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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, On the 18th of January I was pulled over. When the police officer asked what I was doing on my mobile phone (which was attached to the magnet holder). I immediately replied I was 'changing the music'. It was about half past midnight with no other cars on the road and I stopped my vehicle just before I entered a small roundabout as there was a car approaching from the right (which I now believe is the police car). I took the opportunity to pick a song to accompany me the rest of the way home. As I saw the police car approaching I pulled off and was pulled over. The police have ticketed me. I am a new driver so the punishment of 6 points and £200 fine would mean my licence will be revoked. I am thinking of letting the issue be decided by the courts as I feel that the punishment is harsh considering the circumstances. I am thinking of representing myself as cannot afford the legal fees. I am aware of the technicality of the law surrounding this issue in order to be guilty of this offence - Firstly said mobile/hand held device must be handheld at some point during alleged offence, secondly phone has to be used for interactive communication and thirdly engine has to be on. Clearly my car engine was on, I would definitely argue that my phone was not held in my hand however the interactive communication part is a gray area as I stream music from Apple music but I also have music stored on my device, the question is whether I was streaming music at around said time of offence. I have requested a solicitor write to my phone company to release such information to me. Other points to note there were 2 police officers in the vehicle. The officer that ticketed me clearly believed that I was changing the music because she made comments at the end of our encounter saying that I can use Siri to change the music. I have never been to court before and any advice is greatly appreciated. My questions are: Is it worth taking to court? Will there be a opportunity to raise the points of law and how my incident does not meet the criteria for said offence and also can I request to see police statements of said incident? Any other opinions and advice is greatly appreciated. I need as much help as i can get. ...
  2. Hi all, Last Friday I was taken by a surprise to have received a 'Conditional Offer of fixed penalty' from Met police for the alleged offence. Use of a motor vehicle with tyre with any of the ply/cord exposed. Now the reason I was taken by surprise is because I had no knowledge of it but car and details are mine. I can prove that I was not even in the country so it could not have been me. the date is early November 2016 and speaking with close family, It dawned upon me that my cousin who holds a provisional licence took that car on that day and when stopped used my details. Now my cousin is no longer in the country and have moved back to Switzerland. If it was only a matter of £100 fine, it would have just paid and be done with it but i read it says 3 points too.. Any suggestions?
  3. Your right to end a hire purchase or conditional sale agreement You can end (terminate) a hire purchase or conditional sale agreement in writing and return the goods at any time. This can be useful if you can no longer afford the payments or you don't need the goods any more. You will have to pay all the instalments due up to the time you end the agreement. If your payments come to less than half of the total price of the goods, you may still have some money to pay as the lender is entitled to this amount under the agreement. If you have already paid more than half of the price when you end the agreement, you can't get a refund but you usually won't have to pay any more. If you are not sure whether you still owe anything, check the original credit agreement which should show the total price of the goods and the amount you must pay if you end the agreement. The credit agreement is the legal document you signed when you bought the goods. Lenders sometimes say you must pay the whole amount owed under the agreement this is sometimes wrong. hope this helps:-D Citizens Advice
  4. Hi, i was speeding on the motorway and wish t plead guilty and pay the appropriate £100 fine and take the 3 points. I have been waiting for the [/b]conditional offer of a fixed penalty notice[/b] It never came on the post?! Then I receive a postal requisition to be heard in court. Can I not contact NYP and state that i did not receive the offer of a fixed penalty notice? surely this is unfair to go straight to court if I haven't received the offer to pay via the fixed penalty notice. Any tips or forms or letters i can send as my response guys would be most appreciated? i want to pay plead guilty and have done with this but haven't had the bloody chance. We also live at a new house and our address is proving really hard to locate for many org/co. Lots of mail goes to another house half a mile up the road! Genuine reason and I want to clear this up and pay.
  5. I have read several similar cases on the forum, such as speranza's in April 15; but it is sometimes down to how the question is asked and by who, so any valuable comments are much appreciated. In short, I was caught by TFL inspector at tube station attempting to travel on London Underground without having a previously paid fare of £4 in Aug 2012, which was a silly mistake really. I plead guilty and apologised sincerely for it in court and was given a conditional discharge for the offence, stating that as long as i do not commit an offence during the next 12 months from the date of the order (Feb 2013,) then I will not be punished. By definition, a conditional discharge is a sentence that diminishes the finding of guilt in which the offender receives no punishment provided that, in a period set by the court (not more than three years), no further offence is committed. If an offence is committed in that time, then the offender may also be resentenced for the offence for which a conditional discharge was given. Under criminal law, a conditional discharge does not constitute a conviction unless the individual breaches the discharge and is resentenced. And under 322(1C)(iv) you will be rejected if you had, within the 24 months prior to the date on which the application is decided, been convicted of or admitted an offence for which they have received a non-custodial sentence or other out of court disposal that is recorded on their criminal record 1. I will declare this in my ILR application as; a. Given it is a spent conditional discharge, so even though I am not convicted this offence, but still admitted. b. Given the court order was issued in Feb 2013, 322(1C)(iv) will not apply to my application in Jun 2015. 2. I am also asked "Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence, including spent convictions or cautioned by the police?" on my application as a registered traveller (by UK Border Force.) Am I right to answer "No." Thanks in advance for all the help in advance.
