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Found 11 results

  1. When the Tesco driver arrived, I went out to sign for the shopping and instructed him where to leave it (in an area by my side porch). He refused and informed me that he had to watch me take the shopping into my home. Under no circumstances would I find it acceptable to be "watched" as I carry my shopping into my home. I find that creepy to be honest. I explained that I was in the middle of an important call and that I wanted it leaving where I directed. He then drove off with our urgent shopping leaving us, disabled and housebound and the animals without food. I have now been charged a delivery fee for shopping that was not delivered through no fault of my own that so far Tesco is refusing to refund. We have had absolutely no problems with Asda who are always wonderful and helpful. This experience with Tesco has been awful, even throughout the complaints process. This is what I have received back from the executive complaints team today: "Our drivers are unable to leave orders in a safe place, and do require a signature. This is explained in our Terms and Conditions which you accepted when you opened your account. I’ve copied the relevant information below. “All goods must be signed for on delivery by an adult aged 18 years or over. Tesco follows a "Think 25" policy, so if the person receiving the goods looks under 25, proof of age will be requested. If proof is not available and there is no-one of that age at the address when delivery is being made, the goods may be retained by the driver. If we attempt to deliver your order to the delivery address as arranged with you but there is nobody at the delivery address to accept your order, the driver will leave notification of attempted delivery and you will need to contact our Customer Service Centre to re-arrange delivery (see below for contact details). In these circumstances, if we have to return to deliver the goods, a further charge may become payable provided that delivery is attempted at the agreed time. Whilst we make every effort to deliver all your goods in the agreed time, we will not be liable if we fail to do so in part or in full due to circumstances beyond our control. I hope this helps explain things further." There is no mistaking either of us for under 25. Any input?
  2. Whirlpool oven repairs. Whirlpool oven repairs. Ongoing saga hopefully resolved tomorrow 24.6.17 Or a reading as war and peace will follow. This oven has been constantly repaired over the years, was supposed to have been replaced years ago but D+G lost my policy contract!! They had to start a new one ,so repairs carried on. After having the wrong oven delivered on 23/6/17 i rang D +G on 24/6/17 to be told that they would arrange Hotpoint / whirlpool to call me and collect it. .Nothing yet 27/6/17.-- D+G have the correct oven number listed on their system as i have now as that`s what they have insured it for years. Why would they decide to send me a oven that will not fit ,has no timer, no fan built in. I was led to believe the policy read , if the appliance is beyond economical repair ,which it is because parts cannot be obtained then it has to be replaced as new for old. We have been without a oven now for 5 weeks , i thought the idea of taking out a extended warranty policy to cover these electrical items was to get the problems sorted out. So why have i got to keep calling ,and calling , no one returns calls saying what is happening. So here i am another day later , no call from suppliers to collect incorrect oven , am now starting to get peeved after living off salads and beans for a month. The oven i need replaced in my kitchen is fully available on all Google available sites for immediate delivery , so no excuses D+G of not available please. I will now have to now see if Office Of Fair Trading can help , if not i will contact a popular TV documentary show and see what they say. My oven is AKZM 755/IX 2.6 kw UPDATE--- 29/6/17 After speaking to D+G for hours and eventually they organised with Hotpoint to collect the incorrect oven and deliver the correct oven. The driver arrived today with no oven and only to collect the wrong one. After a confused call to his head office he then left leaving the wrong oven still with us. So, another week will go by D+G with nothing happening , do you treat all your customers like this?
