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  1. UPDATE: Cheque did arrive in post. All done now.
  2. Think I've found an answer. "If you're due a refund we'll send this out as a cheque 35 days after your account closed". Guess I have to wait 35 days to find out. Suppose it is now safe to cancel the DD.
  3. Wish I could. No phone numbers available/email/chat and online it just says Not a customer anymore.
  4. Yes, that is the case. However my point is that they have charged him for service that they are not providing i.e. 11/05/21 to 22/05/21. Surely, if he has paid to the 22/05/21 he should have service until 22/05/21.
  5. Hi, My 91 year father-in-law decided to end his Virgin Media services. This consisted of a TV package and phone package. He had been with them for many years. He now thought it was overpriced and rarely used it. We tried to cancel online but found it impossible to do so, we then contacted them by letter on the 25th March 2021. A few days later he received a phone call trying to get him to retain his service. This was vehemently rejected. The "advisor" then said that he would "put it through". On the 22nd April 2021 he received a bill for services from 23 April 2021 to 22 May 2021 with payment to be taken on the 10 May 2021. Payment has been duly taken. Today, 11 May 2021, I checked the services and they have been disconnected. Should they refund the difference between the disconnect date and the date services have been paid for or am I going to have to fight for it? Many thanks
  6. Glad to sat that we have a happy ending. The person that these were left at has just dropped them off. All sorted out now.
  7. Seller and Sender are Medisave UK, goods were medical wipes, value £23. Nothing very major but as classed as Clinically Vulnerable, vital.
  8. Hi, Just after some general advice. DPD have delivered my parcel to the wrong address. Their tracking shows it being delivered and signed for with my name, however the photo of the front door in the tracking is not mine. No door number shows. Have contacted and advised the sender. They have contacted DPD and started an investigation. Is there anything else that I need to do at this stage. Thanks.
  9. I hate to add to your woe's but I don't think they will replace the machine. They will give you a voucher, which you can only use in selected shops. You will have to go and choose your replacement machine and then wait for the company to deliver it. This will all take further time. This is based on my experience previously.
  10. Just to say another begging letter arrived from Lowells.
  11. Hi Gi-, I have had to complete my wife's forms for several years now. What is important is that you give true and complete answers about how things are for you NOW. If the statement is true now, then that is what goes down. As part of the process, you will probably have an assessment, if there are any differences, you can raise them at that time. The future is the future, deal with it when it comes. Do not worry about "maybe's and What if's". They will take care of themselves when and if they arise. Meanwhile, just try to improve your situation as best you can. All the very best.
  12. Thanks DX. He is going to try to get a letter from the place he had an appointment but I'm not sure if that will be useful. He set the clock to 5:40 instead of 9:40, total brain freeze.
  13. Hi, After some advice on behalf of a neighbour. He parked in Colchester High Street and displayed his Blue Badge, however, he inadvertently set the clock that comes with his badge to the wrong time. When he returned to his car, he had received a PCN. Is it worth him appealing this? Thanks.
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