  6. Hope I'm posting in the right place, would be extremely grateful to get some insight/guidance/thoughts, after short time in-between jobs and unemployed I recently have been offered a job under a "conditional offer" - whilst I passed the credit check, DBS check and am aware I need 5 years checkable work history in refs, it has come to light 1 previous employer just hasn't responded within the last fortnight despite 2 requests from the recruiter and it has now been requested I myself personally 'call' to see if I can get anywhere (never had to do this before and not relishing it either... whilst it was fair to say it was volatile with this employer, was one of those zero hours worker not by choice I really liked to think when I picked up they had overpaid me once and then thanks for honesty this may have aided a reference if for nothing else, I was under the impression they had previously supplied/responded to references requests, this being the first I've heard of them not replying) Like I said there is an agony that stems from being aware of an earlier organisation I'd applied to only within the last year who said at the time they had received a reference from this employer who is now not responding, so I'm thinking crazily could I not just do similar to a 'subject access request' if it comes to it? ironically this occasion saw a withdrawal of job offer due to not passing the credit check then, which now is ok/passable and remember it was said it was a shame there was a withdrawal because they had the references back ??? although I would later discover this application was a bit floored from the start so I can only hope I wasn't lied to then which is why I want to see if they did really receive the references... I appreciate it is Christmas and there isn't much I can do until the new year - leaving me stewing - from experience does anyone know if officially an organisation has to give a certain length of time for receiving reference? (letter when conditionally offered job doesn't say) there is also some money at steak for paying out to have the DBS done which gets lost if application isn't successful with the organisation I'm now hopeful to get a job with Thanks for hearing me out and appreciate any input
  7. Hello, I moved property 3 months ago. When I chose this location, there were several factors which were very important to me. 1) A NTL connection had to be available, which the estate agent told me was available, and they even showed me the NTL connection. 2) That there was CCTV around the entire property, which there appears to be by various cameras placed around the property. Since I have moved there, I have found out that: 1) The NTL connection is infact a dummy and does not work. I approached the letting agent about this and got the following response: ********** Response: With regards to the NTL. This is the first ive heard about it. And as far as i am aware if you are in a non serviceable area then NTL would'nt install a connection point. If there is a connection point Joseph would assume like anybody else would, that NTL would supply a connection there. ********** 2) The CCTV camera's are ALSO dummies... I also approached them about this and they came back with the following: ********** Response: With regard to the CCTV this would be down to the Managment Company (SLM) TEL: 01482 328068. ********** Now why do I feel like I'm being fobbed off here and that the buck is being passed on. What options do I have to sort this out? Also in light of this, can I dispute the £120.00 administration cost which they said was for 'administration and credit checking'? Thanks and Regards Adrian
  8. Hi, I read on the forum a case of a conditional job offer being withdrawn by the employer even though the individual had met the 'conditions' of offer, ie satisfactory references etc. and was not given a start date before he had been told the job offer was withdrawn. My situation is the same, a start date was to be agreed. I had been persuing it for the past month only to be told today that they were withdrawing the job due to restructuring in the NHS. They kept me waiting for 2/3 months undertaking references etc..Criminal records checks etc., leading me on.... and now this which has left me with now no job in the foreseeable future and no income to continue paying my mortgage etc., They said they had no other job to offer me in its place. I know after reading the threads on a situation that was the same that it was 'like nailing jelly to the ceiling' to obtain compensation and all the business about county court and ET to attempt to obtain compensation for my losses, that of other opportunity (ie other jobs I had been shortlisted for), loss of earnings since April, the emotional impact. However, can anyone tell me if they have been successful in obtaining compensation, ie even 1 month's salary etc..) I have emailed the senior bods as I have lost opportunity of earnings for the past two months and in the foreseeable future so I have asked for compensation for my losses.. I am waiting a reply PS, for information I did have an indepth interview and a written conditional offer letter with salary, position, hours etc. so I am aware that although it forms the basis of a breach of contract there is little I can do in regards to legally acting on this. I would be interested in your views and comments. Thanks:help:
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