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  1. Greater protection for renters thanks to plans to tighten tenant safety READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/greater-protection-for-renters-thanks-to-plans-to-tighten-tenant-safety
  2. Prison officer safety equipment rolled out - PAVA incapacitant spray READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/prison-officer-safety-equipment-rolled-out
  3. hello all, i have a valid gas safety certificate until November the 3rd 2018. my landlord(local council) uses a heating company for the gas safety check,... they are being very overzealous and have been calling to do an 'ANNUAL' gas safety inspection since the beginning of August...this seems very strange as its 3 months early and they know it expires in November.?? I have came home and received calling cards when I have been out and on one occasion a calling card was left when i was on holiday...as it was August. today i received a letter from the council saying they ar
  4. I have a loan with Safety Net Credit I have changed my on line banking details, cancelled my debit card and ordered a new one so they can now not take money form my account or view my balance. I have had an email from them today saying if I don't restore the access for them they will attempt to take the full balance due on my pay day. If I do restore the access they will only take the minimum payment I don't trust them to only take the minimum if I restore access and I am going to email back suggesting a repayment plan, paying by DD or through payments to their bank account so
  5. New guide to improve consumer product safety recalls READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-guide-to-improve-consumer-product-safety-recalls
  6. New tougher electrical safety standards to protect private tenants READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-tougher-electrical-safety-standards-to-protect-private-tenants
  7. i took a loan out with safety net credit in january 2017 for £100. I used their service every month and paid back on time. They kept increasing my lending amount by roughly £100 every month till october. I am now at the point of lending £900 a month and paying back £1100 a month. It has spiralled out of control ..i get paid between 2-3k a month depending on overtime. I am not sure saftey net credit is a payday loan or classed as an overdraft facility. My stupid mistake i turned to them last year as no other payday loans would accept me..they ask for all your
  8. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/selfdriving-lorries-to-hit-uk-roads-from-next-year-despite-experts-safety-fears-a3619651.html Dont panic,
  9. One in three nursing homes in England 'fail safety' READ MORE HERE: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-40499567
  10. Fire safety in tower blocks to be examined by Assembly Committee - National Assembly for Wales READ MORE HERE: http://www.assembly.wales/en/newhome/pages/newsitem.aspx?itemid=1732
  11. Safety of Scotlands High Rise Homes to be Examined - The Scottish Parliament READ MORE HERE: http://www.parliament.scot/newsandmediacentre/105470.aspx
  12. Scottish Housing Regulator Fire Safety Advice - Letter to all social landlords can be download here: https://www.scottishhousingregulator.gov.uk/publications/fire-safety-advice-letter-all-social-landlords
  13. My Landlord, a housing association, is threatening legal action for access to examine a gas boiler in my rooms. I think that the application would go before a magistrates court. My question is do I get notice so I can defend the case? There is no gas boiler in my rooms. The landlord knows this. I have reminded them several times and they don't seem to believe me. It is a case of administrative chaos rather than deliberate harassment. Any ideas, please?
