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Found 6 results

  1. I'm assuming there is a precedent to this. I have a debt to the Council for back Council Tax which I have been paying back as and when I can afford it. Today Bristow and Sutor sent an enforcement agent (who told them he was a bailiff) while I was out and luckily they did not let him in. Nothing, apart from a few items such as my bed and an old stereo which is worth pretty much nothing, on these premises belongs to me as I am just a lodger here and the room is furnished by the landlords. I have never denied that I owe something but the amount is in dispute I have told B&S this previously but they have ignored all my letters. The bloke cleared off when it became clear he wasn't being allowed in but I suspect he will be back. Apparently he was eyeing up their car and I would obviously hate for them to become involved when it is nothing of their doing. Do these people have any claim to anything on the premises and where do we stand if they return in the future? I have spoken to the Council but they say it's out of their hands now although I suspect they could do something about it if they wanted to. Thanks in advance for any help and advice
  2. Hi Can anyone help on where I stand on this Council tax due for £900+ to Coventry Council, court summons issued, court order issued, passed to Equita I since then re-payed the council all off the council tax due, via the councils portal and followed up with a phone called to check the amount owed was £0. This was done in November last year. I have be getting sporadic hand delivered letters from Equita chasing a further £310 for compliance and enforcement fees I wrote to them explaining that this debt had been settled and that the court order was as such no longer in effect and they should cease and desist from entering my property to post letters. fast forward to this morning (05/03/15) I have had a knock at the door from a Equita bailiff chasing the £310, during which another bailiff arrived, I called a friend for advice as they were talking about clamping cars etc. During this call, one of them took the opportunity to seize my iPhone and made demands for me to pay or it would be taken, a further £110 added to the bill and sold at auction today. I call the police, explained the situation, and they replied with its a civil matter and not our problem. I then had to make the full payment, under duress as I need my phone for business, as I made them aware at the time. I also got it written in the notes that the money was paid (by debit card) under duress and took photos of their bailiffs ID. where do I stand with this as as far as i`m aware the bailiffs fees are an unenforceable debt on the original court order and would have to be chased through the civil courts???
  3. Can |I get some advice on this subject. I have a mobility car on lease from Ford. I have an outstanding parking fine that I am contesting. Can the bailiffs clamp my car and tow it away?
  4. Hi, I am pretty much in dire **** here, can I possible again ask for help urgently, this site has helped me so much in the past, I hate asking again Background Vehicle is registered in my LTD company name, but is owned by myself 100% privately. It is just registered in LTD company name for the purposes of Taxing and Registering the vehicle. Unknown to me a ticket was given to this vehicle from Bradford Council. Just had a Mr/Mrs X from Phoenix Commercial Collections at the door saying they have a warrant to remove the vehicle, If payment is not received by 15.03.2013 (tomorrow) they are coming to tow the vehicle Vehicle is worth scrap value (2000 Renault Laguna) worth £120 tops. The Ticket is £97.00, with bailiff costs of £246.24 total outstanding £343.24 Can they seize a vehicle that does not belong to the entity named on the warrant? I have the original purchase documents, Invoice/receipt etc etc in my personal name from the auction house where it was purchased 4 years ago. Just because the vehicle is registered to the entity named on the debt, does not mean it is owned by that entity. The log book states in big huge letters. This document is NOT proof of ownership, it shows who is responsible for registering and taxing the vehicle. I called the police, they said when they come back tomorrow to call them and ask them to attend, which I would have done anyway, I would have asked them to uphold their oath and make sure no criminal offense was committed. But here is where I worry. I have seen so many Youtube vids and read so many threads on different sites where the police have allowed them to take the car, even when they have no legal right to do so, and even when in taking the car a criminal offense was committed. This is the bit I worry about Where do I stand, Just legal wise, Can they legally take the car because it is registered in the name of the debt (not owned though). Can I demand that the police do their jobs and stop them committing theft, can I demand a Sergent/superintendent be requested as most PCs don't know the law. Please pelase please help if you can
  5. hello we hired a van back in october 2012 for 2 days left deposit by credit card and signed paperwork allowing the hire company to charge me 750 insurancs excess we had a little mishap with 3rd party vehicle no damage to the van not a mark but there was a scratch or mark on third party vehicles rear wheel arch received a call from the hire company 2 days ago nearly 6 months later to inform us they have received a claim against us for 30,000 pounds for injury to 3 people in the vehicle and it wasnt even our fault and the hire company want to charge me 750pound excess fee can they do this as this claim is clearly bogus fraudulant and i wont be getting my excess back can they use my credit card details which they have on file five and a half months later would appreciate help on this matter thanks kevin
  6. Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum and am in need of a bit of advice. A local businessman owes our business some money. He can pay he just won't pay. I took him to court and he didn't dispute the debt so a CCJ was given to him. I've not had any money. He drives a very nice car and I've carried out an HPI check on it and discovered that it's bought on Finance. The Finance is due to be paid up in the next few months. I am considering referring the debt to the High Court so that the car can be seized on paper at least, then we could just wait until he is the legal owner and take the car if he still doesn't pay. The car would more than pay off the debt to us. But, someone told me the other evening that if he defaults on his last few payments, the Finance company probably won't re-possess the car. Instead they are more likely to give him longer to pay the remaining balance. That in turn means that we will have to wait longer for the debt to re-paid. Could he string it out until the car is too old and not worth enough to cover our debt?? Is this true?? But, if the car has been seized on paper by the High Court, is this not sufficient leverage for the car to be re-possessed?? He's a slippery character who I have since found out, owes money to other local businesses and indivduals as well, but continues to live the high life at our expense. I hope he doesn't see this post as I may have given him a good idea (although I suspect he already knows this trick if it's true)!! Thank you.
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