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  1. Driving without a MOT is OK if the vehicle is booked into the Big Brother computer for a test.
  2. A boat would surely have the water on the outside. Is yours a Bini as well ? Jaguars appear to be very picky on damp getting in under the seal, causing warnings to appear on the dashboard and preventing moving out of park on the auto gearboxes.
  3. Insurance companies effectively rule the roost and the road these days If your partner (with his van) cannot prove his travel was a one off visit to an address not linked in any way to his trade, then you will be paying the fine sooner. As above, he is lucky not to have had his vehicle seized when stopped by plod. As for solicitors, pfffft.
  4. Catchup TV won a court case a couple of years back, their five second stream delay was found to be appropriate as meaning the content was not 'live'.
  5. Theoretically then, some enterprising young person could webcam mainstream UK channels for others to search for online.
  6. To call them a useless bunch of muppets would be an insult to useless muppets. http://www.transportxtra.com/magazines/parking_review/news/?ID=34996
  7. BMW worried about Jaguar 3 ? But monsieur, you are really spoiling us
  8. The colonists were able to steal land from the Native Americans by introducing smallpox in blankets donated to them. Now, if you could spray something similar on what's left in the property....
  9. I would be more concerned as to where the original bumper might be (on an unlit street, on a major carriageway, halfway off a pavement, just waiting to trap a pedestrian/cyclist/motorcyclist.) Not getting out of the car to find out why there was a 'bang' would justify receiving a £100 penalty. Just where is it ? (I trust the bus lane was not active when you took the image)
  10. 28 days puts the final date for covering the cost quite a bit beyond the Yule festivities, so you have plenty of time. You are most welcome
  11. Take it back to the original garage and get them to repair it. Since they claim T-cut will fix it, it should be a five minute job for the garage that gave the advice.
  12. The AA that is around now has absolutely nothing to do with the AA that was in existence 25 years ago.
  13. If the bike was reclaimed by the insurance company, then you no longer have the bike/scooter. You haven't bought it back by any chance ?
  14. Depends on what image you have sent in for the updated licence, they may not appreciate a picture of Mickey Mouse for example.
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