  14. CAG Reported on the safety issues regarding these products in 2015.. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?456048-Hotpoint-Tumble-dryer-safety-issue&highlight=Whirlpool+tumble+dryer However it seems despite their assurance that their items are now considered safe and the fact they have continued to sell this product.. they have now advised.... owners not to use their dryers until they have been repaired !! Whirlpool orders plug to be pulled on millions of faulty tumble dryers until they can be repaired http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/whirlp
  15. Energy giant E.On is recalling 190,000 plugs issued to customers with smart meters over a safety issue that was first raised by a customer who suffered an electric shock in 2014. The company said the recall affected power adapters for home energy displays that were supplied to customers between September 2012 and October 2015. The displays show real-time gas and electricity usage data provided by the smart meters. E.On said it had discovered that "in rare cases" the outer casing of the power adapters could come loose, "exposing internal circuitry and therefore creating an electrical
  16. For those that haven't seen this. Some tumble dryers from the Hotpoint- Indesit- Creda range have had a safety alert issued. If you have one of the affected models, complete the form for a free modification. http://safety.hotpoint.eu/ Unfortunately, I am one of those affected
  17. I have mobility problems which only really affects me when the weather starts to change. At this stage I need to use crutches and have access to a cab to take me to and from work paid for by DWP under the Access to Work Scheme. I have recently started a new job (only 3 weeks) within a physio therapy centre however they do not have any disabled access. When I was offered an interview I noticed that the building only had stairs and prior to being offered the role, I did comment that I had mobility problems and that the stairs would be a problem for me. After being offered the position, I spo
  18. My father recently passed away, he had a will and deeds to the house stored in one of two safety deposit boxes at NatWest Bank. I made an appointment to view the contents, when I arrived the bank told me they didn't have the safety deposit boxes and I needed to go to another branch, and gave me the address. I soon realised the branch no longer existed. So I went back to the original branch, who gave me another address. I finally got both boxes, but realised one wasn't my fathers. It belonged to someone else (actually turned out be his brothers). After speaking to NatWes
  19. British Gas Smart Meters have issued a safety warning regarding the Power Adaptor for their Smart Energy Meter. The letter states the following; It goes on to say, that the actual Energy Smart Meter is NOT affected & you are to keep that aside. A replacement adaptor will be sent out within the next 8/9 weeks, along with a envelope for you to send back the old adaptor. Once the new adaptor arrives, plug the Energy Smart Meter back in. The letter does not state any kind of serial/part number or area, I live in Essex, so I've no idea who may be affected or no
  20. My partner and I live in a 1 bed flat in a house conversion. Our bedroom is above the kitchen/living area of the problem tenants below us. For about 2 years we have been complaining to the landlords about the noise from these tenants. They run a loud extractor fan at all hours of the day and night, bang doors and cupboards, shout at each other and their kids. Now they have a crying baby!! The walls are paper thin to the point where the heating cannot keep the room warm at all. The landlords have written them multiple "warning" letters and had one meeting with them, where they ag
  21. Every year close to a million vehicles are called back to dealers for a safety check and/or rectification work under the official vehicle safety recall scheme. Once a problem has been registered with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) it authorises the DVLA to supply current owner's details to the relevant manufacturer. Owners are then contacted direct, either by phone, email or a letter in the post, and the manufacturer will organise a repair at the dealer most convenient to them. This will be free of charge. If you're unsure whether your car has been the subject of
  22. Hi all, just want to confirm what i propose to do is correct. i had a £140 credit limit with SafetyNet Credit (owned by indigo michael) it was origonally showing on noodle as a credit card type service, i got it, paid it back, got it again, paid it back etc.... eventually i got in to some issues paying it back so A. i changed bank accounts and B. i wrote to my old bank asking for any CPA from them to be declined in case any money did go in to old account. This is a fairly new debt and the total balance is now £185 which i don't think is too bad to be
  23. From dangerous daffodils being banned on a village green, to pork crackling not on the menu at a restaurant because it might splash the chef – complaints from the public being fobbed off with ‘elf and safety excuses are at a record high. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the HSE panel has confirmed that health and safety regulations do not ban the activity and that ‘health and safety’ is being used as a smokescreen, usually to hide poor customer service. Here's some of the more stupid excuses: pork crackling not on the menu at a restaurant because it might splash t
  24. we currenty rent and have done for the last 4 years, 2 years in to renting, the estate agent closed down and some 1 else took over, this person just manages it on a private basis from what i can gather, we pay rent monthly in to their bank, then they take a cut and pay the rest to landlord. since this chance we asked for a new contract but it never happened, our bond got trasnfered to their name under the dps scheme, but nothing else happened. the last landlord safety check and boiler service was 2012, few weeks ago the carbon monoxide alarm went off, so i got a gas safe engineer to come
  25. I have a wee issue. We moved into our house in December 2012 for which we received the Gas Safety Certificate. As of this date, we have never received a new certificate from December 2013, and the landlord has never mentioned it. I'm fully aware they're breaking the law ... so what should I do? I have another ongoing issue which is they haven't protected my deposit so will be going to court, so I'm not really in the mood to discuss this latest issue with them, I'd rather just report them and let them answer to the appropriate authority. Who do I need to report my landlord to? Wha
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