleading! http://tinyurl.com/hpwlpe5
  9. Cheques Arrived. Banked and now waiting to clear. Donation Made.
  10. NCO Egg Loan All of these were taken out over 10 years ago Hi Pearlyj, Bet you that the Egg loan had PPI on it, whether you wanted it or not. Be good to check if there was and if so, get reclaiming fast. As the debt has been sold, it should all come back to you. As they say, get a SAR off and find out. You need to check who to send it to. It could be Canada Square Operations or Barclaycard. CSO took over old accounts and Barclaycard took the ones that were still current. Good Luck
  11. FINALLY RESOLVED. Have now received a phone call from FOS saying that Canada Square have made an offer and would I accept the offer. Told them yes, will accept offer. Now expecting payment within 8 weeks. When payment received, will make a donation. Thank goodness for this site.
  12. Hi, I'm sure that there will be some support groups in your area. A Google search should bring some up. Meanwhile, this link may help: https://www.rethink.org/about-us/commissioning-us/carer-support
  13. Hi justfornow, I'm not sure that I can give you any practical support but felt that I can at least give you some moral support in this situation. This is a very troubling situation, ATOS/Captia will not care about the circumstances, either they conduct the assessment or the benefit is stopped. You will then have to go through the same process as before and all the resulting stress and trauma. Not Good. I fear that the same will happen when his ESA is due to be reviewed. I assume that you have tried reasoned discussion with him, as to how his actions will affect you both. Is there anyone else that can reinforce the consequences to him? You mention the GP but has he seen any specialists for his mental health issues, if so can they assist in any way? If not, can the GP do a referral to someone? I think that you should also start the process of getting Lasting Powers of Attorney for him. This will assist in acting for him. Definitely get a letter of authority to take to the GP. I also fear that he is in danger of being "sectioned" due to his actions. It could be argued that anyone who discharges themselves from hospital hours after a heart attack, is "a danger to themselves" . An unpleasant thought to face is that all of this is having an effect on your health, both physical and mental. You need to look after yourself as well. That may involve making unpleasant decisions but they need to be considered. I wish you all the very best in this. Jedicris.
  14. Recently received phone call from FOS. CSO still not responding to them. Adjudicator has now pushed case up to Ombudsman for a final decision.
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