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  1. I have recently found out that someone has applied for a credit account with JD Williams on my behalf. They had filled in the online application form with my Name, Date of Birth, a random London address and claimed I had just moved there from an address 4 years ago. Now, with every credit application I have ever made, from a Loan or Credit Card to a mobile phone contract, there has always been a process of verification to confirm I am infact living at the address given and who I say I am. These searches show on my credit report as soft searches as they were used to confirm my identity. If I apply for any credit accounts soon after moving, I struggle myself as the verification processes fail until my existing accounts feed the updated info back to the credit reference agencies. My concern with JD Williams and the 12+ other sub sites they operate is that there is no identity check performed and from a search online, a lot of people are having the same issue as me, many more finding out when a debt is passed to a collection agency and the victim is found. I am 100% confident that JD Williams do no due diligence checks prior to processing the Hard Credit Search which adds the new linked address to your report. If they did attempt to check my identity electronically before processing the credit application, it would have failed as I was not known at the address supplied. The concern I have is that a fraudster can easily manipulate someones credit report without needing to verify anything, not even your email address. The company generally offers very high APR rates of 50%+ so I would assume this is targeted at those with bad credit histories and its likely most people are granted credit. I have reported to the FSA & ICO but they suggest that action would only be taken if they receive enough reports. I just feel not enough people are aware of why they were victims of fraud so easily because anyone that knows you personally and where you live, can easily order products on credit under your name and they dont even need to have any communication sent to your actual address.
  2. Hi fellow caggers, looking a bit of advice for my partner She opened a Halifax Rewards account in 2002 with her Ex husband They separated in 2011 and there was an OD on the account He sub sequentially left all the debt to her, he managed to remove himself from the account by paying a small amount, I will say he was a Halifax employee. The last payment into the account was feb 13 by my partner and the account was defaulted on her credit report in Dec 13 It was sold onto Hoist and is being managed by Wescot, we have not acknowledged the debt and sent them a prove it in January which they still havent complied with and the account is on hold My partner never received a termination notice and we have sub sequentially SAR'd Halifax and received a mountain of paperwork today. I can upload any thing that you need to see Looking through it there is no reference to a termination notice and have noticed from an initial balance of ~£300 the debt stands at ~£800 which is all charges Can she challenge Halifax to remove the default? Also can she reclaim the charges under BCOBS?
  3. PIP assessments: 'Lack of trust' in benefits systems READ MORE HERE: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-43058789
  4. I was diagnosed with sciatica in October 2009. At the local hospital. With physio and hardwork I got myself ove rit as much as one can by walking mainly, a hobby anyway. I was left with drop foot but managed that with step ups in my shoes. In 2015 it started to become a real problem again, or so I thought. This time it was preventing me from walking properly. I went to the GP who referred me for physio and I was given exercises to do, including pushups which really seemed to help on the left side where the sciatica was, but my right leg was getting more and more painful. I was then referred to a sports psychotherapist via the GP who gave me a talking to about "analysing too much" especially when I told her my dad had died from blocked arteries and I was sure I had this. in my right leg. Then they sent me to the back pain clinic where I collapsed with pain. Now something weird strarted happening to me, it felt like I had a cut or blister on my right little toe, but there was nothing there.. In the end I was trying to walk my dog in my partners size 9 trainers (I am a 6) and even this became impossible. I went back to the doctors and instead of look at my toe, she put me on amilitryptyline. It just so happened that mum was having her feet treated by her podiatrist so I asked him if he could see anything wrong with my toe. and when I