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  1. i havent had to..this is what i cant work out..they came nov 3rd 2017 and gave the certificate to me (lasts 12months)....then came beginning of august 2018 unannounced (on holiday) and then they rebooked it at beginning of sept without asking me(was out when they came) ...now today i received a letter saying they are taking me to court to gain access ..court date beginning of october..but on the court date the GSC will still be valid for another month until 3rd november...crazy?! i could understand it if it had expired.
  2. also it wouldnt 'extend the validity' of the certificate...in fact it would shorten it...if its due in nov 2018 and they done it in aug 2018 it would expire aug 2019 not nov 2019...then if they done it 3 months early again...in may 2019 it would expire may 2020..and so on and so on...thats not annually! also it hasnt lapsed? i wouldnt let it lapse...thats also irrelevant...so i dont know why you would say that..can we stay on topic?
  3. a bit odd from my side?? what? and you dont think its odd that they are taking me to court with a certificate in force?? thats strange from them and you! i also know its a legal requirement, i havent ignored them (your assuming i have), im not disagreeing with them etc etc so lets put all your incorrect assumptions to one side which are irrelevant to my question because its not really what i asked....but ..the council are meant to be re-arranging a service call nearer the date...but instead sent this letter...i'm baffled. all i need is factual information on the above 2 points.
  4. hello all, i have a valid gas safety certificate until November the 3rd 2018. my landlord(local council) uses a heating company for the gas safety check,... they are being very overzealous and have been calling to do an 'ANNUAL' gas safety inspection since the beginning of August...this seems very strange as its 3 months early and they know it expires in November.?? I have came home and received calling cards when I have been out and on one occasion a calling card was left when i was on holiday...as it was August. today i received a letter from the council saying they ar
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