  3. I moved into new rented house, I called & gave the start meter readings, my name & emai & phone number to SP, I requested a contract & standing order mandate to be sent in the post for me to sign & return & asked for the cheapest online tariffs. 3 years & 5 months later I still have not received anything in my name from SP, what I have received are many letters (possibly bills?) addressed to someone else, all of which I returned to SP "not known at this address. I have called them 4 times speaking to different operators all promising to help & put me through to the right department but nothing happened & I was left on hold or cut off. I complained in writing to SP only to receive a computer generated standard letter from their fictitious Lynda Clayton giving me a complaint number & promising they would investigate. Nothing was done. I broke the law & opened one of the mystery letters & managed to pay one of the accounts in full. I came home one day to find that SP has visited the house, they had tried but failed to break in, & changed both gas & electricity credit meters for pre payment versions. I complained in writing again to SP. Same computer letter & empty promises. For the last 17 months I have been paying for my energy upfront using a card & key. Each week when I load £10 onto the gas meter it deducts £6 average for an unproven alleged & estimated debt. SP then tried to transfer the alleged gas debt over to the electricity account & tried to deduct monies from that meter as well. I have received a letter & an email from SP only after the intervention of the Observer newspaper (Funny that !) again promising to investigate - but still nothing. I have complained to the energy ombudsman but thus far not much action from them either. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I should proceed ? Informally I have been advised to hire a solicitor & sue them. I am told that they are likely to be guilty of, breach of contract, mis selling, false accounting, maladministration, fraud, deception, criminal damage, trespass, theft, abuse of power, slander, I am sure there will be more . . Regards.
  4. I enquired about joining BT in December. While I was still with TT they kept sending me 'don't leave, speak to our loyalty team to see what they can do' messages...so I did. 28 Dec - agreed a new deal 10 Jan - not heard anything so rang them. New deal hasn't been processed because I'd 'missed Jan's payment' (it's DD so it's their fault they didn't take it!) made me pay Jan's bill there on the phone. Couldn't talk about new deal because payment hasn't been processed 12 Jan - they rang me back & agreed new deal. Later that day I received confirmation email of package....it's completely different to what we agreed on the phone!! 14 Jan - they stop my internet & phone. Turns out they've 'processed a cancellation' from the beginning of all this mess.. .even though I stayed with them!!! I've paid Jan's bill for them to cut me off!!!! The new deal I've agreed starts on 26 Jan - and I keep getting letters emails about the package I'm having and they're all different!!!!!
  5. Private Land Fiasco Hello People, Thanks in advance for your help and your patience. This is my first thread ever, so please bear with me. On 14th January 2016 I was slapped with a parking charge notice by Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd for my car being on The Runway, Salisbury Village, Hatfield. I had gone to a small planning exhibition and I was in the community centre opposite for no more than 10 minutes. There was a small amount of parking inside the gates of the community centre but when I got there it was chaos, and so I noticed a space on the opposite side of the road and thought it would be okay to park there. No yellow lines and another car parked close by. Unfortunately for me, when I came out of the centre I saw there was a notice affixed to my windscreen. I also only then noticed that there was a parking about 10 metres away with all the gobbledygook about permits and contracts. The reason I did not see the sign was that I am a carer for 2 people and I was in such a hurry to get in and out of the planning exhibition that I forgot to check for parking signs. The PCN stated that it was issued for "Parked without clearly displaying a valid PCM UK Ltd permit (at the time of enforcement)". They did put a reference on the PCN showing photographic evidence. I had no idea it was private property and I was surprised because The Runway is actually part of a public bus route. I had read up quite a bit of stuff on MSE and Parking Cowboys and so I decided to wait for the NTK. This arrived posted on 16th Feb with given date as 18th Feb. It did mention the POFA 2012 and worded it that I am required to do one of the following pay the outstanding amount £100 or if I was not the driver, provide the full name of the driver etc. It did also mention the appeals service IAS (but I understand this is about as impartial as a tied agent). I thought long and hard about what to do and say. As far as I was concerned, it was just an honest mistake. However, when I replied (as the keeper and not the driver) I declined to name the driver and said "apparently the driver did not see any parking sign and given that the ticket was issued at 16.27 hours on 14th January, I am not surprised, as it was 10 minutes after sunset on a murky winter afternoon. Therefore, as the driver did not see the parking sign, there was no contract formed and no offence committed". I continued that as keeper of the vehicle I am therefore declining to pay this charge and asked them to cancel the ticket. Incidentally, nowhere has it given a parking period. It has only specified 16.27 - I don't know if this is relevant. PCM replied on 17th March that they are " confident that the signage is adequate and clearly states that contractual obligations you agree to by parking. PCM maintain that the terms of this contract are concise and clearly displayed throughout the parking area. It is not sufficient to assume that the parking restrictions didn't apply. Further advice should hae been sought or alternative unrestricted parking should have been found." I actually felt like writing back to them asking "what part of the driver did not see the parking sign" do you not understand? However, I decided not to engage in any more letter tennis. I decided not to appeal to the IAS because they do not allow mitigating circumstances to be taken into consideration. I have now had a letter from Debt Recovery Plus, advising me that I should now pay the amount owed ££160) by 9th May, so I decided to ignore that as well. I note that DRP are quoting Parking Eye vs Beavis, but I don't really see there is any connection. I have spoken to the person on Salisbury Estate who liaises with PCM and found out the landowner is Bovis. I think the next move will be to ask the landowner if PCM have their authority to take people to court. Well, that is my story so far. Obviously I would prefer not to have to go to court, but it may be that this is the only place where I can actually tell my side of things. I would be very grateful for any constructive comments you have for me. Thank you.
