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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, On the 18th of January I was pulled over. When the police officer asked what I was doing on my mobile phone (which was attached to the magnet holder). I immediately replied I was 'changing the music'. It was about half past midnight with no other cars on the road and I stopped my vehicle just before I entered a small roundabout as there was a car approaching from the right (which I now believe is the police car). I took the opportunity to pick a song to accompany me the rest of the way home. As I saw the police car approaching I pulled off and was pulled over. The police have ticketed me. I am a new driver so the punishment of 6 points and £200 fine would mean my licence will be revoked. I am thinking of letting the issue be decided by the courts as I feel that the punishment is harsh considering the circumstances. I am thinking of representing myself as cannot afford the legal fees. I am aware of the technicality of the law surrounding this issue in order to be guilty of this offence - Firstly said mobile/hand held device must be handheld at some point during alleged offence, secondly phone has to be used for interactive communication and thirdly engine has to be on. Clearly my car engine was on, I would definitely argue that my phone was not held in my hand however the interactive communication part is a gray area as I stream music from Apple music but I also have music stored on my device, the question is whether I was streaming music at around said time of offence. I have requested a solicitor write to my phone company to release such information to me. Other points to note there were 2 police officers in the vehicle. The officer that ticketed me clearly believed that I was changing the music because she made comments at the end of our encounter saying that I can use Siri to change the music. I have never been to court before and any advice is greatly appreciated. My questions are: Is it worth taking to court? Will there be a opportunity to raise the points of law and how my incident does not meet the criteria for said offence and also can I request to see police statements of said incident? Any other opinions and advice is greatly appreciated. I need as much help as i can get. ...
  2. Hello all. I appreciate that this is the wrong sub forum to ask this so hoping to be moved to the appropriate one? My question is what device would you all recommend to record phone calls to such lovely people as banks, etc?
  3. Roche CoaguChek device producing inaccurate results READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/roche-coaguchek-device-producing-inaccurate-results
  4. Hello, I am looking for some advice if possible regarding an issue that I have with them about a phone that I have returned to them to get replaced under warranty. On the 27th September, I returned my Google Pixel device back to Google's warehouse, using UPS shipping labels provided to me via their customer support live chat. This shipping method provided me with a tracking number so I could find out when it arrived. Great! The phone was delivered to Google's warehouse in Germany on the 29th September. A few days after I knew it had arrived at the warehouse, I got in touch with Google as I had received no confirmation from them to say that they have received my phone. I questioned this and was assured that my phone has been received at the warehouse and all is good, my replacement device will be shipped to me as soon as it has processed through their systems. A few more days passed with no information from Google still regarding my device, I get in contact again and explain. They tell me that they are unable to find my device that I sent them. This is where I begin to get slightly concerned. I explain to them that the tracking shows delivery (I sent them this in a screenshot). They asked me to provide shipping labels, which I did, but when I sent them to them, I never got a response regarding it. Cut a long story short, every time I've contacted Google I have spoken to a different agent, whether this was through live chat/phone call. I finally thought I was getting somewhere when I spoke to a staff member on the phone who told me that they are going to send me a Pixel XL in replacement for my Pixel device and that I will receive it within 7 working days. Excellent! I'm getting somewhere I thought. A few more days passed from that point, no shipping confirmation, no confirmation of receiving the device, nothing. The only communication has been when I have contacted them via email or live chat. Following this discussion, I received an email from the live chat again who explained that there has been no update on the device's whereabouts and that no new device will be sent until they find it. As you can understand, I was not happy and email back explaining the conversation I had with an agent on the phone. Finally, Wednesday 11th October, two weeks since I sent the device. I spoke to someone on the phone, who was an excellent help. He said that he has now just processed it as if they have received the device and that it is processing through the system now and will hopefully be sent to be soon (not exactly 100% what I wanted to hear, but it's a start). He explained to me that I should email him on Friday 13th October if I have received no communication regarding the replacement as he personally processed the replacement whilst on the phone to me. He also explained to me that he is now the only person that I will talk to for this case. So tomorrow, I will call Ollie the agent again to speak to him regarding the device, because as of this evening, no device has been sent out to me. The most aggravating part for me during this has been speaking to different people every single time I contact, even by email, a different person replies to me. I have tried to escalate the case as much as possible, but am being told that there is nobody else that is able to talk to me. Even when challenged, I got a response from a so-called "supervisor" by email, who I replied to but have never heard anything back from. Along with this, I have found an email address online for their grievance department, but as of yet, nobody has got back to me on that email, except an automated response. What would people suggest in doing? I plan on arrange for a call from the agent I spoke to on Wednesday tomorrow morning, but I am unsure at what I should do if he says that there is nothing else he can do to speed the process up. Despite the fact someone told me it was sent before he did. Any suggestions? Apologies for the long story, but have condensed it down as much as possible. Thanks in advance for any advice given. EDIT: Each time that I have spoken to a person on the phone and they have given me information such as sending me a different device or such. I have got them to email me this, so that I have a copy of this in writing each time that they have said it.
