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Found 23 results

  1. Court bans mobility equipment boss for 6 years - Churchills Homecare READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/court-bans-mobility-equipment-boss-for-6-years
  2. Can you rejoin the scheme if you come off it? Is there a time period to wait before rejoining because of circumstances?
  3. Hi All I am in the process of buying two mobility Scooters via the internet I have paid for them and one has been delivered to me Friday. The one that was delivered on Friday is not fit for purpose as it is a fold up electric one that is dangerous for me to use as it is to flimsy. The problem I got is I fell off it the first time I tried it out and made very small scratch marks on the side of it and I mean very small but noticeable. The question I would like to be answered is is it the case of the company can refuse to take it back or offer me something back! Richie
  4. It's in good condition and has a nearly new battery but I feel like I've had my money's worth from it so would prefer to give it away. Anyone know a charity who would take it? It's in Dorset.
  5. i payed 3,500£ for a mobility scooter,last november i payed 90£for a service, the next day it ran awry and i nearly ended under a bus . they then send out another engineer and he said it was motor problems but would not have one in stock for at least a month so i waited,now it out of warrenty they want 480£ for the motor and 99£ to fit it because it out of warrenty i only use it to go to the shops about a mile once a week i think it is just over a year old with only twelve months warrenty
  6. I have mobility problems which only really affects me when the weather starts to change. At this stage I need to use crutches and have access to a cab to take me to and from work paid for by DWP under the Access to Work Scheme. I have recently started a new job (only 3 weeks) within a physio therapy centre however they do not have any disabled access. When I was offered an interview I noticed that the building only had stairs and prior to being offered the role, I did comment that I had mobility problems and that the stairs would be a problem for me. After being offered the position, I spoke to my Team Manager during the first week and informed her of the my mobility problems. She asked whether I would be able to manage and I said that I would see how it works out. Unfortunately I was unable to attend work the second week due to the pain in my back and mobility problems plus my cabs had not been arranged for me to get to and from work. The third week (21/12/15) I attended work and had a meeting with HR and my Line Manager. We discussed my mobility issues and they suggested that I was assessed by their in-house Occupational Therapist to see how they could assist me further, which I agreed to. On 22nd I was assessed by OT however unfortunately after examining me and getting me to undertake a few exercises eg. leg raises etc I was unable to walk and had to be assisted by the OT and his Manager into my usual cab. Due to this I have not been at work since. As the OT had to write a report, he said that it would be advisable for me not to go up and down the stairs often however at the moment I am working on reception and the offices and staff room are upstairs therefore it is unavoidable. He also suggested that I stand every half an hours to stretch my muscles. Although both myself and the company are aware that they need to make 'reasonable adjustments' there is not alot they can do. I am really considering my options here as when I am at home, although my mobility is an issue, I can get around and sometime do not use my crutches. However my symptoms worsen when I return to work due to having to climb up and down the stairs. This is of great concern to me as it feels like 10 steps forward and 10 steps back. Any suggestions, comments or advice would be welcome. I am due back in work tomorrow and do not know if I will be able to attend.
  7. Is a mobility scooter an aid/device for the disabled? This is the subject of this thread and how some LA's/HA,s see them as a pain. But legally are they an aid/device and or other ? Please bear in mind that I already know this answer, I am hoping that others will see it differently. So pop quiz time can you answer the following? Please supply links to your answers and an explanation... A, are they an aid? (yes/no/other) B, are they a device for the disabled only? (yes/no/other) C, can a LA/HA ban them from their properties without breaking the law? (yes/no/other) what laws are/not broken))
  8. From 1st April 2015, Single Lower Limb Amputees with 40% War Disablement Pension or more are entitled to receive War Pensioners Mobility Supplement. More Information at this link: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/war-pensioners-mobility-supplement Please be aware that you need to click on "War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement change from 1 April 2015" in that link to download the PDF which contains the information and how to claim.