put my foot on the floor he got very excited a nd told me I needed an immediate Doppler test as he could see I had hardly any circulation to the toe and that was causing the pain. It was also very serious. A few days after this the doctor invited me to have a Doppler test. s The nurse refused to let me leave the surgery until she had seen a doctor with my results, the DR (this was a Friday afternoon) tried to get me an immediate MRI scan. The earliest was Tuesday which I duly had, I saw the vascular surgeon the next week and the week after that I had a serious blockage removed from an artery in my right leg. When I came round, although the pain was gone my toe was now covered in a huge black scab. I was in for a week, nobody even looked at the scab til the last day when the head honcho on ward rounds, and to discharge me just said to "keep soaking iti and applying scholl products, and that pink healthy skin would reappear as the toe was "viable". When I got home, (with a special soft boot for my right foot as I still could not get shoes on) I rested for a fortnight as told, soaking the foot everyday. I got a blood clot in my leg. So then I had to take the superdrug to get rid of that. Now every health professional I saw, including my GP as he was being fed info from the vacscular surgeon, told me to get out and walk on that leg. Which I did, I was so proud when I could do 2 miles without stopping. I went to Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Mind you I had to tell the GP that my toe kept getting infected. And so he asked me to see his nurses 2 x a week and they were to report on it to him. The first nurse kept saying soak and keep walking no dressing required. After a couple of weeks of this the 2nd nurse was on duty, she used to work on a vascular ward and informed me that the toe needed to be kept permanenelty covered with Iodine patches and dressings. Now, I cannot do this myself. the sciatica on the other side prevents me from either getting down to the right toe or raising my right leg to the bed or a chair. It was also painful enough to make me scream in agony whenever they touched it. In then end they just gave me some dressings and told me to get on with it. My mum had to do her best for me three times a week and is still doing this today I saw the surgeoun for sign off in November and I showed him this mess on my toe. He just said my leg was fine (Doppler and warmth) and said I needed podiatry services. Due to age and not being diabetic I don't qualify for them. However, I'm not sure what has gone on but I am now having my podiatry services. The surgeon told me to keep on walking even after he saw that ulcer. Right now, fast forward to January 2017 and I had my first appt with the loveliest podiatrist you could ever wish to meet. And he is very unhappy and annoyed at they way I have been treated. He says that since the op I should have been offered podiatry services straightaway because my toe was black. Apparently there are things that could have been prescribed to help me. He says I should never have been allowed to walk until the toe had healed, everytime I take a step I break away any new skin trying to form. He is having to keep me on permanenet antibiotics, which the GP has just tripled, an urgent Xray and swab has been taken. THE GP rang me to say they could see the infection which is now in my bone, and also that there is a loose slither of bone. At the same time, because I have h d to stay off the foot since January my sciatica has flared up so I can't get to the loo without help and all that jazz. I fee lthat at 54 I didn't have the year to waste that I just have, I am angry and in a lot of paIN. I am a serious hiker amd I miss it so much and I don't believe I'll ever do it Again. I am also a PTSD sufferer and walking in the sticks with my dog on a bad day was my way of dealing with it. So now I am like an adder as well. # Should I be complainiing to someone and who? We suspect my mobility will now be permanently affected. Sorry for the long post. Grateful for any advice or pointers.
  5. Hi I work in retail with vending machines. These machines are new to company and manufacturer and many do not know how they truly work. The machines have a history of being temperamental. Now I am in the role and I have been reviewed as having lack of productivity as the machines don't work. I have been told by someone who said he was rusty on his knowledge of the machines, after he had been working since 4am in the morning. I was not given information of who to contact when the machine goes wrong or info. Luckily I found this out for myself. Whats my position as I do like the job, don't normally work in retail but I am enjoying it.
