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Found 11 results

  1. New tougher electrical safety standards to protect private tenants READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-tougher-electrical-safety-standards-to-protect-private-tenants
  2. Hi folks Long story but hopefully I will keep it as short as possible. On 24th November 2016 I purchased a Whiteknight Dishwasher from co-op electrical, it was delivered on the 26th November, all was going well till the 4th January 2017 when it stopped draining and warning light was flashing and bleeping, I looked at manual and fault code was "Overflow - Some elements of dishwasher leaks" I called co-op electrical who said I should talk to whiteknight to arrange a service engineer to call. I called whiteknight who said that their own engineers don't cover my post code area but they would get in touch with a partner who will be in touch with me within 24hrs. 24hrs passed without a call I called them back, they apologized and said they would email engineer again and tell him to get in touch with me to arrange visit. Another 24hrs passed and no engineer called, I telephoned again and was told that a visit was booked for the next day and they would get engineer to call and confirm visit. As per usual no call to confirm visit and no engineer showed up. At 17.30 I called whiteknight again and was told engineer had to 18.00 to make a visit. Told them if no-one appeared I would be calling them back at 18.00. At 17.55 engineer called and said he had just been told about job and he would not be able to attend till the next morning at 9.30, I said this would be fine. Next morning engineer arrived and took dishwasher apart had a quick look around inside machine, switched it on and said he will be back in an hour once it had finished its cycle. He had only been out the house five minutes when the dishwasher flooded my kitchen floor. We switched off machine and waited for engineer to come back, told him what had happened and he said he was not quite sure what the problem was, said he could change pump but didn't know if that would fix fault, he then said he was going to speak to his boss, left the house and has not come back, dishwasher is still lying in bits in my kitchen and conservatory. Next day I called whiteknight to find out what was happening and they told me that the engineer had reported to them that we had refused a repair, told whiteknight that this was a lie. I have now been on the phone several times, since engineer visit, to whitekight and co-op electrical and all they say is we are looking into and someone will call you back within 24hrs which never happens. After all the problems we have had can I now reject the dishwasher, as I have gave them a chance of repair, and ask for a refund or a replacement. Thanks for reading and sorry for the long post. Cheers.
  3. Could I ask please. I bought a tumble dryer online from Co Op electrical 4 months ago. A week and a half a go it just stopped working. I called AEG the manufacturer, the chap got me to press several buttons in sequence so he could see what the fault was. Seemed to think circuit board had gone. I called Co op, they said I have to have an engineer sent out to fix it. They were supposed to show today but called to cancel saying the part had not arrived and don't know when it will. I called Co Op again and told someone would call me back, but that did not happen as promised. I tried quoting them the under 6 months old and deemed to have the fault from new and would like it replaced, but they said no has to have an engineer to fix it. So I've waited a week and a half already and no idea how many more weeks before an engineer can visit. I've got wet washing hanging everywhere! Any pointers to how I should proceed with this appreciated. Ideally I just want a new one, if its gone wrong in 4 months it does not bode well. Many thanks
  4. I seem to always have bad luck when buying stuff, bought a DSLR camera less than 4 months ago at PC world and been using it a lot as I am a keen photographer. It just developed a fault which is going to mean that I am without it for probably up to 2 weeks, which is not really great right now because I am using it a lot and was planning to go away next week and take some photos with it somewhere, but if it's away getting repaired then I can't obviously do that. I'm just wondering where I stand with my consumer rights here. I paid for the use of an item specifically during an imminent period and now I don't have that use, and that sort of forfeits the whole deal kind of. Would there perchance be a piece of legislation I can quote to them which says that they have to give me a replacement or a refund here? I was also thinking that maybe I should get a different camera anyway, but mostly I just want to make sure I have a camera, or at the very least they loan one out to me for the duration. It also has a scratch on it now, on the screen when I put it on a dike the other day, not because I dropped so maybe they will accuse me of mishandling it, which is certainly not the case I look after stuff, especially gadgets.
  5. Hi All I hope you can help. The situation is that I was due a quite substantial refund from co-op electrical for faulty goods that they couldn't replace. Co-op electrical state that they have refunded the money "to the card/account that paid for the goods" however the card issuer states that "my account" has not received any funds, and quite reasonably they cannot check whether the funds have been added erroneously to another account. I have tried to get co-op electrical to give me the account details (mainly number) of the account they have refunded to but they will only tell me "the card/account number it was paid with" as they claim the actual number is information only their bank holds. It is now over 2 months since the alleged refund and I have got no further. I have sent them a subject access request on the advice of my card issuer which will hopefully crowbar an actual account number out of them, but frankly the experience I have had so far is so shocking that I want to report them to someone, but I cant work out who. The office of fair trading over see the sale of goods act, but says they don't take individual complaints against companies.