  9. Can anyone please advise what happens when a claimant dies and they have a vehicle paid for by the higher rate of mobility on the scheme? Obviously, the vehicle has to be returned but I would like to know the timeframe in which it should be returned. Thanks in advance
  10. Hello, I hope someone can put us right on this please? Mum is now in care home permanently. We know about Attendance Allowance for dad as the local authority (welfare rights) have taken over making an application for him. What we are confused about is mum's DLA. She gets both components at the higher rate and has done since the early 90's. She always exchanges the mobility element for a Motability car. She obtained a new one some 5 months ago. The car is our dad's lifeline (mum can't drive as she has never passed a driving test) due to the complete lack of local shops/bank/post office and public transport etc. He has to drive 9 miles to the nearest town if he wants anything plus he has to drive 17 miles in the other direction when he wants to visit mum which is every day for obvious reasons. He also uses the car to take mum out when she is up to it. There still is the fact that dad may have to leave the family home (long story as posted in another thread) at sometime in the future if the council get their way. If that happens he wants to stay local which will mean a huge rent bill (he doesn't have much in the way of savings). If he can't afford the rent, then he will have to move out of the area which will add more distance to his travels. Now that mum is no longer at home what happens to her DLA and especially for dad, what happens to the car they have? Does he have to go out and buy one privately? If so, he would want the equivalent vehicle (not a small city car) which will set him back just over £25,000. He wouldn't be interested in a second hand vehicle as in his words ' you don't know how it has been looked after'. It would be for the best that he can keep the Motability one as it doesn't mean having to use any of his savings.
  11. Hi there, after a home visit medical I was awarded high mobility and NO care. I cannot understand how they have decided that I have not been awarded care component. I am thinking i should appeal, but i have several questions. the letter says that i can write or phone within 1 month of date of letter. (I have about 10 days left) and that if since receiving this letter we have sent you a written statement of reasons for our decision you have at least an extra 14 days to make your appeal. How do you get a written statement of reasons? .. In the award letter it does say having considered all the information i have decided the following ( and incorrectly lists not needing help to prepare a meal, lists day attention areas not needed. and not needing night attention more than once or for 20 mins or more a night).... is this the statement of reasons? How do you get to see what was written in the EMP report as i cannot see how the difficulties i stated ( i recorded the medical for my own memory) would result in a NO care award. when I appealed my ESA , i didnt request a review and went straight to asking for an appeal ( as the review is done automatically)... and I waited for the tribunal pack before preparing a submission is the same for DLA? I will probably have some more questions , but right now i need to know how to proceed . many thanks in advance
  12. Hi, Need some advice regarding a mobility scooter that my wife and I bought. It developed some problems and we tried to get the company to rectify them. They refused and during the swapping of emails they tried to bully and intimidate me. I sent them a formal complaint about this and about the refusal to fix the scooter. They totally ignored the formal complaint. I sent a letter before action, which they have also totally ignored. In the letter before action I said that if no response was forthcoming that I would then send them a bill for the cost of the replacement parts needed. I have now sent them a bill for the cost of the parts, which I fully expect them to ignore. Any advice as to what my next step should be? Many thanks
  13. Can |I get some advice on this subject. I have a mobility car on lease from Ford. I have an outstanding parking fine that I am contesting. Can the bailiffs clamp my car and tow it away?
  14. I was having a chat with my parents about various benefits and it started a big debates on DLA and Mobility. I don't know if anyone can help ... basically my parents (both 68 years old) recieve DLA and Mobility component plus their pension and housing benefit. They are worried that DLA and mobility is changing and worry over losing this benefit as it is a large amount that contributes to their bills and general expenses. My Father who is ill gets the top rate on both components and my Mother who is also unwell but not as serious gets the middle rate on both components. They are worried sick as they keep hearing some elements are being cut or reassessed but I said as you are genuine recipients I think the government are mainly focussing on working age 16-64 year olds. They have claimed DLA and Mobility for around 15 years in total. Does anyone know how (and if) they will be affected or as pensioners with pension credit and genuinely unwell with various conditions they will be expempt from reapplication and PiP etc? If any of them lost a large chunk of money they would basically be homeless! Many thanks
  15. I had an accident last year and i fractured my coccyx. It never got any better. I have recently been referred to Muscular Skeletal Clinic and diagnosed with severe Coccydinia. I cannot sit for longer than 10 mins without being in agony and that pain makes it horrendous to move positions. I cannot stand up properly, takes me a good 5 minutes to do so. I cant walk at normal speed, I have a stick to help me and I have to have help getting into bed as i cannot lift my legs onto the bed. Is it worth appealing? I have had an injection into the area which failed to relieve the pain. I am on tramadol for the pain at the moment. Im a bit of a mess to be honest. Honest opinions please?