  6. Hi, The other year I was continuously 'locked out' of my Argos/ Home Retail Group account. Unfortunately I had to have emergency spinal neurosurgery so had other more important things on my mind. During my recovery I wrote to them several times explaining the scenario...I was on sick pay with a protracted recovery time. Home Retail Group initially ignored me, sent me demands, lost 3 income/outgoings finance forms. Then attempted to charge me a whole years interest for a card that due to being locked out I was unable to access. So, to cut a long story short, the FOS found in my favour, made them refund the interest, and left us to arrange a reasonable payment. Fair enough from my perspective. However...that was last December. I'm back in work, but in a reduced capacity.....worse off financially. I have now written 4 times offering a very reasonable payment. All I get in response is 'please contact us by writing to make a re-payment offer'. Erm I have 4 times. SO that is the never ending saga. However....having spinal cord damage, and hence mobility issues I rely on my car for everything, including getting to work. I need new tyres. So I tried to pay monthly via a tyre company. I figured taking the hit of the interest over a year was preferable to shelling out all in one go. I was turned down. Now despite a few wrangles with unscrupulous companies (usually due to them messing things up) I've always had a very good credit rating. Always good when checked via experian etc. I have never ever had any issues with obtaining credit. Checking my credit file for the first time since before my big operation, I find out I have a poor credit score wholly due to Home Retail Group issuing endless defaults. They issued defaults when I couldn't access my account(FOS ruled in my favour) and also for every month since last December when I have been asking them to sort the payment out and send a direct debit form. I've written today asking them to redact these alleged defaults. However...knowing Home Retail Group the letter will be ignored or they'll pretend it didn't arrive.....as with seven previous written communications sent to them. What I could do with is the email address of Home Retail Groups head of complaints. Anyone have this? Any other ideas? I'm now looking at driving to work in the North with almost bald tyres due to Home Retail Group sabotaging my credit rating. I can't walk very far, so if I get stuck in the snow I'm stuffed.
  7. Hi, I'm desperate for some help please with an issue with Vodafone. Summary of details: My son thought he's misplaced his phone on the 9th May whilst in Barcelona, by late Sunday he realised he'd either lost it or had it stolen He flew back to the UK late Sunday and was on the road back to his base to take part in a military exercise (we have retained the flight confirmation as evidence of his movements and have confirmation of the exercise) He asked his partner to report the loss and have the phone blocked which she did Sadly she had recently had a 3rd miscarriage was undergoing medical treatment as a result and so she reported the loss to Vodafone on Tuesday 13th May i.e. the following morning/day At no time during the call to block the phone did Vodafone advise her about any fraudulent calls and she heard nothing else from them until she called on the 5th June to request proof of purchase and blocking for an insurance claim when they told her about the forthcoming bill of £2,228 She explained the phone had been stolen and initially was told she had to go into a Vodafone shop and it would sorted. This was followed by a call from Egypt saying that this wasn't the case and they had to pay and my son should have been more careful She became very distressed and asked me to help as she was going back to hospital the following day and was completely overwhelmed by everything My sons partner has had a contract with Vodafone for 12 years, 4,380 days, has always paid her bills on time and has demonstrated loyalty and reliability many times over the years. This is further demonstrated by the fact that she's paid £300 off the bill on the due date as she wanted to pay for their usage and so over estimated this just to be sure Headlines surrounding this case: Vodafone insist the bill has to be paid regardless of the extremely extenuating circumstances around reporting the loss of the phone or the loyalty demonstrated over the last 12 years The Directors' Office advised that it wouldn't be fair to their other customers to waive/apply goodwill and that all roaming charges must be paid. Comment: Having done a lot of research, this is totally incorrect and I can offer other similar cases where all charges have been dropped, see: Post from Mcbainhaydon to name but one. I can provide further links to cases and national newspaper articles on request Vodafone advised they don't always get data for usage overseas straightaway and so can't always see unusual behaviour. Comment: The Euro Passport, which my son has opted into give customers the opportunity to use their UK Plan whilst in Europe. If a customer exceeds this, Vodafone contact them via text to tell