  5. Hopefully someone can help me find the best product. My Peugeot Partner decided the speedometer doesn't want to work. My mechanic has tried everything he can think of to get it working again. Refurbished ECU, Speed cable, Sender unit from gearbox but nothing. Is there any one on here who can tell me of any plug and play devices that will throw up the current speed I am doing?. needs to be a large enough display to see from the windscreen. Many thanks in advance
  6. Hi all I have had enough of stupid calls at all times of the day which are annoying and now a caller chasing something we know nothing about (perceived debt?) Many years ago there was a device talked about on these forums that allowed you to block all sorts of unwanted calls, it could filter out etc and also you could record them to an sdhc memory card, useful for all sorts as you can imagine Does anyone here remember what I am about, I apologize in advance as I did try searching here and also on google but so far I cannot find the exact thing im looking for.
  7. Need guidance: Purchased the following three days ago, from a store: http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/phones-broadband-and-sat-nav/broadband/mobile-broadband/ee-osprey-2-mini-pay-monthly-mobile-wifi-10132535-pdt.html Personal Hotspot Device - £9.99 + 30 day (rolling) data contract (I choose the 32gb tarrif - £28pm). At purchase - I had to put my debit card in the pay machine to pay twice - 1st - £9.99 for the device, 2nd - for the 30 day rolling data contract validation (£5). I've been using both for the last three days (The device box & the separate data sim were both sealed when we left the store). I opened and used both. I want to return and get a refund for the device + as much as possible for the contract. I have friends that have warned me 'not to trust this high street retailer - and to understand that they 'game' customers to avoid refunds as much as possible'. What are my consumer rights - and how should I approach this to get back as much as possible? My sincere thanks to any and all that help and contribute. Libertas
  8. Is a mobility scooter an aid/device for the disabled? This is the subject of this thread and how some LA's/HA,s see them as a pain. But legally are they an aid/device and or other ? Please bear in mind that I already know this answer, I am hoping that others will see it differently. So pop quiz time can you answer the following? Please supply links to your answers and an explanation... A, are they an aid? (yes/no/other) B, are they a device for the disabled only? (yes/no/other) C, can a LA/HA ban them from their properties without breaking the law? (yes/no/other) what laws are/not broken))
  9. Hi All A company called GhostArk last year put a device on the market for pre-order called a GhostArk. If you pre-ordered the device you got a discounted price and two models were available. Orders were taken around August last year and we were told the devices would ship in December. In December they told on a post on Facebook in a video comment the unit would no longer have a built in speaker and would come with an external speaker at no extra charge. This upset a lot of people as the device is no longer an all in one as you have to carry the speaker around with you. They also informed us there would be a delay and the first 200 units would ship by the end of January 2016. People have started receiving their units but most of them are faulty with various issues below: Switches breaking Off (Poor Quality). Switches actually stuck (Seem to be glued?) Units not powering on (On/Off Switch Issues). An SD card needs to be inserted in the unit for it to work but most units do not recognise the card. Overheating Issues. There are lots on complaints on their Facebook page requesting refunds and the company common response is email tech at ghostark.com People have done this and some get no answer or silly answers not relevant to their question? I wish to get a refund the reason being it is no longer the item I ordered as it no longer has an internal speaker and have emailed tech at ghostark.com but have not had a reply which is very common? The company have just announced a statement on Facebook. Their page is GhostArk. All those customers who have received the first batch of GhostArk devices and who have reported problems related to the shielding system or box assembly can kindly send the defective devices back to Moko Technology in the form of registered letter at this address: Moko Technology 4F, 2nd Building, Guanghui Technology Park, Mingqing Road, Longhua, Shenzhen, China 518109. Phone: 86 13128850716 and inform us by writing an email to tech at ghostark.com in order to communicate shipping and the problems encountered; we will send you another, perfectly functioning, GhostArk device. However the shipping is expensive ( I was told around £46 by royal mail insured up to £250.00). My wife paid for this using her credit card company (was going to be an xmas present) and they (her credit card company) have informed her that I must send it back and get a receipt of posting so my wife can then make a claim with them. I then have to fill out a form to send to her credit card company with attached posting receipt. The question is how do I proceed? Do I pay the postage to progress the claim through my wife's credit card company? Any help appreciated TimbreWolf