  6. Have a Prestige 2100 steriliser for my work - the heating element according to the warranty has a life time guarantee. The unit works fine and legally, but the heating element has a hot spot and needs replacing. Sent machine back for repair early September. It was received, but have had no response from the company despite having sent emails and letters. Suggestions?
  7. Hi All, Very quick question, I've recently bought a used car. It has a couple of niggly faults: 1. Wheel Bearing - this is being sorted by the dealer 2. Automatic Head Light Adjustment Fault Its the 2nd part I need clarification on, it happened a week after owning the car, I've reported it to the dealer but they have stated that only major mechanical faults are covered under the warranty they have given me. They are only doing the bearing as it would have been bad before I took possession of the car. Its a 06 Plate Citreon C4 2.0 HDi paid £3999.00 Thanks.
  8. Hi I am a new user, could you please read below and advise which forum i should post to. I'm most grateful and please excuse my inexperience with this site. ----------------------------------------------------------------- We purchased an industrial property around 7 years ago. The previous owners had a high capacity electrical supply fitted to cater for their needs. Our present energy supplier SEE are charging us £805 per month! (almost £70,000 over 7 years), for the facility to use large amounts of electricity if we want to. I recently joined the present owner of the property and have been auditing our expenses. I cannot understand why this hasn't been dealt with up to now, nevertheless I have queried this with the supplier and told them that for the past 7 years we have been using around 10% of the available capacity and whilst we should have queried it sooner they too should have pointed out that we had no need for this type of supply. The gentleman I spoke to said there was nothing he could do as it's our responsibility to read and query invoices. I said that he was right in principal, however there was a moral obligation or at least expectation after say 6 months, a year, 2 years, for them to serve us in a morally acceptable way, in spite of our own error. He was not forthcoming. I spoke to Citizen's advice who said there may be grounds for arguing that it was an unfair contract. Has anyone had any experience with this they can share, or any advice on this. My feeling is that SEE should return a significant part of the £70,000. Thanks for reading! Simon
  9. hello my street was affected by the floods of june 2012 although my house was not flooded since then our lights have flickered and tv goes off then back on 3/5 times a day and now ive noticed our combi boiler turns off then back on i had my electrics looked at and my tv looked at both are fine and was told the floods had damaged the underground electrcity cables so i contacted northern powergrid who sent a engineer out and he told me that nothing could be done until a lot more of my street phoned up to report the fault then a team would be sent out to find and fix the fault i have complained to the powergrid people that its causing my plasma tv to keep turning off and im worried that it could cause my tv to break altogether if this happens could i make a claim against the powergrid people i had a letter off them telling me that electrical equipment connected to the supply needs to be designed to withstand a power cut and they are not responsible but i say my tv is only a couple of years old and it could withstand a powercut once but if its 4/5 times a day it will damage my set in the end
  10. Hi all I’m getting in touch on behalf of the Electrical Safety Council – the UK charity dedicated to reducing electrical accidents and deaths in the home. Electrical accidents currently kill around one person every week in their home and injure 350,00 a year. We’re currently running a campaign about faulty electrical goods and we need your help. Have you or a family member ever bought second hand or cheap electrical goods online or at a market stall and run into problems? Perhaps the product didn’t work, overheated, or even caught fire. If so – we’d love to speak to you. If we use your story you could get a reward. Contact me with details at Rachel (@) forster.co.uk
  11. The UK has the safest mains plugs and sockets in the world, however there are many illegal and dangerous counterfeit plugs being sold. Counterfeit plugs are often distinguished by having partially sleeved earth pins in clear contravention of BS 1363, that means that they cannot be legally sold (The Plugs & Sockets etc. (Safety) Regulations (1994)). Despite that they are freely available from (amongst others) many ebay sellers, and even Amazon! Some of the counterfeits also have counterfeit fuses fitted, others have no fuses whatsoever! (To see what a counterfeit fuse can do, watch the video on the website at www dot bs1363.org.uk - this has lots more information and includes samples of ebay and Amazon sales listings. One unexpected aspect of this despicable trade is that ebay have shown far greater responsibility than Amazon. ebay have so far removed over 60 listings of power leads since a trading standards officer first raised it with them one month ago, but Amazon simply say they are "investigating" whilst continuing to ignore the law and carry on selling these potentially lethal items!
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