  6. please redirect if posted in wrong place mother in law has dementia wanders got ran over 3 weeks ago thank goodness not to bad. had mental capacity test done in one hospital conclusion lack of it. moved to different rehab unit they at first said they wouldn't accept other hospitals conclusion her home social services did the test. how do we as a family apply for both financial and medical power of attorney she cant consent herself
  7. Hi all, This is on behalf of a friend who got married just over a year ago and has had really bad experience from her photographer. The photographer himself / company was a recommendation and all the usual steps were taken in vetting him and his team, seeing is work, talking to a few others etc before the contracts were signed. On the day, he was really unprofessional demanding extra money or his departure nearing the end due to the wedding getting a little delayed - not something a bride wants to hear on the her big day. In contrast, my own wedding with another photographer stayed almost 5 hours after the event for free! It was later found out he was also very loud and shouting to guests in trying to get photographs etc. Fast forward to last Jan, the bride received her first draft of pictures. According to the contract, she had a year to vet them and so in November 2015, they were vetted only to find a huge section of the event was missing. This included all the lunch/dinner photos but more importantly, all the group shots with the bride and groom (50+ images minimum here). What was more distressing is her father in law had passed away soon after the wedding and these images would have been the last ones to have been captured. Despite it being within a year, the photographer tried to use this as an excuse that he no longer has the originals and would not be able to get them back - Something just not done by a good photographer - most keep all their photos as part of their portfolio! He then offered a £100 refund out of "goodwill" His actual response was as follows: I have managed to locate the master back up images in finalised JPG format and I have reviewed and taken on board your comments in respect of the missing group shots. Having looked through everything I hold, I have come to the realisation that there are approx 50-60 group images missing. Unfortunately I am unsure why/when or how these are missing, whether they have been deleted after the completion or when original transferring the images from my camera onto desktop. "Due to the above and complying with my terms of contract, I can agree that I am happy to compensate you the pro-rata fee for the missing images as you have requested. In accordance to the fees paid, the pro-rated compensation is £42.63 however I am happy to round this up to £100.00 as a gesture of goodwill. Breakdown of the £42.65 is £4450.00 fees paid for 5219 pictures handed over x 50 missing images = £42.63" A letter was sent back demanding an explanation on 1. how so many images were "lost" 2. As a professional photographer, surely he would have noticed in the 6 months+ of vetting/sorting, that such as major part of the wedding was missed out? 3. Apparently "some" images mysteriously re-appeared during the back and forth of emails and messages - how? With a concluding line that a part so called goodwill gesture refund is not enough if anything - it does not reflect his integrity at all. His response was simply: We were surprised by the complaint raised considering the images were provided to you approximately 10 months ago and to date you had given no indication of your dissatisfaction. As a result of our services over 5000 images were provided to you which covered the entire occasion. We have looked into and considered your various points raised and I must advise our original offer of £100.00 in respect of the missing images remains. For the reasons set out above we feel that we have performed our contract with you in the terms set out therein and we therefore consider this matter finalised. To enable us to make payment to you please arrange for supporting bank account to be forwarded so that we can arrange an immediate bank transfer to you. So where do they stand? I think they've accepted the photos and memories are lost forever and it was never about the money itself. But now that he has accepted that the photos are lost - why should they not go for a higher amount? Or are they contractually bound by the amount stated? I see two parts - the service was not delivered as per what was discussed and signed off despite the clause that missing images would = x * £x.xx Thanks in advance!
  8. I have mobility problems which only really affects me when the weather starts to change. At this stage I need to use crutches and have access to a cab to take me to and from work paid for by DWP under the Access to Work Scheme. I have recently started a new job (only 3 weeks) within a physio therapy centre however they do not have any disabled access. When I was offered an interview I noticed that the building only had stairs and prior to being offered the role, I did comment that I had mobility problems and that the stairs would be a problem for me. After being offered the position, I spoke to my Team Manager during the first week and informed her of the my mobility problems. She asked whether I would be able to manage and I said that I would see how it works out. Unfortunately I was unable to attend work the second week due to the pain in my back and mobility problems plus my cabs had not been arranged for me to get to and from work. The third week (21/12/15) I attended work and had a meeting with HR and my Line Manager. We discussed my mobility issues and they suggested that I was assessed by their in-house Occupational Therapist to see how they could assist me further, which I agreed to. On 22nd I was assessed by OT however unfortunately after examining me and getting me to undertake a few exercises eg. leg raises etc I was unable to walk and had to be assisted by the OT and his Manager into my usual cab. Due to this I have not been at work since. As the OT had to write a report, he said that it would be advisable for me not to go up and down the stairs often however at the moment I am working on reception and the offices and staff room are upstairs therefore it is unavoidable. He also suggested that I stand every half an hours to stretch my muscles. Although both myself and the company are aware that they need to make 'reasonable adjustments' there is not alot they can do. I am really considering my options here as when I am at home, although my mobility is an issue, I can get around and sometime do not use my crutches. However my symptoms worsen when I return to work due to having to climb up and down the stairs. This is of great concern to me as it feels like 10 steps forward and 10 steps back. Any suggestions, comments or advice would be welcome. I am due back in work tomorrow and do not know if I will be able to attend.
