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  1. I don't disbelieve them at all about the stock, I understand it happens. I've tried a Pixel 2, that one fell on deaf ears, I'm working my way down. The near earbuds would be excellent, I can always ask, they can only say no. Haha. That's no issue, I appreciate your help throughout and providing me with CEO email, as I believe that is the way the escalation team got in touch with me.
  2. I am currently today waiting for my device to arrive today by UKMail after 25 days of waiting since I sent my phone. I finally was contacted by someone outside of the customer support team and in the escalation team this morning, where she offered me £20 Google Play Credit as a compensation gift, I said that in the nicest respects, I don't spend money on the Google Play store as you can't use it on devices or stuff like that only downloadable items. Plus, I've already been given £20 credit so it would have made it £40 in total. I questioned if there was anything else that might be offered to me, to which she said she understands and that she will see what she can arrange. This lady also explained to me the issue that made the process so long, she said to me that it was due to the fact that they didn't have the Pixel in stock, then they agreed to send me a Pixel XL, but then the Pixel's came back into stock and they were going to send me one of those, which is not entirely true, but it's whatever, I'm done with it now. I am just glad to have finally been sent a device, even if it did take 25 days. Still pretty disappointed that this has taken so long, as they usually excel in customer service in my past experiences, but this happens from time to time.
  3. UPDATE: As of today, I have heard nothing from the CEO email that I emailed to on Thursday. I still have no reply from grievence and no update from people that I am communicating with on the customer support. I have called them again on Saturday to provide me with an update. This is where some fun information was bought to my attention. The staff member I spoke to on Saturday has realised the tracking number I have on my parcel I sent and the one that they have for me are different. This is where they reckon the issue lays. They said that they have escalated this case to a "tier 3" issue and have said that they have noted this as a serious issue now as it is coming up to 18 days without my device. According to the person that I spoke to Saturday Google's store policy for customer support is as follows: Customer service contact/live chat are the only people that are able to talk to customers. Managers/Supervisors are there to manage customer service advisors on the phone and these managers/supervisors will not speak to any customers at all. When customer service escalate your case, they will speak to their specialists via live chat only, these specialists will also not talk to you on the phone. Any information that these specialists or parts of the escalation team have they will email to the customer service team, who then have to forward the email to me. I am pretty unsure at the next steps for me possibly to take, I feel as if I have exhausted the possible forms or communication that I know of. I have emailed the CEO email, grievance, customer support about 25+ times and still no solution. Any support here would be ideal. I'm unsure about if I should potentially contact my local trading standards and ask for their support, see if they have anything that they can give me any advice at all. I'm not sure.
  4. Everyone that I have spoken to so far, whether that be on live chat or on the phone has been lovely and very willing to help. Although, it's the matter of getting no definative answer from them that has been the unfortunate and fustrating part of the entire process. We will see how they go from here onwards.
  5. Excellent, thank you for this! Shame that this hasn't only happened to just me.
  6. I actually bought the device originally around this time last year, but through Carphone Warehouse. But for this return for a replacment, I have specifically dealt with Google rather than going through Carphone Warehouse, as the device is still under warranty from Google. I also have had previous bad experience with Carphone Warehouse, so I subsequently went straight through Google in this instance. I haven't had to pay anything out to Google at all. I'm simply just sent my device to them to replace, but they've since lost it they told me.
  7. Hello, I am looking for some advice if possible regarding an issue that I have with them about a phone that I have returned to them to get replaced under warranty. On the 27th September, I returned my Google Pixel device back to Google's warehouse, using UPS shipping labels provided to me via their customer support live chat. This shipping method provided me with a tracking number so I could find out when it arrived. Great! The phone was delivered to Google's warehouse in Germany on the 29th September. A few days after I knew it had arrived at the warehouse, I got in touch with Google as I had received no confirmation from them to say that they have received my phone. I questioned this and was assured that my phone has been received at the warehouse and all is good, my replacement device will be shipped to me as soon as it has processed through their systems. A few more days passed with no information from Google still regarding my device, I get in contact again and explain. They tell me that they are unable to find my device that I sent them. This is where I begin to get slightly concerned. I explain to them that the tracking shows delivery (I sent them this in a screenshot). They asked me to provide shipping labels, which I did, but when I sent them to them, I never got a response regarding it. Cut a long story short, every time I've contacted Google I have spoken to a different agent, whether this was through live chat/phone call. I finally thought I was getting somewhere when I spoke to a staff member on the phone who told me that they are going to send me a Pixel XL in replacement for my Pixel device and that I will receive it within 7 working days. Excellent! I'm getting somewhere I thought. A few more days passed from that point, no shipping confirmation, no confirmation of receiving the device, nothing. The only communication has been when I have contacted them via email or live chat. Following this discussion, I received an email from the live chat again who explained that there has been no update on the device's whereabouts and that no new device will be sent until they find it. As you can understand, I was not happy and email back explaining the conversation I had with an agent on the phone. Finally, Wednesday 11th October, two weeks since I sent the device. I spoke to someone on the phone, who was an excellent help. He said that he has now just processed it as if they have received the device and that it is processing through the system now and will hopefully be sent to be soon (not exactly 100% what I wanted to hear, but it's a start). He explained to me that I should email him on Friday 13th October if I have received no communication regarding the replacement as he personally processed the replacement whilst on the phone to me. He also explained to me that he is now the only person that I will talk to for this case. So tomorrow, I will call Ollie the agent again to speak to him regarding the device, because as of this evening, no device has been sent out to me. The most aggravating part for me during this has been speaking to different people every single time I contact, even by email, a different person replies to me. I have tried to escalate the case as much as possible, but am being told that there is nobody else that is able to talk to me. Even when challenged, I got a response from a so-called "supervisor" by email, who I replied to but have never heard anything back from. Along with this, I have found an email address online for their grievance department, but as of yet, nobody has got back to me on that email, except an automated response. What would people suggest in doing? I plan on arrange for a call from the agent I spoke to on Wednesday tomorrow morning, but I am unsure at what I should do if he says that there is nothing else he can do to speed the process up. Despite the fact someone told me it was sent before he did. Any suggestions? Apologies for the long story, but have condensed it down as much as possible. Thanks in advance for any advice given. EDIT: Each time that I have spoken to a person on the phone and they have given me information such as sending me a different device or such. I have got them to email me this, so that I have a copy of this in writing each time that they have said it.
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