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  1. Aye good job. Merge my threads, when in fact they are specifically about separate issues and move the main thread to a completely unrealted sub-forum. I started a thread highlighting a potential security risk on an official government website and you do this? Seriously. I'm done with this place. Maybe it's changed? I'll just go to CAB. Many thanks.
  2. Close thread please. This has all opened my eyes to just how corrupt the world is. I feel there is a deterioration in our rights going on . FYI the allegations I thought were coming from my neighbours were actually coming from the police . I'm expected to not know that until 10 minutes before I'm put on the spot and asked if I'd like to take a plea bargain on the 3rd hearing. Don't ever take one of those. Not if you feel that overall you are innocent and being treated with contempt by everyone involved. Solicitors walking off the case. Me complaining about that
  3. it's connected yes. I forgot I posted that . It's complicated. I'll look into that ignore function.The Hope I don't have to use it on anyone else.
  4. I've already told you. I skimmed through about half of this latest tirade. Last time I tell you to keep your sepculation/judgmental commentary to yourself! I AM NOT HERE TO DISCUSS THE CASE! So either give me the benefit of the doubt and just assume I'm in the right, which I am, or ZIP IT! I'm just offering a condensed version of what happened (obviously a mistake because some people here just love reading between the lines) I'm not offering a full breakdown of events! You know what mate, one day you might find yourself on the wrong side of the law through no fault of y
  5. Well it sounded like you were, inviting me to read between your lines. I guess I'll report it to whatever regulatory body oversees them because this is just not good enough. I'm now wondering about whether to change my bank details, which is a hassle. The IT department of the Scottish Justice System appear to be about as competent as the rest of them. There's normally a process of mediation before you get handcuffed and bundled in a van for nothing more than walking down the street in the town where you live, on the asumption I WAS in fact threatening or intending to harm my
  6. Yeah there's something about having to try to settle the matter at home over 6 months or something. But I'm not sure how to do that. My solicitor doesn't seem to give a toss, I never once have had my side of the story put forward in court and any attempt by me to do so was somehow brushed aside. I feel as though I was coerced into a plea bargain because of a number of factors: extreme difficulty getting to the court and the police were (I suspect) deliberately procrastinating on presenting the witness statements forcing me to attend more hearings. They also committed perjury,
  7. I'm not here to be judged by you mate. I'm here for advice on the payment method so if you've got nothing to contribute there then please keep your negative remarks to yourself. You don't know anything about the situation, but feel free to "read between the lines" silently. I'm not getting in to it here because it's not the reason I'm asking for advice, and it's complicated I've already spent about a year and a half suffering anxiety and depression as a result of it! I'm tired of thinking about it which is part of the reason I've not yet filed a complaint to the EU!
  8. I'm not applying to the EU human rights court for that, it would be for all the other stuff. I guess I've got more or less zero chance of anyone there giving a stuff either though eh? I'm still doing it anyway as a protest. The human rights abuse extends a little further than the courts. The police and the justice system did everything in their power to turn a minor dispute between neighbours into a full blown storm. I could have resolved the matter between myself and these idiots who got it into their heads i was a threat and started wasting police time, but then they slap
  9. Not sure this is necessarily a consumer issue but it's certainly a data protection issue. I was fined by the (so called) Scottish Justice System last year and I'm paying it off in installments. (is there a minimum I have to pay, because they said 20) This month I couldn't make it to an office so I decided to pay online. Terrible, insecure online method of paying! The page I was directed to (can't remember the web address) was basic, and it didn't ask the name of account holder or what credit card I was using. I was then directed to a window which popped up that alerted me
  10. Your attempts to troll me are nothing but a waste of your own time. I might not be able to block you, but I don't have to read anything you write. I don't think it presents a very good image of the site to new people who come here and find a long standing member attempting to wind someone up who is going through a rough time and comes here asking for advice. If noone has any information regarding the specific question about deadlines for submission of witness statements then can some from admin close this thread, or better still delete it.
  11. I'll think twice about asking for any more advice here. I'm just glad this isn't the court. Close the thread.
  12. BazzaS don't talk to me again. I will ignore all your future posts from now on. Don't waste your time, I don't want to read your inflamatory rubbish, and I wont from now on. I've already considered how I'm going to approach this. It's not how I want to approach this, but it will have to be. I'm well acqainted with the kind of people who are judges, and the lives they lead outside of work. My mouth will be saying "yes your honour" but my mind will be thinking "... I have more than just "I have gay friends" in my favour, trust me when I say they are not pinning homophobic abus
  13. Why is not being represented to my advantage? I have a soliticitor, I think he doesn't want to spend any more time on this than he has to until the witness statements come through. I'm not that worried about it, I am a bit though. Everyone tells me to go in all remorseful and take the hit, but I'm damned if I am going to be messed about by stupid people and the police and the legal process. I'll stand my ground to the end. I didn't create this situation. It was thrust upon me through a series of successively and increasingly stupid people over reacting to an incident that wasn't wort
  14. Thanks. I did read some of that off a website before I came here though, and I couldn't find anything that said evidence must be produced prior to the intermediate diet. Diet as in hearing, whatever hearing means. Why do they have to make everything so difficult for the layperson to understand in law? Oh yeah, so they can confuse/frighten us into pleading guilty... They better not say the evidence is not ready and I have to appear for another intermediate diet! It's already a real hassle for me to get to the court, hence the offer from my gay friend to drive me there. It's either that or
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