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  1. hello all, i have a valid gas safety certificate until November the 3rd 2018. my landlord(local council) uses a heating company for the gas safety check,... they are being very overzealous and have been calling to do an 'ANNUAL' gas safety inspection since the beginning of August...this seems very strange as its 3 months early and they know it expires in November.?? I have came home and received calling cards when I have been out and on one occasion a calling card was left when i was on holiday...as it was August. today i received a letter from the council saying they are taking me to court to apply for a 'warrant to authorise entry'? I would like to know if i can attend the court hearing (to show the certificate) and also can they do this with a valid gas safety certificate in force? thanks, Sonia.
  2. I applied for a flat last week, and their credit check showed that I have a CCJ against my name. Apparently, it was registered back in 2014. I am not sure if it was a deafult judgement or not, to be honest. Can I still apply for this to be set aside? If so, how do I go about it?
  3. Hello, Can someone confirm that a person on IVA or with DRO would not be able to apply for student loan of any kind?To my knowledge it's a loan for a four month beauty course.Thank you.
  4. Hi REGARDING SECTION 8 OF THE BUDGETING LOAN FORM there is some confusion regarding what is needed to be filled in if you are filling it on behalf of someone? can anyone help? it states:- have you filled in this form for someone else? NO (go to part 9) YES please tell us about yourself Please tell us why you are filling in and signing this form for someone else TICK BOX I am sending a letter by the claimant with this form, the letter tells you that they agree to me making the claim for them NOW SIGN THIS FORM IN PART 9 TICKBOX i am their appointee TICKBOX i have power of attorney TICK BOXES FOR NAME ADDRESS AND DATE OF BIRTH The form is made out like the above. My point is that according to the form if i tick the box 'I am sending a letter by the claimant.....' it tells me to go straight to part 9? if i go to part 9 then i assume i DONT tick '-+++I am their appointee' OR i have power of attorney' ? and therefore i DONT put my name or address or date of birth? I'm assuming you only do this if you are either appointee or power of attorney (as i am neither anyway?) i actually DONT want to give my details anyway as i am just helping a friend. finally to confuse matters further on page 9 it states sign here if you are claimant or appointee. Can SOMEONE confirm i DONT have to put my name or address. I just have to provide the letter signed by the person claiming?
  5. Hello I am new to the forum and am hoping for some advice on behalf of my brother. I am hoping for some guidance on the process for applying to the courts to have a CCJ made by default judgement '"set aside" This is a really long story going back 12 years!!! My brother was victim of a car buying [problem] which went on some years ago which resulted in him receiving a fake cheque for the sale of his car. He took this cheque (unaware it was 'rubber') to HSBC Bank who cashed the cheque credited the £10k into my brothers bank account. My brother withdrew the money and paid his debts off. Over a week later, HSBS contacted him to advise that the cheque had bounced and he now owed the bank £10K After much debate HSBC ended up calling this cash an overdraft and ultimately the debt went to debt collection. My brother ignored the debt, paid nothing against it and made no contact with the debt collection company. He cannot remember whether a default ever appeared on his credit file for this as it was 12 years ago, however, his last credit report with Experian before the CCJ appeared did not show any record of the debt. In July 2016 he updated his credit file with his new address and registered on the electoral role suddenly he began receiving letters from Robinson Way about the debt. Unfortunately he ignored the letters and eventually he was issued with a threat of legal action. He did contact the debt recovery company asking for proof of a credit agreement but this was never received. To get to the point, a CCJ has now been issued as he did not respond to the County Court notice. I am aware that there may be an option to dispute the CCJ by way of requesting it be 'set aside 'if he can prove he was not liable for the debt. I believe he may have a case due to: The original debt being 12 years old He did not make contact with the company within the last 6 years He did not receive the credit agreement he requested I am also not sure of the legality of the debt in the first place given that the debt only occurred due to the bank releasing funds on a fraudulent cheque and then asking for it back -I would have thought the security of cheques would have been the banks responsibility? I am now wondering of we can dispute this CCJ and if so where on earth do we start!? Any advise would be greatly appreciated
  6. Can anyone PLEASE offer me any advice on how he can apply descriptors to conditions? We have absolutely no idea how to apply these things? Can someone point us in the right direction? We really need some idea of how to link his condition specifically to the questions they ask you? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi all, I'm hoping someone with knowledge can help. UH are applying for a warrant to enter and fit a prepayment meter. The amount I owe is 349.65. This includes £200 security deposit. Ive got a bit behind but will be able to pay the actual 149.65 I owe next week. They are saying they wont accept that and will pursue the applucation on the basis that I still owe them 200.00. Can they do this? They were the supplier when i moved in and i told them I'd be happy to pay by dd but they wouldn't accept. Legally, is this 200 even a debt?? Thank you!