  16. Hi,im after a bit of help re:mobility bus pass, i got a 1 yr mobility pass which expires in a few weeks, ive re:applied for it again and was basically asked me the same questions over the phone but got a letter saying they had turned me down,so i am appealing the decission,and have to go to see a physio and been told they will examine my breathing, and walking (distance) and my medical history, im in receipt of dla care low rate, and not entitled to mobility high rate,which would mean i would automatically get a bus pass, basically id like some advice if anyone has actually been to one of these medicals,and what information do i need to take with me etc. thanks
  17. Your Support Needed Before Its To Late! PIP ENHANCED MOBILITY ONLY FOR PEOPLE WITH INDOOR MOBILITY PROBLEMS The DWP appear to be planning to only pay the enhanced rate of the mobility component of PIP on physical grounds to claimants whose mobility is so restricted that they have difficulties moving between rooms indoors. Those who can manage indoors but have difficulty outdoors may only be awarded the lower rate of the mobility component. Atos and Capita, the companies carrying out PIP assessments, have been told that: “20 metres is considered to be the distance that a claimant is required to be able to walk in order to achieve a basic level of independence in the home such as the ability to move between rooms. “50 metres is considered to be the distance that a claimant is required to be able to walk in order to achieve a basic level of independence such as the ability to get from a car park to the supermarket.” To score the required 12 points to get enhanced rate mobility for physical health problems alone, a claimant must prove that they can’t stand and move more than 20 metres even using aids and/or with assistance. This means that in the majority of cases the private sector health professionals are likely to be looking for evidence that the claimant has problems with indoor mobility, rather than outdoor, if they are to be awarded the enhanced rate. You can read more on this here (open access) PIP MOBILITY CHANGES MAY BE ILLEGAL – YOUR HELP IS URGENTLY NEEDED Meanwhile another group of claimants has secured legal support to challenge the last-minute change to the PIP regulations which deny enhanced rate mobility to anyone who can stand and move more than 20 metres. They will be arguing that the failure to consult about the reduction of the limit from 50 metres to 20 metres means that the change is unlawful and should thus be quashed. If successful it would be a bigger blow to the government than today’s forced labour ruling. The result would be that the DWP would be obliged to consult all over again on the changes before they can be introduced. In the end they can still ignore the results of a new consultation, but they will face a very determined battle and will have no opportunity to claim that disability organisations supported the changes. At the very least it would set the introduction of PIP back months. At best it could even result in a fairer set of rules for the mobility component. But the campaigners desperately need claimants who fit very tightly defined criteria to come forward to be the ones who actually challenge the DWP. In order to bring the case, assisted by Leigh Day solicitors and barristers from Doughty Street Chambers, they need claimants: Who are eligible for legal aid – check your eligibility here (external site) Who currently have a DLA award including Higher Rate Mobility component Whose DLA award is NOT due to expire until after October 2013 Who, on re-assessment under PIP, whenever that occurs, are at risk of losing out on the enhanced mobility component of PIP because they can walk over 20 metres or so but cannot walk up to 50 metres. Who do NOT have any difficulty planning or following a journey (eg due to mental health, cognitive or sensory impairment). There are other criteria which are desirable rather than essential, which you can read about on the blog (external site) of highly respected and experienced ‘We Are Spartacus’ campaigner Jane Young. If you think you fit the criteria and are willing to take part, please contact Jane via her contact form as soon as possible, time is very short.:sad:
  18. Just read this thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?381413-Ford-Warranty(3-Viewing)-nbsp A client of mine had a brand new mobility vehicle just before Christmas. Aside from the rather dodgy sales pre-call and then a visit from two operatives the same day, however the deal went though and a mobility vehicle was delivered a few days later for around 3k. Forward a few weeks and the batter charge light comes on a couple of minutes after setting off, then the charge meter goes into the red soon after. Company says the battery is duff and it is not a part covered under the manufacturers warranty. So, not wanting to be stuck at home, my client agrees to a replacement battery at a princely sum of 100 pounds (I hope that includes the fitting) Is this right or should all items delivered within the year be covered, if not by the manufacturer, by the supplier ? Is there a claim under 'fit for purpose' regs ? Please move to the correct section if this is not the right one - thanks.