  9. What is the legislation/rule on issuing Annual Statements? and consequences of failure to issue??
  10. It took over 3 months for the DVLA to take action over a car that I reported to them as having no car tax. They actively encourage you to report a non taxed vehicle and when you do they do virtually nothing about it! When I complained about their inaction I just got a letter back stating there were things being done 'behind the scenes' and it was NOT an 'on demand service'. In the meantime the untaxed vehicle ( and therefore uninsured) was a menace to other road users. N.B. The Police are also powerless to act.
  11. aa I've never received a N24 form before, so I have no idea what to do, also I cant seem find anything to do with the N24 we've just received on the site. All we received was 2 sheets of paper, telling us to file within 7 days, & a cryptic accompanying letter sent to our solicitor. I've attached this to the post My main question is what is "an order excluding the Defendants from the property"? Does it mean a lodger ie an excluded tenant? or something else? Is it evicting a commercial tenant? The full paragraph says : " in detail and in numbered paragraphs the background to the dispute and why they are entitled to an order excluding the Defendants from the property" I have no idea what this means ... The accompanying letter to the solicitor said something about varying a residential contract into a commercial contract. I've included the full letter as an attachment. The exact wording about the varying order is: "That the said Assured Shorthold Tenancy bearing the latest date be varied into a business/commercial lease upon registration or obtaining an operating licence with the regulatory board namely Office of Standards for Education Department (OFSTED). " Also is it possible to ask the court to show us the original application or order from the court, so we know what the hell is going on ... The only forms we received said Because this Order has been made by the Court without considering representations from the parties, the parties have the right to apply to have the order set aside, varied or stayed. A party wishing to make an application must send or deliver the application to the court (together with any appropriate fee) to arrive within seven days of service of this Order. The Claimants must file with the Court and serve on each Defendant by 10-12-2015 a signed and dated witness statement which sets out clearly and in detail and in numbered paragraphs the background to the dispute and why they are entitled to an order excluding the Defendants from the property and which contains a declaration ('a statement of truth*) that the contents are true . 3) When the Claimants do this the application will be placed before a circuit judge who will decide without a hearing when it will be heard: 4) If the Claimants do not do this by the date given, the application (but not the Claim will be struck out) Dated 17 November 2015 Again we have no idea whats going on, please help. Thanks
  12. Hi All, We use Virgin media business 150mb. We moved on the 28th of Oct and really need broadband for our business. However, they are saying they cannot install until the 19th. We need to be with Virgin as we are still in contract. I find it really hard to believe that they would expect a business to survive almost a month without any internet. Does anyone have any feedback on this?
  13. A few years back I had a serious Road Traffic Accident. Unable to work since. I'm 57, and now have severe osteoarthritis in my lower back, legs, etc., a right arm which has severe limitations, and a mental condition causing a lot of stress. After a recent move to another area, I visited my new Doctor, as the condition of my back seems to be getting worse, needing more and more pain relief. I asked for another scan on my back, as a previous scan showed bulging of the lumber discs. I wanted to know if this bulging was getting worse What he said to me next came as a surprise. He asked me what I expect it to reveal, and what difference it would make in knowing, he went on to say spending £250 on a scan would be a waste of money, money better spent on people with cataracts or similar. I was shocked at this and came away feeling the doctors have given up on me.
  14. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3167089/Family-fear-lose-home-daughter-failed-pay-4-train-ticket-three-years-ago-owe-650-fines.html Maybe needs to be in rail idk. I do agree that 30 pounds should not escalate in proportion. But bad advice by cab if true. The debt does not escalate 300 per visit.
