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  1. Hi all, Good to be back. Pay monthly EE sim only - taken out through a company call affordable mobiles few months back by retired elderly mother. Unfortunately - in use through lockdown (higher call rate than typical + video calls) the signal was very very poor at home. Distorted calls & dropped calls - continuously and consistently. Complaints from those calling us, and those we call. I am asking for help on how to get out of this product, as for a retired person who is vulnerable - a reliable mobile service is very important. Please advise - as I am unsure of how to proceed. L
  2. Current state of play: Received this - https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?487711-BT-SIMO-PAC-held-back-Twice&p=5130924&viewfull=1#post5130924 Forum advised I write back. This is the draft - and I am seeking your input on it, before I send it https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?487711-BT-SIMO-PAC-held-back-Twice&p=5133786&viewfull=1#post5133786 Once the letter is finalised - I will send it immediately. Then I will attempt to port my number again - and record the call.
  3. Hi BankFodder, did you get a chance to see my previous post?
  4. Hi BankFodder, Currently - just waiting for your input on post 15 - then will proceed once I've heard your ideas on this. Other than the initial SAR request - I have not communicated with BT.
  5. DragonFly1967, I'm very grateful for your reply. I was hoping to get the opinion of Bankfodder too - simply to hear as many ideas as possible. Do you have the ability to PM BankFodder - and ask him to offer his thoughts to my latest question - I can't seem to PM him directly. Hope you can help, Once again, most sincerely - I'm grateful to both of you for your continued guidance. Libertas
  6. Thanks for responding DragonFly1967, I'm very grateful for any modifications, changes, suggestions you can give. I'm actively seeking constructive criticism. If I am reasonable, and act in good faith - in the long run - it demonstrates I am genuinely pursuing things in a good natured way. If it does go to adjudication - they should be able to understand that I'm genuine & sincere. Or am I being naive?
  7. Thank you all for your guidance & responses - I was away due to a family emergency. Following your advice - I have typed up this draft, as a response. I am hoping for your help and guidance in improving/amending it please: "09/07/2018 In response to your initial response (post 10). Data Subject Access Request Team, Dear Sir/Madam, Respectfully, Thank you for your initial response letter dated 21/06/18, indicating that you may need to delay your fulfilment of my S.A.R for the reason that: “We are currently receiving an exceptionally high volume of requests and we therefore need extra time to be able to respond to them. We will complete your request as soon as possible, but at the latest, within three months of your request.” This letter was received on 27/06/18. Whilst I genuinely I sympathise with your situation, I must respond that the reasons as provided – do not fit within the bounds of the ICO guidelines - permitting an extension above the original 30 days: ICO website - Guide to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/guide-to-the-general-data-protection-regulation-gdpr/individual-rights/right-of-access/ Since you have not conveyed my S.A.R as “...being complex...” nor have you received a “…number of requests from the individual [Myself].” - I look forward to your accurate, comprehensive & complete S.A.R fulfilment. To demonstrate my reasonableness & my sympathy with the difficulties you alluded too – I am willing grant you an additional five working days in total, to the original 30 days. Yours Sincerely, Mr Libertas."
  8. Update: Sar sent 19.06.18. Response letter received today: THIS LETTER WAS NOT MARKED AS PRIVATE / CONFIDENTIAL - NOR DID IT ALLUDE TO ANY SUCH PRINCIPLE IN ANY WAY: "Dear Mr. LIBERTAS, Thank you for your request for a copy of the information we hold about you which we received today [21.06.18]. Whilst we normally aim to respond within one month of your request, we are currently receiving an exceptionally high volume of requests and we therefore need extra time to be able to respond to them. We will complete your request as soon as possible, but at the latest, within three months of your request. We may be in touch in the meantime if we have any questions, or if we need to extend our response time for any reason but we will explain why. If you need to contact us please write to the correspondence address below or email us at [email protected] Yours sincerely Data Subject Access Request Team" What move should I make now? I am fearful they will call me when I am out and about - and will therefore be unprepared to record any such call? I want full transparency - because I offer it to them too.
  9. Bankfodder - I have a question to ask - but for some reason the forum wont allow me to PM you. For the new SAR template - I've been through it line by line. It recommends that the reader look at post #X, and post #Y at different points. However when you try and do this - there are discrepancies. Can someone go through it - and check the directions to the reader - line for line - as I think somethings been missed. If I am wrong - then I am wrong and need to be corrected. I just want to make sure I get this letter spot on - because I know that if you start on solid footing - you have the best chance of success. My sincere and genuine thanks and gratitude, to all those that are contributing to this discussion. Libertas
  10. I am grateful for the guidance you are providing. I have the SAR template - and need help on whether I should limit my request somewhat.( This product/service (BT SimOnly - mobile voice/txt/data) was ordered on 7th December 2015. I need all the recordings/notes etc. to do with this product/service only - not for my BT home broadband/TV services. Hopefully by specifying a start date - they will find it harder to say the scope is too wide - and a fee applies? I would ask for your thoughts on this - and whether limiting it from 01 Dec 2015 onward - would be a bad idea?
  11. What do you mean? Could I ask you to expand on this please and discuss it a bit - because I am not sure I fully understand it correctly.
  12. If you need to use it in a dispute with a regulator or adjudicator of some sort - what are the rules governing the use of such recordings. If there was need for the Journalist to reach out to the ICO for the purpose of the article I linked to above - there must've been a reason for doing so. Clearly there was the potential for confusion or a need for clarification. I guess I'm trying to establish if there have been any novel changes to the rules/regs/law in the four years since - regarding recording & using? If unsure - what would be the best vector to find out?
  13. I signed up for a BT Sim only deal 2015 December. When my contract was coming to a close - I called BT and asked for my Pac code. At that time on mse and hotukdeals - there were some seriously discounted deals from competitors - and many people were switching. I was told that there was a problem with BT's pac system - somebody would call me back - and the PAC process would be imitated. A few months passed - no call - we had a number of unexpected deaths in our family - so I had other priorities in those months. April - Again called up and asked what was going on - give me my pac please. They threw £25 credit at me (keeping the money for the extra months). Again there were amazing competitor deals - so yet again I asked for my pac. You won't believe this - for the second time on that same call - he said our 'systems are malfunctioning - somebody will call back and start the pac process'. It is now September - and I am being very serious - BT are not giving me the PAC when asked for (twice). All calls were legally recorded by me too.
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