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Found 5 results

  1. Whirlpool oven repairs. Whirlpool oven repairs. Ongoing saga hopefully resolved tomorrow 24.6.17 Or a reading as war and peace will follow. This oven has been constantly repaired over the years, was supposed to have been replaced years ago but D+G lost my policy contract!! They had to start a new one ,so repairs carried on. After having the wrong oven delivered on 23/6/17 i rang D +G on 24/6/17 to be told that they would arrange Hotpoint / whirlpool to call me and collect it. .Nothing yet 27/6/17.-- D+G have the correct oven number listed on their system as i have now as that`s what they have insured it for years. Why would they decide to send me a oven that will not fit ,has no timer, no fan built in. I was led to believe the policy read , if the appliance is beyond economical repair ,which it is because parts cannot be obtained then it has to be replaced as new for old. We have been without a oven now for 5 weeks , i thought the idea of taking out a extended warranty policy to cover these electrical items was to get the problems sorted out. So why have i got to keep calling ,and calling , no one returns calls saying what is happening. So here i am another day later , no call from suppliers to collect incorrect oven , am now starting to get peeved after living off salads and beans for a month. The oven i need replaced in my kitchen is fully available on all Google available sites for immediate delivery , so no excuses D+G of not available please. I will now have to now see if Office Of Fair Trading can help , if not i will contact a popular TV documentary show and see what they say. My oven is AKZM 755/IX 2.6 kw UPDATE--- 29/6/17 After speaking to D+G for hours and eventually they organised with Hotpoint to collect the incorrect oven and deliver the correct oven. The driver arrived today with no oven and only to collect the wrong one. After a confused call to his head office he then left leaving the wrong oven still with us. So, another week will go by D+G with nothing happening , do you treat all your customers like this?
  2. Are you one of the four million Whirlpool tumble dryer owners, sold under the Hotpoint, Indesit and Creda brands, which have been affected by a fault which can cause fires? Are you still waiting for a repair, nearly a year after Whirlpool issued a safety notice? Are you still using it despite London Fire Brigade reccomending customers to stop using them immediately? Well, now a decision by the Ombudsman means that you may be able to obtain a refund from your credit card provider. Unwilling to accept a fire hazard in his home for almost 12 months, one consumer took his case to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), which has now ruled Nationwide must pay up. Read more
  3. CAG Reported on the safety issues regarding these products in 2015.. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?456048-Hotpoint-Tumble-dryer-safety-issue&highlight=Whirlpool+tumble+dryer However it seems despite their assurance that their items are now considered safe and the fact they have continued to sell this product.. they have now advised.... owners not to use their dryers until they have been repaired !! Whirlpool orders plug to be pulled on millions of faulty tumble dryers until they can be repaired http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/whirlpool-orders-plug-pulled-millions-9898350 Believing them to be safe I purchased a new one just a couple of weeks ago !!
  4. Totally let down by whirlpool... their product quality had fallen beyond expected standard. Bought a microwave from ao.com on 15/10/2013. After 2 days it arrived... and FAIL... won't turn on. (no power, fuse ok) After that got a replacement which on 3/12/2014 stopped heating food (probably faulty magnetron... looked up and the part alone is around £100). Now it won't even switch on. I hope that you agree that £245 appliance should last more than a year... so I mentioned them SOGA. also offered to do an independent examination/repair if they agree to reimburse the cost of it (this one they just ignored) this is what I got on 16th dec: I'm writing to confirm our Manufacturer Liaison Team have contacted Whirlpool and they are unable to offer a free of charge repair as the microwave is now out of it's warranty. They can offer you an additional warranty, there are two options for this, you can pay £14.99 for 12 months and this will cover you for any repairs during this time. Alternatively, you can pay a one off charge of £135.00 and the engineer will come out and repair the appliance for you. for that money I can buy new same size panasonic microwave... feels like a ripoff so I refused that ''generous offer''... next day got this email: I am sorry that you were unhappy with my response. I can understand your disappointment at losing the use of a microwave that is just two months outside of the warranty. We have spoken with Whirlpool again but unfortunately, they are still unwilling to provide a repair free of charge. We are also fully aware of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and how that applies to this situation. The Sale of Goods Act is designed to protect the retailer as much as it is designed to protect the consumer. However, on this occasion, as a goodwill gesture, we are willing to contribute towards 50% of the call out charge. If you’re happy to go ahead with this, we will contact Whirlpool and arrange for an engineer to repair the appliance. They will charge you for the callout and the repair, at which point you can send us a copy of the invoice. At this stage, we will refund you for half of the callout cost. Please let me know if you are happy to go down this route so that I can get things started with Whirlpool. ..... to sum up: 50% call out charge... still leaves me to pay for labor and parts back to square one? how to proceed? been busy at work so it took a while to get back to this issue
  5. Can anyonne help me? I ordered a whirlpool bath online 3 weeks ago, meant to be delivered within 2 weeks. When I chased the company they said the product arrived faulty and had to be returned and another one will be dispatched within 2 weeks. I asked them to cancel the order as I saw an identical bath elsewhere and which could be delivered sooner. They then told me that this is a bespoke item and therefore cannot be cancelled or refunded (due to distance selling regulations which don't cover bespoke items). The same bath with the same specification (nothing is being added or changed to my order) is being sold in lots of places (on other companys websites as well as eBay). What can I do? Many thanks.
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