  15. Hi All, First post on the forum, I am having a problem with Vodafone since porting my number across. Like many others by the seems of it I have no mobile data. I can call and text but no data. I have spoken to Vodafone customer services numerous time on this issue and the call has allegedly been escalated to the network team. This call has been with this team for about 10 days and I cannot get an answer as to what is happening. So far I have been through the internet settings with every customer service person on every call. I have had the texts sent to me to do the Telco equivalent of have you tried turning it off an on again. They have blamed the SIM card and have had a new SIM sent. Another half a day without a phone at all while switch took place. Then I was told the call has been escalated to the network team and I will get a txt in a couple of days to let me know what is happening. This was about 10 days ago and nothing has happened since. I have spoken to customers services again today and there is still no update and I was told there is no SLA to fix this issue and to wait a few more days. I did not realise how much I rely on the mobile data for little things when out and about. I am now very frustrated as I have a smart phone which I can't use as such when away from wifi. I cannot wait 6 weeks or more like other users who have posted here and I am still paying for a service I am not getting. To rub salt into the wound I get a text from Vodafone stating you have unlimited uk data for 2 more months. So enjoy watching movies or listening to music. Would have been nice to use some of it. What sort of action can I take with Vodafone? e.g. Do I have grounds to terminate the contract and return the phone as they are not supplying the service I have signed up for. Any advise or possible routes other that customer service to get the issue solved. Thanks Matthew
  16. Hi All Slightly complex situation but here it is, any advice appriciated. Overview We have a mortgage with NRAM and a secured loan with Picture>Webb>IDEM. We cannot make payments and are in default. NRAM looking to put us on a voluntary repossession scheme which are happy with. IDEM have had us is court. Today was the third hearing and they didn't show as they cannot find the correct Deed of Entitlement information, witness statement and paperwork. They asked for Adjornment via letter (not sent to us only the court) but the Judge struck out the claim as they had said they would based on second hearing and paperwork etc beign wrong. What kind of solicitor can best give advice on this? (I.e Conveyencing, housing etc?) Given they cannot prove Deed of Entitlement can we challenge their charge at the land registry and have it removed? Again, your advice is most appreciated!
  17. Hi lovely people, I haven't been on this site for ages but I remember last time I had a problem I found it invaluable. Right, this is a long and complicated juicy nightmare ebay problem which I refuse to back down from. To start with, I bought a perfume from ebay - all looked fine on the description, seller had good feedback so I went ahead and bid. On receipt of the perfume I noticed it was a blatant fake and contacted the seller straight away. She seemed friendly and said it was a gift and had not realised it was a counterfeit as it was sealed. We arranged for me to send it back to her and she gave me her address and said that she had already refunded me. I know from experience that sometimes refunds take a few days to clear and I went ahead and sent it back. First mistake, I know, and second mistake - I sent it back just as normal 2nd class, with no tracking. I have never sent anything back before on ebay to a seller and was not aware of their tracking policy. I then realised that I had been conned as I never received the refund. The seller didn't contact me regardless of the messages I sent her off to ring up ebay customer services. Rang them and they said that I had to open a case against her but because I didn't have a tracking number they could not confirm if she had received the item back or not so could not refund me. I had to wait a few days whilst they tried to make contact. Obviously the seller did not respond to their messages every time I rang them about it they kept churning out the no tracking number spiel, so no refund. In the end they closed the case saying that they could not verify delivery. In the meantime I noticed that the seller had received another negative feedback regarding selling a counterfeit perfume. I appealed the case and highlighted this fact but again the same response from ebay. They suggested I tried to contact royal mail and try and get compensation. I reluctantly started a process with Royal stating that it might be lost in the post, hoping that maybe they could track it down. On Friday this week to my utter surprise I received the 'perfume' back. On the label that the post office stuck on 'item never called for' was ticked before it was returned to sender. I was really happy and optimistically thought that I could now get this sorted. I contacted ebay customer support stating that I would like the case reopened as I now have the perfume back and could they please advise me what to do next. In response they said: "In this case, we cannot verify the item was held at the post office or was returned to the sender as we have not received a valid tracking number so we have closed this case without issuing you a refund. Please understand that we’re also unable to grant an appeal on this case." ??? Not sure if I am being thick but I have the parcel back with the stickers on etc, I can verify the situation. I even took photos of the package and uploaded them to my one drive with a link that I pasted into the reply as there did not seem to be a way of attaching images. I said to them that this is the evidence that proves that the item was held at the post office. I went on further to ask them directly if I should send it back to the seller as track and trace this time so that they could keep tabs on it being returned. I didn't want to do anything with out their confirmation. This was their reply: "In this case, as you did not supply valid tracking showing the item had been delivered back to the seller, we closed the case without issuing you with a refund. For this same reason, we’re not able to approve your appeal." BUT I HAVE THE PERFUME BACK!!!! Arrghhh. This surely cannot be fair. It is not worth ringing them again as I get so frustrated and I will probably end up crying! Can anyone please advise me what I should do? I am thinking of writing to the ebay head office (I have their address) and even sending them the perfume as I don't want the thing. Someone even mentioned contacting the perfume company (in this case PRADA) stating that ebay have allowed this to happen and that the seller of the counterfeit product has made money from the transaction and has got off scott free. Another reason why this has upset me so much is that this was supposed to be a birthday present from my family who have saved up to give me the money and I feel like I need take this further. Many thanks in advance for your help and for reading my plight. I know I made some blatant mistakes but I now feel like I am in the right but ebay have washed their hand of me.
