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  1. 3yrs, that's good as you may know it all starts again a year before it runs out.
  2. Hi, i would not worry, i have been waiting since july13, i phoned atos on tuesday and told im waiting for there process to complete. 9 months for me. im sorry if you have had esa 50 you will just have to wait they are still being put through this crap process.
  3. Francesca Martinez, who has cerebal palsy and often describes herself as ‘wobbly’. Just a quick plug for the WoW Petition which has been submitted by actress and award winning comedian, The petition calls for a Cumulative Impact Assessment on all government cuts and changes affecting sick and disabled people and a stop to the Work Capability Assessment. It already has over 23,000 signatures. You can sign the petition here and read more about WoW here
  4. From October 2013 - The following DLA recipients will begin to be invited to claim PIP: Children turning 16 (unless the child is terminally ill) People reporting changes of circumstances which would affect their rate of payment (this does not include payability decisions as a result of going into a care home, hospital or prison or other changes of circumstances e.g. change of address). The rate of DLA will not be adjusted; Fixed-term DLA award recipients whose award expires from the end of February 2014 (reassessment activity starts approximately 20 weeks before existing DLA awards end); and Self-selectors (includes those with indefinite or fixed-term awards). From October 2015 - All the remaining claimants in receipt of a DLA award will be invited to make a claim for PIP. DWP will randomly select those recipients of DLA in receipt of an indefinite award or a fixed term award, and notify them about what they need to do to claim PIP. DWP will invite claims as early as possible from recipients who have turned 65 after 8 April 2013, when PIP was first introduced. They seem to be the first to be reassed. Nystagmite
  5. Your Support Needed Before Its To Late! PIP ENHANCED MOBILITY ONLY FOR PEOPLE WITH INDOOR MOBILITY PROBLEMS The DWP appear to be planning to only pay the enhanced rate of the mobility component of PIP on physical grounds to claimants whose mobility is so restricted that they have difficulties moving between rooms indoors. Those who can manage indoors but have difficulty outdoors may only be awarded the lower rate of the mobility component. Atos and Capita, the companies carrying out PIP assessments, have been told that: “20 metres is considered to be the distance that a claimant is required to be able to walk in order to achieve a basic level of independence in the home such as the ability to move between rooms. “50 metres is considered to be the distance that a claimant is required to be able to walk in order to achieve a basic level of independence such as the ability to get from a car park to the supermarket.” To score the required 12 points to get enhanced rate mobility for physical health problems alone, a claimant must prove that they can’t stand and move more than 20 metres even using aids and/or with assistance. This means that in the majority of cases the private sector health professionals are likely to be looking for evidence that the claimant has problems with indoor mobility, rather than outdoor, if they are to be awarded the enhanced rate. You can read more on this here (open access) PIP MOBILITY CHANGES MAY BE ILLEGAL – YOUR HELP IS URGENTLY NEEDED Meanwhile another group of claimants has secured legal support to challenge the last-minute change to the PIP regulations which deny enhanced rate mobility to anyone who can stand and move more than 20 metres. They will be arguing that the failure to consult about the reduction of the limit from 50 metres to 20 metres means that the change is unlawful and should thus be quashed. If successful it would be a bigger blow to the government than today’s forced labour ruling. The result would be that the DWP would be obliged to consult all over again on the changes before they can be introduced. In the end they can still ignore the results of a new consultation, but they will face a very determined battle and will have no opportunity to claim that disability organisations supported the changes. At the very least it would set the introduction of PIP back months. At best it could even result in a fairer set of rules for the mobility component. But the campaigners desperately need claimants who fit very tightly defined criteria to come forward to be the ones who actually challenge the DWP. In order to bring the case, assisted by Leigh Day solicitors and barristers from Doughty Street Chambers, they need claimants: Who are eligible for legal aid – check your eligibility here (external site) Who currently have a DLA award including Higher Rate Mobility component Whose DLA award is NOT due to expire until after October 2013 Who, on re-assessment under PIP, whenever that occurs, are at risk of losing out on the enhanced mobility component of PIP because they can walk over 20 metres or so but cannot walk up to 50 metres. Who do NOT have any difficulty planning or following a journey (eg due to mental health, cognitive or sensory impairment). There are other criteria which are desirable rather than essential, which you can read about on the blog (external site) of highly respected and experienced ‘We Are Spartacus’ campaigner Jane Young. If you think you fit the criteria and are willing to take part, please contact Jane via her contact form as soon as possible, time is very short.:sad:
  6. Please read these facts here.. On Tuesday 5 February, the Social Security (Personal Independence Payment) Regulations 2013 were passed by the House of Commons Eleventh Delegated Legislation Committee (audio recording). The debate, transcribed at http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201213/cmgeneral/deleg11/130205/130205s01.htm And then go back to my first post and read the full facts again thanks paople...
  7. Hi all, Please see this about PIP. help make a callenge to this [problem] that the DWP are doing. Challenging Personal Independent Payments mobility reduction to 20 metres. From Rightsnet, Leigh Day solicitors and human rights barristers from Doughty Street Chambers have advised campaigners that the lowering of the distance criteria for Personal Independence Payments mobility from 50 metres to 20 metres could be unlawful. They are considering how to challenge the regulations. To do so, of course, they need claimants whose circumstances make them suitable candidates to participate in such a challenge. For the best prospect of success, the barristers have set the following criteria (some essential, some desirable): See full story here http://www.rightsnet.org.uk/forums/viewthread/4344/ Come on people lets fight this:wink:
  8. O'my mines 50p a day as i can not afford that much....
  9. I will be giving up this home im in, because i can not afford to keep it, i did not or a lot of us did not ask to be disabled. so im gearing myself up to go to prison atleast i will get my healthcare and my food and bed sorted its seems to me the only way, and a lot of us can go.. I can not believe that no one is kicking up a stink over any of these kick a cripple benifit changes:-(
  10. Hi laura, long time no here.. wish you well at your appeal. good luck..
  11. International Criminal Court in the Hague, accusing several ministers of the government of "crimes against humanity" in the way the sick and disabled are treated re: ATOS and the DWP. see more and give your views. http://blacktrianglecampaign.org/2012/09/23/united-kingdom-government-denounced-for-crimes-against-disabled-people-to-international-criminal-court-in-the-hague/
  12. Sick F*****S! the icing on the cake... will this ever end...
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