  8. I am about to move from a private lease to social housing and I need to apply for a community care grant to afford basic household appliances and furniture. On the online form with the local council (Scotland) there is a question asking me to specify "Allowable Benefit Type" and a drop down menu that does not contain the option to select working tax credits. Does this mean then that I can't apply for one of these if I am on WTC? I asked the local council on the phone but they were unable to tell me. EDIT. It does include WTC on the online form. I might be better just printing that off and filling it in instead.
  9. The following PDFs are the MOD Guidance on: Guidance notes for Service Personnel applying for a mortgage Guidance notes for Service Personnel when applying for Unsecured Credit FOI201600147_Annex_D_Guidance_Notes_for_Service_Personnel_Applying_for_a_Mortgage.pdf FOI201600147_Annex_C_Guidance_Notes_for_Service_Personnel_Applying_for_unsecured_credit.pdf
  10. Hi Guys I live in private rented accommodation (since 2011) but I own 5 properties and would like to raise a small amount of finance against one of my properties (£5k - £10k) that has equity of around £100k. I am a self employed landlord and would appreciate any recommendations for a hassle-free way to raise a small loan. I'm fine with the lender taking out a first charge and I want to be able to repay early without any penalties. I don't want to have to submit accounts for such a small loan because I would be an idiot to risk losing a 2b flat in London that I've owned since 2008 hence why I'm looking for a "hassle-free" way to raise the loan as quickly as possible. My credit score is average and I'm happy to send the potential lender copies of these. Can anyone recommend a legitimate private lender or know of a good company I could contact?
  11. I have had an ongoing claim with Jet2 for compensation following a fight delay in Feb 2011. There are six family members in the group, my wife and I, and four children under 16. I am the lead passenger and paid for the flights and the booking was made using my Jet2 account. It was a technical fault and they have been using the “unexpected circumstances” excuse since 2011, and most recently said they were waiting the outcome of their appeal to the Supreme Court which they said would affect the outcome of my claim. When the Supreme Court refused permission for them to appeal, I wrote again asking for the full amount plus interest. They have now asked me to submit a separate claim for each individual or they won’t consider them. This is the first time since I first claimed in 2011 that they have made such a request. After my initial claim, they made a partial pay-out for our allocated seats booking-fee, all on the same claim. So they have the all the passenger details and they have even partially paid out on the claim. I am inclined just to go straight to the County Court now because they are obviously just time-wasting. In my most recent letter, I said that if they did not inform me within 14 days of how and when they are going to compensate me, I would pursue the matter in the court. Am I now justified in taking them to court? Is it reasonable of me to expect a reply in two weeks after an almost four year on-going case ? Their normal reply time is six to eight weeks. If I don’t submit the claims again individually, would they be able to use that as reason for not paying if I go to County Court? Many Thanks
  12. Hi Just need some advice on situation, my other half is in an IVA through DMP which started last year I declined entering into one after seeking helpful advice on this forum. I would like to know whether he is able to still apply for section 78 on some of his creditors, Cabot, Drydens, Arrow Global Apex etc whilst in the IVA or would it not be advisable. We were both in a state and sold our house to stop getting into arrears with our mortgage a nd had to clear 2 charging orders and other bills solicitors and estate agent fees so were left with little equity Would like some helpul advice please my husband is retired and is 70 now so we are only on his state pension and my earnings. Thank you
  13. Hi I am on grounds 10, 11 of my tenancy as i have dyspraxia and dyslexia. At times i have had irregular payments due to temporary jobs. I had a payment plan which is meant to be monthly but due to hardship i payed weekly including the arrears, but i asked if this was acceptable if not i would consider changing. they automatically applied for a suspended possession at court on the 21 April this year , are they in breach or wasting the court time or are they correct. I had told the reason I could not make full payments last month due to not receiving a full pay cheque and applied for housing benefit, also i have started a new job and i am in debt as well. Need help