  18. Hi all, new(ish) to the forum so apologies if there are stickies I've not had time to read. This is quite a long one but basically EE (obviously including T-Mobile and Orange) in my area (Ilfracombe, North Devon) have had ongoing problems with rubbishy signal since mid June. That's issue #1. Issue #2 is that a few months back my account was erroneously changed from my rolling SIM-only contract to PAYG (apparently they had a call from "me" then they admitted it was someone else and the details had been entered onto the wrong account) wishing to change from contract to PAYG. Also the account name had been changed. I believe this to be a serious data protection breach. I found this out when I received a text saying I'd run out of credit. After some faffing about on the phone they admitted the error and gave me £5 credit whilst they tried to sort it out. After switching me back (1 week later) they recommended a put a password on my account (I did). All sorted you'd think.... nope. A few weeks later I had my bill through. It was for £249.49! After working out the charges on the itemised bill I could see I had been charged for all the calls etc made during the period I was wrongly on PAYG. Ouch. After a number of broken promises regarding callbacks, they finally 'froze' the disputed amount (minus what I actually DID owe) then said someone would contact me again regarding actually getting the amount officially wiped off. I called them not long after to moan (yet again) about the pathetic signal I'd been getting, only to be told that the amount HAD in fact been wiped off just that I hadn't been informed. After demanding to speak to a team leader because - in all honesty - I was ****ed off that nobody had told me, they offered to remove my line rental cost for the next 6 months (plus around £17 I actually did owe at the time) because of THAT matter (not the signal matter - which, by the way, has been affecting many others locally). I even had to find out about my own grandmother's death via Facebook because family members who live in London could not get hold of me! After a few more calls (each with them giving different reasons for the dodgy signal, some even denying it completely) they told me there were issues with 2 masts locally and that someone would call me with updates.... guess what? This didn't happen. I then called them again and was told there'd be no updates on the engineer's visit to the mast until mid November and because I could get signal outside of my hometown they were still providing me with a service. Disgustingly I told them I rarely leave my town due to health issues, I was (not in quite so few words) told that it was "tough". The call centre operative again spoke to a team leader and was told that because a) I receive service outside my locality and b) I was already receiving a discount, there was nothing they could do. This signal issue is not a case of slightly bad signal, my phone regularly cuts out and tells me I'm not on a registered network etc. The service has become so unusable that I decided to withhold payment for 2 months which is approximately £17. I tried to make a phone call yesterday only to find out my outgoing calls have been barred due to non-payment. Basically I'd like some advice as to what to do next, because I feel there is no justification for them charging me for a service I'm not receiving. I've researched sending a "letter of deadlock" which I will promptly do if it's the next appropriate step in my case. I know forum users often say NOT to withhold payment and claim it back at a later date but I'm having to top-up a PAYG phone on another network so I've a phone for emergencies, so cannot afford to pay what is in essence a bill for scotch mist! Hopefully that makes sense, and thanks in advance.
