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Found 11 results

  1. Hi I did by a Rolling Stone T-SHIRT at Saatchi Gallery store 2 days before the exhibition closed 3/9/16. it costed £40 I bought it few minutes before Saatchi was closing. I am not happy with the prduct and the t-shirt does not fit. I went back at Saatchi gallery store the week after but the store was closed for change of exhibition. It is still closed. this prompted me to write to the shop customer service. They eventually replied sayng they did return all the stock and it is not of their competence now. They've asked me to contact Bravado uk. Bravado web for Exhibition London is down. I did found the contact for Bravado US and they said they are not associated to that show or they sell only online. Went back to speak to Saatchi and they gave me a link Bravado office uk. I wrote to them twice but not reply. I still believe Saatch should take it back because they were officially appointed to sell Exhibition merchandice and did all the operations with their credit card and system account machines. would be logical to go again through their machines for the refund which I paid by card and then they should sort that out with Bravado. It seem quite tough as Saatchi is insisting they ahve finish their work with them.. . Any help or suggestion please? Seems a proper con otherwise, no customer assistance just after the exhibition ends for return of defective clothe etc.. .Seems crazy. How could this be ascaleted eventually or any help? cheers!
  2. Need guidance: Purchased the following three days ago, from a store: http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/phones-broadband-and-sat-nav/broadband/mobile-broadband/ee-osprey-2-mini-pay-monthly-mobile-wifi-10132535-pdt.html Personal Hotspot Device - £9.99 + 30 day (rolling) data contract (I choose the 32gb tarrif - £28pm). At purchase - I had to put my debit card in the pay machine to pay twice - 1st - £9.99 for the device, 2nd - for the 30 day rolling data contract validation (£5). I've been using both for the last three days (The device box & the separate data sim were both sealed when we left the store). I opened and used both. I want to return and get a refund for the device + as much as possible for the contract. I have friends that have warned me 'not to trust this high street retailer - and to understand that they 'game' customers to avoid refunds as much as possible'. What are my consumer rights - and how should I approach this to get back as much as possible? My sincere thanks to any and all that help and contribute. Libertas
  3. Hi people, I've been doing some searching regarding getting my default removed with vodafone and this forum came up. It is regarding a default with vodafone from a rolling sim I had with them (this is the only default or even late payment on my file). I have been in contact with vodafone via web chat and had no luck. I had a contract with vodafone for years and never missed a payment, Once my contract ended I called up to cancel but was talked into having a rolling sim instead. A few months down the line I had taken out a different contract elsewhere and had a new phone, so I cancelled my direct debit as I was no longer using the vodafone sim. Fast forward to last year and while looking for mortgages, I noticed the default notice on my file of £41. According to my experian the terms of the contract state "0 @ £ 0 (Monthly)" and at no point did I receive a letter asking for any outstanding balance to be paid due to the DD not being set up anymore so I was oblivious to it I had no idea I owed anything as it was a rolling sim and I was not using it now. I have since called and payed the amount, which I did as soon as I noticed it and it is "default: settled" however, the default is still showing. This severely affected my attempts to get my first mortgage and is still affecting any attempts to get credit. This is the only red mark on my credit file, I earn a good salary, all my accounts are paid on time, I've never missed a payment on HP's, credit cards etc and I now have a mortgage with Barclays as they ignore defaults under £250 and this was only £41. I was however recently declined for 0% finance on furniture due to this red mark from vodafone and it is affecting my ability to obtain any credit agreements right now with just moving into my first home as it is holding my credit score low. I also got declined for a 0% balance transfer card due to this. What can I do to apply to get this removed? I was a vodafone contract customer for a couple of years and only when I was talked into a rolling sim, do they apply a default without writing to me after I cancel the DD. My credit file is perfect apart from this and I don't believe its a true reflection of my ability to pay for credit, I have lots of financial history, lots of closed accounts too all of which has never had a missed payment.Everything is green apart from this from vodafone. I can't even open a joint account with my partner for the house bills due to this default. Regards Tamara Clark
  4. I've seen some excellent legal advice on this forum but I'm posting this less in the hope of getting out of the hole I'm in and more as a warning to other commercial tenants. Eight months ago, I verbally agreed a new tenancy agreement when my five year shop lease was coming to an end. When I rang the landlords six months later the guy I had spoken to had left. The new person said they'd honour the agreement but only on a one month rolling contract outside the act. I needed to race to a solicitor and get the agreement witnessed. Why would they be asking for this? I dismissed my suspicions as paranoia. I'm a good tenant. Pay on time etc etc. Lots of empty property in the locality. Exactly six months later the shop has been re let to a new tenant. (I had no idea they were making it available - not 'quiet enjoyment' for three years) and I have been served one months notice. As you can imagine this is devastating to any trader. Find a new property. Relocate. Fit out etc etc. The cost is prohibitive. Are there any loopholes? The rent is paid per annum but on quarter days so has been paid to September 1st and I read that the notice period must end at the end of a period. Lease commenced on 24 Nov. One months Notice was served on 23rd june with termination set for 27 July (One minute before midnight) Any advice help definately appreciated but otherwise please treat this as a warning to others.