  10. Hi My dad works for a distribution company but is self employed (he is also carries out other work which they are aware of). He has recently received a letter advising him that he is now required to have a tracker fitted to his van (which is privately owned and insured) and that he is to purchase this himself. This just doesn't seem right, especially as he carries out work for more than one employer. I certainly don't think it is right that he would have to pay for this himself if it is a company requirement. Does anyone know what the legal position is on this? Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give. Thanks Chez
  11. Hello guys. I need your help on this one. I went to 3 store, and complaint about my device. the camera was not working properly. It is a well known issue for Sony devices, and guys in Sony center know about it. But here is the deal, manager in 3 store wrote down all my complains and issues that i had with the phone, i even showed him exactly what is not working properly! So here i am 2 weeks later. Got my device back. and a beautiful letter saying. "You'll be glad to hear that we've now fixed issue you reported on your phone. this repair work is guaranteed for 90 days over and above any cover provided by the manufacturer. "Our repair centre engineers carried out a software upgrade,to make sure that your mobile is working properly,we ran i through a thorough quality check" But this is all BS. because nothing was fixed. as soon as i turned on the device, a saw that all the issues are still there. So i was waiting for 2 weeks and they have done nothing! They told me to speak with a manager tomorrow, since guy who was in the shop could not explain to me what exactly was doe to fix the phone. Now i really don't want them to say that i need to send the device again. jut because i don't want to wait for another two weeks. This is crazy! Could you guys advise? Thank you!
  12. I swear to god it's the last time I ever buy anything from Apple! I bought it from PC World, who today just informed me that I am just out the 1 year warranty and need to contact apple, who no doubt will say the same thing. I was hoping for some advice on this though because if i buy a device that is faulty and the fault doesn't become apparent until after the 1 year warranty runs out then that surely is still an argument for a replacement/repair? The guy I just spoke to in the shop reckons it could be a faulty hard drive, and I previously just put it down to a software glitch which can be fixed. I set up my speakers and iPod ready to bang out some tunes and to my horror- No Music on it. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. 100 and odd GB of data, but no tunes... This has happened before when I charge it up, add music and I know how to fix it, it just takes hours! And it's highly inconvenient, not to mention extremely annoying. What is the point in having this device if I can rely on it to supply me music when and where I might happen to be, which last night was in the middle of nowhere miles away from my laptop. this is the third time this has happened, and it also occasionally has errors in songs, for exmaple it will be half way through playing a track and then suddenly it's playing something else, then back to the track I was listening to, as though a segments of tracks have been mixed about. Do I have any consumer rights here that I can enforce if necessary. I will not be fobbed off by Apple again, they already sold me a dodgy macbook, refused to repair and I kicked out their genius store once and humiliated by the staff for raising my voice (after travelling all the way there from 70 miles away one day) I never sent the letter of complaint that time, but I should have. I will certainly mention that this time if i have to.
  13. Is using bankruptcy as a device for debt collection grounds for anulment of a bankruptcy order. I was made bankrupt in my absence & as yet have not been given the opportunity to examine the court case papers. I did not recieve ANY papers concerning the case, but susequent papers recieved , concerning another related case indicate that at the time I was made bankrupt I was solvent, & had I recieved the SD the I would have been in a position to pay the demand, & at the time of the bankruptcy the lawyers representing the claimant,(debt was council tax) knew I had assets far in excess of their claimed amount ,an amount I was unable to verify, as I was unaware of the action against me.
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