  19. After a couple of years struggling in a job I hated I finally got a new job that I really like but there is always a down side and that is the lack of holidays. Yes there is 28 days leave getting it is a different story. Its a small family company, 7 employees, the others aren't to interested in holidays and take the money instead, I think so far this year they have had 3 days off. The company sets holidays at the start of the year but then cancels them at the last min saying they are to busy, for example next we are supposed to be off 2 weeks next week for summer hols, that was cut to 1 week and just today cut to 2 days, to busy was the answer, the same happened at Christmas apparently even though I wasn't there. As I say the others aren't worried, I'm very much in the work to live camp not the other but speak up and I'll be up the road. The others tell me its been a few years since they've even had a full week off
  20. Dear members In the last few years, I had been receiving excellent service from MINI, unfortunately, I have received poor customer service. I noticed that my mileage allowance per year was very low (sadly, I did agree with it on day of making HIRE Purchase agreement) Back in April (I have been accumulating charges that I will need to pay unless I purchase the car at the end), an advisor called Liam told me that I should pay £20 in order to receive a mileage quotation. He told me that I would receive the quotation after 5 working days. I made the payment. After more than 3 weeks, I had not received quotation and I made another phone call and spoke with Dan (on a saturday). He apologised and stated that the quotation would be sent as soon as possible. He also told me that if I buy the car, no quotation for allowance was needed. I told him that I wanted to have my options open. After few months (July) I made another phone call to find out about quotation. I spoke with Emma, who confirmed that MINI had decided to not to proceed with the quotation and the money I spent was refunded but I was not notified of it. I was not informed of this and MINI did not even had the courtesy of informing me after they have failed to send the quotation in 2 occasions. I have been a trusted MINI customer for years and both my wife and myself have chosen MINI as our preferred car. We always found that MINI strength was outstanding customer service. The way this was handled by MINI was not in line with the excellent service we have been receiving in the last 6 years. I found the conflicting approach and lack of transparency from MINI appalling. MINI showed a shameful disregard for my personal situation. I can only think that they want to ensure that I would buy the car and sadly, they have achieved the opposite. I would like to warn you that these type of companies appear to care for the client while the reality is the opposite Be careful when signing documents and agreeing with a mileage quotation on the day of Hire purchase Thanks for your support Omar (DrO)
  21. It's a very long story but in short, my neighbour's property was gutted by fire in January (unfortunately, the lady lost her life). My house was extensively damaged by smoke and Liverpool Victoria had a loss adjuster round very quickly to establish that all the contents of my cellar and loft area need to be removed for chemical cleaning/disposal, all insulation needs to be replaced, my carpets and furniture require professional cleaning and the house needs fully redecorated. I have pursued this vigorously as I have 2 young children and our belongings (as advised) are all in cardboard boxes. So far (under duress) they have removed all insulation from the house (which is now very cold!) and striped half the wallpaper (chunks are hanging down off walls and have been for weeks). All the items we had stored in the cellar and loft (which amounted to a substantial sum due to their specialist nature) have been removed almost from day 1 with no list, update or knowledge of where they are or who has them. Every time I call I get fobbed off. Last Wednesday I was promised a call, same again on Friday, Tuesday of this week and still no-one has called. I have formally complained but I might as well not have bothered. What can I do to force LV to take ownership of this claim?
  22. On Sunday afternoon, a very good friend lost his wife. (I only knew her slightly, so am upset for my friend and his children). She was 27, and they have 8 children from 13 down to one year. She felt ill in August 2013, with swollen neck glands and extremely sore throat. The GP told her she had a throat infection and would be fine in a week. No anti-biotics. In September she went back as she was worse. Told the same. She then had a period of feeling slightly better. Come November, bad again, back to the GP, still no help. She got through Xmas somehow, seemed to pick up slightly again, although this was probably the whole Xmas thing with the children that cheered her. Bad again, and now whole head swelling up, so hubbie took her straight to hospital. Diagnosed with cancer (not sure but believed to be a Hodgekins type thing in the lymph nodes?) and given a week to live. End of story, charming. Children had to be told last night and I'm sure you can imagine that. Now, I know the poor man is in complete shock, disbelief and disarray and that right this minute is not the time to be thinking about legal action, and this I have told him. But, when he is on some sort of keel again (I doubt if it will ever be an even one again) he wishes to pursue this if for no other reason than discovering what the hell went wrong here. So, can anyone point me in the direction of anything I can read up about on this sort of thing, where to get medical records, info etc, so that when the question arises in the future, I can point him in the right direction? Or even, just where does one start? Many thanks to you all.