  19. My employer has decided to move me to another site this is part of the outcome of a disciplinary I am also getting a final written warning. at my appeal hearing I said I was not happy to be moved and asked how they can move me without consultation as there is no mobility clause in my contract it just states my place of work. I TUPE transferred to this company about a year ago and upon starting with them received a letter stating that all my terms and conditions remain unchanged. At the appeal hearing the manager tried to tell me that TUPE is only for when you first transfer and then as time goes by it just dilutes and as such all other employees can be transferred so they are within their right to transfer me. Are they really within their rights to do this? The site where I'm to work is really awful and I would rather resign than work there.
  20. Hi everyone, Just received notification from motability that my car for my disabled son is being collected in a month as he no longer qualifies for the higher rate of mobility component for DLA. Curiously this arrived BEFORE any notification from DWP. We only had any warning as we had telephoned them on the previous day. As we are only 1 year into the contact that means we get 2/3 of the advanced payment back however: The paper work says that we are still liable for the 24(ish) outstanding payments as it is a 3 year contract, and this is confirmed by the small print of the original contract. (that s about £4000) I cannot see how, if the car is collected, that we can be forced to pay for a product or service that we are not receiving. I cannot see anyone having exactly this problem, but we have been through the contract, letters and it seems to be exactly what they are suggesting. In addiction the letter came with several debt management help contact centres. We intend to apeal this decision as far from there being any improvement in his condition, he qualifies more clearly for higher rate than he did when it was first awarded. Any advice gratefully recieved.
  21. I was wondering if I can get dla mobility for my one year old son. We already get the higher care component. My son has kidney problems and due to this has renal rickets, he is unable to sit up yet. Can we apply under special rules at all. Any help be greatly appreciated thanks
  22. The OFT has secured court orders against Optimum Care Mobility Limited ('Optimum'), a Derbyshire-based business that sold mobility aids such as stairlifts, scooters and specialist chairs, across the country. The orders prevent the company and its former directors from using unfair and misleading sales practices again. http://www.oft.gov.uk/news-and-updates/press/2012/61-12
  23. Here is a brief rundown of the situation I was offered an interview in writing for a job based at a certain location (i will refer to this as location x) I went to the interview, was offered the job which i accepted as the contract stated in big bold letters the address at which i will be based (location x), OR (in smaller letters) any other location that was discussed at the interview OR any of the addresses of the company. I made sure i got emails from the two people who interviewed me stating that the only place that was discussed was location x. I started the job (which i knew, and accepted would involve travel from location x, to other locations throughout the network) This was great, as the company procedures allowed me to claim mileage expenses from location x, to all other locations, and back to location x, and location x is 10 minutes from my home ! Sweet ! Not really, as on week 6, without warning they moved my base from location x, to location z which is 30 miles away, therefore i cannot claim mileage from location x anymore, and must pay the costs of fuel myself to location z, and from location z back home, which is around £340 a month ! I felt as though i had been mislead, and decieved into the job (which i actually left a job to go to as it was closer to home) I raised the issue informally intending to go to the written stage of grievance, and this eventually lead to my contract being terminated before i got to level 2 The mileage thing really galled me as the person already located at location z (her home town), was moved to location x on the same day and faced the same issues We were facing passing each other on the motorway on the way to work, and neither of us could claim any fuel costs ! Breach of contract ? or just invoking a weak mobility clause in order to save company money ?
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