them. This means they can see the usage and have the ability to stop unusual behaviour as indeed the banks do. Note: 406 calls were made fm Barcelona, varying in call length and dialled in rapid succession with a country code of Estonia, resulting in £1,850 call charges. My son's normal usage is around £26 per month per Vodafone The main account holder is my sons partner, who simply added a second phone last year for my son. Vodafone have confirmed they sent my son a text (which he didn't see of course) to alert him about exceeding his UK Plan but they don't email the main account holder. Comment: The contract is up at the end of July but Vodafone won't release the PAC code whilst there is still an outstanding balance insisting this is 'one account'. If this is the case and it is 'one account', why didn't they alert the main account holder with the 'exceeding usage' text as well? If they did this as a matter of course to customers/businesses with multiple handsets/users, then customers who haven't realised they've either lost or had their phone stolen wouldn't be as vulnerable and it would save Vodafone a fortune in fighting with their customers As I write, the £300 which my sons partner has paid, on the due date, for their over estimated usage is currently 'sitting' at the door of Vodafone as confirmed by her bank. Comments: Why? And why hasn't this gesture being recognised by Vodafone? Headlines: Customer Service: Despite multiple calls to them and the promise of a call from a manager within 48/72 hours, it took them a staggering 264 hours to get back to me, telling me they were dealing with a large backlog. Comments: They could easily have reset my expectation by sending me a quick email, it could be an automated process and would save the Domino Effect occurring and Vodafone a great deal of time, money and resource trying to deal with customers calling back to see where their calls are, not to mention making a bad and stressful situation worse The Director's Office advised their Escalation Process is for the intention of determining whether a case can be placed in 'deadlock' which means you have 30 days to prove your case or face financial ruin. Comments: The Escalation Process is for the purpose of a fair review by a more senior person and used in order to try and settle any dispute. In our case, I was told that he would be escalated but and I quote 'It won't change the outcome…' The manager it was escalated to was the same grade as the original manager and so unlikely to have the authority or the appetite to over ride a colleagues decision The Directors' Office have told me that if I contact them again, they may not answer me. Comments: I emailed the CEO, had a quick response saying his Directors' Office would call me within 24 hrs, which they did. They advised the case remained closed, they weren't prepared to review it. I asked about the poor level of service, the response was that he didn't know the case, wasn't prepared to look at it and it remained closed. I strongly suspect all emails to the CEO go directly into the Directors' Office, hence a quick call back, and the fact the CEO didn't answer my second email and this was before the agent told me he might not! Not exactly the behaviour of a CEO is it… Having requested proof of purchase and blocking for the insurance claim on the 5th June, Vodafone emailed last week to say the handset remained unblocked. Comments: Proof of purchase has been requested 3 times in writing, we have this now, proof of blocking had been requested 5 times and this is still outstanding and so any insurance claim is void Thought it only fair to let Vodafone have a word about their values: Our values We’re obsessed with giving exceptional customer service. We’re hands-on, positive and always looking for fresh ways to deliver. The essence of who we are underpins our values. And by listening to our people, we've found that three things sum up what we're all about: Comments: Really? Where is the evidence of this? Speed – we’re focused on bringing innovative new products and services onto the market quickly - comment: How about sorting out the many issues surround phone thefts, installing an alert system which gives customers EVERY opportunity to help themselves and YOU? Simplicity – we make things easy for our customers, partners and colleagues: Comments: 264 hours for a call back wasn't easy. Speaking to the Directors' Office isn't easy. This department should be the customer service flag ship of Vodafone, there to help their company AND their customers. Instead it feels more like a toxic zone. What's bizarre is that they share all of their negative approaches with customers, they don't even bother to try and dress it up Trust – we’re reliable and transparent to deal with: Comments, the true measure of a company is how they react when a customer has a problem. The definition of reliable is: consistently good in quality or performance: able to be trusted. Something has gone badly wrong within the Vodafone empire, they are neither reliable or transparent as is evident from all of the above. We're currently awaiting the full record of