  23. I've not been able to find this problem already, so apologies if the answer is sitting out there and I've just missed it. Several months ago Lowell took over a debt I had been making regular payments on. No biggie - I still am making the payments, but their initial statement that they sent and my records did not match up. It seems they acquired the debt around the same time I made a payment to the previous company, leaving the amount on their records and the amount on mine out by £50. I know £50 isn't a great deal of money, but I wanted to make sure it was in the right place. After contacting Lowell by email twice and getting nowhere, I finally wrote to them asking for them to supply me with a full statement showing the balance of the account when they acquired it and all payments made since. That was over a month ago, my third attempt to get information that surely isn't that difficult. It's not that I've even stopped paying them, I just want to make sure that missing payment ends up where it should be. Can someone advise on the wording for a second letter (fourth time the information has been requested) that will make them take notice and do as I ask? Thank you in advance
  24. I have filled in an ESA50 as I was unable to get to ATOS in Feb. They waited 6 moths to call me to assessment, by which time my support worker had left (benefit now reduced). My last ESA50 was filled in not very well by that support worker a year ago. I have answered honestly. Stated I can't walk as it causes me severe pain due to migraines, hydrandentis suppuravita & morbid obesity. But I'm not sure what evidence I need to support this. I have mentioned these things to my previous GP, but the fact I could get in to tell them last year & wouldn't let them see me crawl- I think they have interpreted as lack of severity. I refused to show private areas & so only have hydradetis suppurativa as 'possible' on my medical summary. My migraines have been recorded as 'headache'. I can send letter from clinic that diagnosed asperger's syndrome last year. Though I really forced myself to go to it & experienced much fear/panic. I was driven to assessment last year by support worker who attended. But the fact I could get to this might be used against me? I haven't been out in 6 months now though. I also have a letter from GP confirming that due to phobias I have not been out in 5 months & can't get to examination center. I think GP did this to stop me keep requesting medical certificates. As now GP has not sent back my latest SAE requesting one. My problem is that because I spend all day in bed & am housebound, I cancelled 2 neurology appointments a few years ago due to fear/anxiety of going out/people. So have not had any diagnosis or assessment for cause of blackouts & absences. So I have no evidence of these- just in my medical notes a few bits GP has noted incorrectly from few appointments. I have written to my GP a few times asking for help & treatment, the GP does not reply. I have difficulty using the phone & have no one to help- so am not getting anywhere. My statement for fitness for work has been listing depression. Though not sure how they get that as I informed past/present GP I feel suicidal on daily basis- not all depressed people are suicidal! It just feels like there's nothing I can do to actually prove my disabilities affect me severely. My support worker passed me over to an advocate who abandoned me. This is not helped by the fact I only see 2 people ever- my mother & 6 year old child. My mother is the sort who sees my asperger's syndrome as something I choose to have & what lazy people are called! And she labels me lazy & filthy (bed sheets covered in blood etc). Though oddly she's happy to take my carers allowance £60 from my ESA/child tax credit & child benefit from my bank account- despite calling me a scrounger! I have no one supportive in my life & so when it comes to providing evidence or showing true extent of my problems it becomes impossible.
  25. Hi everyone, After a little advice please regarding Fashion World catalogue. My niece sent a SAR to FW regarding my sisters account (she is acting as her rep with her debts as my sister is ill and unable to manage her affairs at this time) so that she could see the state of the account before making any arrangements to pay. All she got back was a load of bumpf that wasn't very helpful so she sent another letter asking for a copy of the credit agreement and statements since account was opened in about June 2010. She has received a reply saying that they 'do not hold any copies of the credit agreement for this particular account' and that they do not hold duplicate statements? - Would this be the case for an account only dating back to 2010? My niece has said that the info sent with the SAR shows only 9 x £12.00 administration charges - 5 of which have been reversed but says as my sister hasn't maintained the account since she got ill in 2011 this doesn't seem right. We're just wondering if anyone could offer any advice of what our next move should be please? The account balance is about £1200 and my sisters receiving threats of doorstep collectors, court and good old reliable collections (despite my niece being her representative). Many thanks Up2
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