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  1. I hate to add to your woe's but I don't think they will replace the machine. They will give you a voucher, which you can only use in selected shops. You will have to go and choose your replacement machine and then wait for the company to deliver it. This will all take further time. This is based on my experience previously.
  2. Just to say another begging letter arrived from Lowells.
  3. Hi Gi-, I have had to complete my wife's forms for several years now. What is important is that you give true and complete answers about how things are for you NOW. If the statement is true now, then that is what goes down. As part of the process, you will probably have an assessment, if there are any differences, you can raise them at that time. The future is the future, deal with it when it comes. Do not worry about "maybe's and What if's". They will take care of themselves when and if they arise. Meanwhile, just try to improve your situat
  4. Thanks DX. He is going to try to get a letter from the place he had an appointment but I'm not sure if that will be useful. He set the clock to 5:40 instead of 9:40, total brain freeze.
  5. Hi, After some advice on behalf of a neighbour. He parked in Colchester High Street and displayed his Blue Badge, however, he inadvertently set the clock that comes with his badge to the wrong time. When he returned to his car, he had received a PCN. Is it worth him appealing this? Thanks.
  6. OK DX. He is still waiting for the SAR from 02 and written confirmation that the O2 Fraud department are investigating his claim that this is a case of fraud. The address that Lowells quoted in the letter is a very old one and he states that he was not living there at the time.
  7. Lowells have responded with the attached letter. Lowells Letter 2.pdf
  8. Hi, Had already sent a SAR off. Just waiting for it to arrive.
  9. Yes, reckon BPO passed it on to Lowells when the got the "prove it" letter.
  10. Just an update to this. He has now received a letter from Lowells about this demanding money.
  11. Thanks for that. I thought it sounded fishy with them offering a 50% discount.
  12. The plot thickens. Just got hold of him and checked his credit file (which he had never done). His current phone contract is with O2 not Vodaphone as he thought. The contract was taken out in July 2018 and is up to date, No arrears. No other phone contracts listed. No defaults registered Greens all the way. Thanks.
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