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  1. I had an accident last year and i fractured my coccyx. It never got any better. I have recently been referred to Muscular Skeletal Clinic and diagnosed with severe Coccydinia. I cannot sit for longer than 10 mins without being in agony and that pain makes it horrendous to move positions. I cannot stand up properly, takes me a good 5 minutes to do so. I cant walk at normal speed, I have a stick to help me and I have to have help getting into bed as i cannot lift my legs onto the bed. Is it worth appealing? I have had an injection into the area which failed to relieve the pain. I am on tramadol for the pain at the moment. Im a bit of a mess to be honest. Honest opinions please?
  2. Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me? I have received a letter this morning regarding my sons child support. it says they have looked at my case again and there is no change to his maintenance. I contacted agency as I have not had contact with them for a long time and thought this had been sent in error. It is something regarding my ex and they wont tell me anything. I understand data protection and all, and I have no contact with him so no idea as to what is what. I know it hasnt been reassessed. Theres a part of the letter I dont understand. It says 'This is because, under child support law,the ground (or grounds) for changing the amount of child maintenance wasn't Just and Equitable. That is, it wasn't fair and reasonable to everyone involved.' Does anyone know what that means, and what sort of changes would produce this letter? I know he has a child living with him and his wife, and I also know there are no other children that have perhaps recently been born etc. Its confused me a lot, and I seem to be getting nowhere with the CSA. Thanks In Advance
  3. Just found something on google which says you can only claim for one person regardless of how many people you are caring for, so i dont know how she is getting 2 payments unless she wasnt being honest.
  4. I am in receipt of carers allowance as I care for my disabled son and daughter. A woman I was talking to said she gets Carer's allowance for both her sons, but as two seperate payments as she is looking after two people. Is that even possible? I'm not saying she was lying, but I was under the impression you could only claim it once regardless of how many people you are caring for?
  5. Please can someone simplify all this for me in a way that I will actually understand? UNIVERSAL CREDIT:- If i get Income Support (on grounds of being carer for my disabled son and daughter), I get child tax credits, and also housing benefit, will all the money be added up and just paid as one lump sum each week but to the same value? BEDROOM TAX:- If I am in a private rented accommodation, does this apply to me? Some people say yes and some keep telling me no, its for social housing only?? Also, not in my title, but a few questions. CHILD SUPPORT:- Will my CSA be affected? DISABILITY ALLOWANCE:- Am i right in thinking it is changing to PIPs for over 16s, and will remain as DLA for children? CHILD BENEFIT:- Any changes I should know? CARERS ALLOWANCE:- Any changes I should know?
  6. Can someone please help. I have received a letter this morning from Lowell Financial, claiming I owe £165.83 for a debt to HSBC. I haven't had an account with HSBC since it closed it 2000, so 12 years ago! The letter states they have been examining my credit file and it tells them what other accounts I have and the amounts i pay to them, and the address i am at. i dont even know what this debt is for? any advice??
  7. I know, £61 pcm is scandalous but they said its because we are a family of five. Any ideas on where I would stand legally?? And how I go about defending this??
  8. Hi, Please can someone help. We moved into a new property in Feb 2012 and we are on a water meter. As we are a family of 5, a direct debit was calculated for £61.00 per month. The meter has been read by U/U twice between February and November My account was showing me to be in credit by £320 approx, I took my own meter reading and submitted that (00001). It took £35 approx, so I called them to ask if they could return the credit to me. I was asked for the meter reading again (00001), and i was told : 'Has the property been empty?' I told her no. She said 'since november 11, the meter reading has never changed so the water isnt going through the meter. you cant have the money back as its a false credit, you need a new meter to start with. then leave it a month, we will take a reading and that will be the monthly direct debit, which we will backdate to April 2012' I was horrified that, 1) we may end up owing a lot of money and 2) during the past few months, my daughter has been in hospital for a month, we have been away, the useage would have been less during this time than it would be normally, so there was a chance we would have gone in credit. But with them having to calculate it from another months useage, this wont be a true reflection of water used. So i guess what I am asking is where do I stand legally? If this meter has been read twice since we took over, and then in november 11, and they can see there was no change to the meter, isnt that their error? The meter is at the bottom of my driveway, and not inside my property. Any help would be much appreciated, as I was trying to ask the woman at U/U about it and she was really rude. Many Thanks in Advance
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