  5. Hello, Was wondering if anyone can provide some advice please. About 3 years ago I upgraded to an iPhone contract with Vodafone. Happy with the contract and phone. On the way out of the shop after picking up the phone the sales assistant said "would you like a spare SIM for friends or family?" I was a bit dubious but took the SIM. At no stage did I sign for the SIM or agree to anything for the SIM I just accepted the SIM and walked through the door. I stress at no stage was there a receipt or any paperwork detailing any costs I was not informed of any charges. Turns out the SIM was a 30 day rolling contract at £15.50 per month! I already had a contract and would not actively pursue another one. I realized this about 18months after the event, I know should always check the bank account. But i have quite a few direct debits coming out of my account and I just thought Vodafone made a mistake etc. Anyway contacted Vodafone and it turns out that the number has never been used, no calls were ever made from it and no one has ever called it - not surprising since i never used it. I don't even know where the SIM is nor did i know the number. The person I spoke to on the phone asked if I wanted to cancel the number and I said yes, they also offered me a refund for 3 months which I refused. They also said why didn't i cancel the direct debit? I said i thought the companies cancelled them - anyway i contacted my bank and instructed them to cancel the direct debit and I also asked them for a direct debit indemnity to retrieve back the money I paid them. So now Capquest have been instructed by Vodafone to recover the debt. CapQuest informed me that if the debt was not paid: 1) My Vodafone contract will be cancelled permanently. 2) A default will be placed on my credit file. Having been on the phone to Vodafone they will not discuss my account details until the debt has been paid. I have subsequently paid the amount required by CapQuest. Vodafone has offered to refund 6 months of the contract. I feel this is still short since the SIM has never been inserted into a phone. I have also contacted consumer@ help. vodafone. co.uk to obtain a record of the Proof of Purchase. In the meantime I still cannot cancel the Vodafone contract and will continue to incur costs until CapQuest notifies Vodafone that the payment has indeed been paid (I do have an authorization number) and I'm waiting a receipt of payment from CapQuest.
  6. Hi all, if Ive been on a 6 month fixed term contract and it has been rolled four times since I started! Should I have received a new written contract everytime my employer rolled it! As my end date was 30th June 2012 and since that date I have not been given anything at all in writing its now been a year I've worked past my last written contracts end date.
  7. I got an invoice from a PPC, I was looking forward to making them pay a POPLA fee so I sent an appeal to the PPC claiming there was no valid contract and they wrote back saying they will not be chasing anymore and will write it off.
  8. Hiya, Did some silly stuff again with PDL but have managed to agree the following: * Wage Day Advance - Owe originally £388.50 and set up repayment plan for £388.50 over 6 months. Been very helpful. *Monkey Dosh - Owe originally £312.48 but they want me to repay an extra £135.39 (1 extra month of interest and then 5% added onto the balance at the end of every month) This is going to take an extra 2 months to pay off than I offered them. They have been really helpful and I've had no calls but still they don't deserve extra money from me. *1 Month Loan - Owe originally £357.50 and they've added an extra £165 to my repayment plan. Just some advice guys, would you email back and state you aren't paying the extra fees or would you start the repayment plan but pay only original amount + 1 months interest and see if they quibble over the final amounts? What do you people think? I have all their bank account details if anyone needs them. Many thanks NLS
  9. I am a landlord that has signed an Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement with my tenants for a term of 12 months. However, there is a provision in my agreement that states: "It is further agreed that in the absence of a replacement Agreement this Agreement shall be deemed to be extended until such time as at least two calendar months advance written notice is given by either party of their intention to determine this Agreement but without prejudice nevertheless to any claim by either party against the other in respect of any antecedent breach of this Agreement or the conditions herein contained." My question is this: at the end of the 12 month term of the AST can I still insist on 2 months notice being required for the tenants to vacate or am I to understand that since the AST automatically becomes a statutory periodic (or "rolling") tenancy, my original terms are no longer in force, and that the tenants need only give the normal statutory one months notice?
  10. Hi all, I have since found out that Three have registered a default to the pitiful sum of £50.00+ on a monthly rolling contract, not signed as a contract, but as a monthly only contract. This has had a disastrous effect on my credit rating and I am having all sorts of problems trying to talk to anyone, just the usual call centre in India. Various discrepancies of 3 different dates and no one knowing what date the default was registered. I never ever received the so called letter of 'Default' as it just appeared strangely after the amount was paid. I am now in the process of applying to the court to have it removed due to the odd dates, no reply to a recorded letter and the various discrepancies....not a nice way to treat anyone especially for the ridiculous amount of £24.00 + a charge of £25.00! Anyone any other ideas, experiences? Kind regards, TB
  11. hi My 9 month tenancy contract recently ended and I went straight into a rolling contract. I gave notice on 25 June, hoping to move on 25 July. The letting agent informed me that I need to give notice on the anniversary of my contract which is 23 of June. I accepted a new flat but the agent insists that I stay until 22 August which means I lose my flat and deposit despite giving a full months notice. Is this legal, do I really need to give notice on the anniversary of a rolling contract? Is there any way I contest it? The agent has been difficult in general and won't negotiate. Many thanks Rochelle
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