notes and calls, both incoming and outgoing but have been told that they usually only provide outgoing calls and they don't record ALL calls, really? How convenient is that. Luckily I have a full log/record of them, with dates and names etc., As my mother used to say, if you want something doing, do it yourself! This is genuine case, we have the evidence to prove movements etc., My son is in the military and with his partner is just trying to make his way, do his bit and live a good life. They now face financial ruin for the foreseeable future due to something which Vodafone could have helped them with, both from the perspective of installing an early warning system for all customers as mentioned, and also in the way they train their agents to deal with their customers when there is a problem. They are full of contractions as you'll see from their values and lack any sort of empathy for their customers. I accept that in an ideal world customers will let Vodafone know as soon as their phone are lost or stolen, but here is the point, often they don't realise until some low life has taken advantage. This makes customers very vulnerable to both theft and it seems Vodafone. Finally, I have a suggestion for a new tagline for Vodafone which reads: Vodafone: Getting to customers with solutions before they get to us with a problem… Ofcourse this would mean sorting out their systems and service levels and given that I've read similar issues going back to 2010, one wonders if this is just another not spoken about lucrative arm of the Vodafone Empire? Any help or suggestions greatly received. reading other forums and posts, the Vodafone Web Team have been very helpful to other customers with similar cases. Can they perhaps help us finally? Thanks in advance, Peopod
  8. Just wanted to get a clarification on the law. My next door neighbour called in at Tesco to fill up in the works van [ well known firm & van is sign written] . Filled up & went to pay, he had forgotten his wallet. Informed the lady behind the counter & immediately he said she barked " stand over there". Made him wait while she served everyone in the shop, then told him to produce some ID. He reminded her he had forgotten his wallet , she then produced a book & asked him for his details. Normally he would have signed , but her attitude narked him. He asked if he was legally obliged to sign , she called the manager who informed him if he did`t sign he would call the police. He repeated the question & after a lot of side stepping the manager admitted it was not a legal requirement. He explained that , you have the van reg, the company name, CCTV of my face & i live a 5 minute drive away . The manager then informed my neighbour that if he left the station he would report it as a theft. He left , got his wallet , returned & payed. He does not know if the manager phoned the police , so he wants to be prepared if they do come a calling. The firm have now told the drivers that they can`t fill up at Tesco as a result of his treatment
  9. Hi I am looking help/advice regarding Sunmaster holiday company. I booked a holiday for my 18 year old son and five friends in January with the above company. The holiday was specifically booked for a named hotel in Magaluf; due to recommendations from others due to standards/ location etc arriving on 30th July to the 9th August. The final balance was paid on the 7th May, yesterday I received an email from Sunmaster saying the hotel was not available ( I have confirmation of the booking from Sunmaster through the OHG accommodation LTD). To cut a long story short Sunmaster wanted to send my son to Palma Nova to inferior accommodation, after I refused this they conveniently remembered they could only deal with my son. They are dragging their heels and have failed to offer an alternative accommodation so far. My son rang this morning after checking availability on their website and suggested four other hotels they would be willing to stay in, and still haven't resolved the issue(contact from them is appalling, we have to do all the ringing). I also rang the original hotel in Magaluf yesterday and have an email from the manager stating my son's party was never booked in on that date. Could someone please help as I feel as I booked this group of lads first holiday abroad I am some way responsible ( I know I'm not it is Sunmaster's fault). Could any one tell me what are the legal rights of my son and his friends. Many Thanks Kate
  10. On the 30 January 2013 I along with around 6000 others in sheffield received a council tax summons to be heard on 1 February (they day after) There was a public out cry about the notice the summonses gave before the hearings as reported in the local paper http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/business/sheffield-council-tax-blunder-causes-misery-1-5377303. Today I received a liability order what should I do !! ?
  11. Transport Officials Suspended Over West Coast Rail 'Fiasco' Read more :- http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/10/03/transport-officials-suspe_n_1935100.html
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