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You can find a library of free notification sounds in several places on the Internet. Here's one which has a very large selection https://notificationsounds.com/notification-sounds



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  1. Oh sorry typo on subject matter
  2. Just come across this and found it helpful. Not sure if it already posted on here: https://kittysjones.wordpress.com/2013/04/21/1560/
  3. Food stamps next and a swipe card for utilities. Oh and a clothing bank. What we need is a pot of gold to get a good lawyer and then go after the DWP. That or go put your head under the blanket, because its coming.
  4. Was on the radio today that the government are now going to severely cut ESA. Has anyone heard about this?
  5. Thanks for that. I,ll send off for that.
  6. OK here we go. I got a letter from tax credits asking me to pay £1800 overpayment. This so called debt has arisen from approx 8 years ago. I sent a return letter asking them for an break down of the bill i.e. dates and amount paid. I just got a letter back saying they sent me this information 7 years ago!! Where do I stand with this? It has been that long I,m sure they will not have a true breakdown of this debt. By law must they produce a new detailed bill? I do not ever remember receiving the first one. And also, they would have to show me a signed contract to me agreeing to the original payments? Is there a time limit to collect a debt? Is there an organisation that can advise about this (not CAB)? Regards Olaf
  7. Well well. This is another shafting to the poor. I received a letter from these peeps some 6 weeks ago demanding £1700 for over payment from 8 years ago. I sent them a return letter asking for a full breakdown of this bill and a detailed statement of payments and dates. Did not hear nothing until today. It was not from them. It was from a debt recovery firm called SIGMA. I,m sure I am entitled to what I asked for from HMRC. In no way or form am I paying this SIGMA a penny. And good luck to them if they come calling, my assets are zero.
  8. The DVLA are also selling information to debt collection firms. I know because it happened to me some years ago. I updated my license details with them after a house move. About 2 weeks later I received a letter on an old debt. It must have been DVLA passing this info on, as I had not informed anyone of my move
  9. OK here is an update. The Glasgow Veterans Pensions have not had any guidelines yet In regards to the new pension law coming into effect 2015. But I did find out that if you are on DLA and are unable to work, you can collect your pension early. I am entitled to receive my pension at 60. I am now 53. Because I am on DLA I can have my pension now. What I,m interested in now is: will I get some taken off me due to the fact I,m claiming benefits?
  10. OK thanks all for your reply,s and the effort and time you put into this great site. I also recommend donations.
  11. So this a debt for life! Who does the appeal go to, to them laugh? or a independent body?
  12. Friend of mine received a letter this morning from Tax Credits asking for £1800. This goes back from 6 years ago. They have threatened her with debt bailiffs if she does not cough up. Legally where does she stand with this? As in the first place she did not know the money was owed.
  13. I tried ringing them this morning. They said it must be in writing. It will be a couple of weeks for a reply. I,ll let you all know.
  14. Hahaha. They have a vision like all of us in life. They seem to be a peaceful group, which in this climate is nice.
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