  14. hi there, looking for a bit of advice, or to know if something could be possible.... my partner and i (unmarried, 4 kids, been together 20 years) currently have a joint mortgage which has recently changed from being fixed to being on a tracker. we can happily afford the payments at the moment but we're worried about rates going up in the next few years and would like to be on a fixed rate again. the flat we own we are currently renting out, the mortgage company know this but they haven't changed it to a buy to let mortgage as yet. we are renting the house that we currently live in, been here for a year and a half. so, we want to remortgage, but we have issues with our credit history (hence why the current mortgage supplier won't let us have a fixed rate again at the moment)....looking at experian/equifax, my partner's credit score is fair but mine is "really poor". there are some ccj's (5) on there and some late payments for a mobile phone, last late payment is 24 months ago, the most recent ccj is 2012 and been settled. what i'm wondering is, is it possible to remortgage only in his name? as we have a joint mortgage now are we financially tied and they will still check my credit history? we are now in a better position financially, house is worth approx. 175k, mortgage will be for 100k. he earns about 1.8k after tax and we now have the rental income which is 1k a month, the rent here is 745 a month....not that i want it taken into account but i earn 600 a month any advice, point of view welcome the ccj's are in both our names thanks, claire
  15. Hi I've been working hard for the past year trying to set myself up in business as a sole trader, and finally I think I might have got my foot in the door with a very important client that could secure me maybe even a minimum liveable income for potentially life. I have some questions. From the perspective of the benefits I currently am in receipt of, ie. working tax credits and housing benefit, can I take some of the money from what I'm paid and put it back into my company? What do I keep aside for the tax thieves, 20%? Or should I save 30% to cover myself? Is there any where on the internet or elsewhere i can find out a rough idea of how much money I should negotiate? I don't want to over or under, just a little over the going rate and not too much that I turn them away. Do these things tend to work like they do on the telly?
  16. How does this work? I'm actually quite late for this so they might no backdate it, anyway they failed to send the form out again last year! Every years I have to contact them to send one out but I have been so busy. Can I assume that I don't need to defer then if they don't send the form out and just ignore it, and move somewhere else? ie. where they can't trace me
  17. I got a letter from the DWP a month or so back asking me for £201 they say I owe them. I replied asking them for what since ive not been unemployed for many years and they say is for some debt from 1995 or something - I might have the exact year wrong here but its from a loooong time ago. I write back and said under the limitation action 1980 Section 5 “an action founded on simple contract shall not be brought after the expiration of six years from the date on which the cause of action accrued.”. They have essentially ignored this and then sent another letter telling me they are writing to my employer and slapping a DEA on me. They cant do that can they ?
  18. Hi all, I have had an arrangement in place for five months now to pay off a Santander credit card, I received a letter last week from their collections department advising me that as I am experiencing financial difficulties and therefore wouldn't be making full payments on my account, I had breached my agreement and therefore a default is to be registered. I wrote to Santander to challenge this, to which their complaints department replied (with one or two slight grammatical errors, so presumably handwritten) saying that I'd received nothing more than a standard letter which is generated every 3-6 months to inform me of the state of my account and are nothing to be concerned about. The letter goes on to confirm that I have an arrangement in place (that has been paid on time, every time, as agreed), but that a default will be placed on my account as I have an arrangement in place with Santander and that this cannot be stopped. If I am making regular, albeit reduced payments that they have agreed to, then surely it isn't right that a default should be registered? I was under the impression that defaults were for complete failure to pay. The letter I received seems to contradict itself. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  19. My husband and I not long got back from the settlement checking service as we are due to apply for ILR in person, very soon. Shes sorted it out for us, BUT shes only put ONE each of our most recent payslips in, and im majorly concerned that it wont be enough. The lady claimed that shes does everybodys case in the same way and has never had any problems. but surely one each is nowhere near enough. Help!
  20. Hi all, More to discuss ! Another of my colleague/friend in need's issues relate to Marlin, seem a lovely bunch... re an old EGG Account which defaulted in Aug 2005. Not yet Stat barred however as they continued to make payments through the CCCS until early / mid 2009 (awaiting confirmation of exact date but still under six years for definite) Question is as this was defaulted by EGG in 2005 how can Marlin apply another default in Nov 2011? Surely they cannot do this as it just continually resets the 6 year period? It seems that Marlin didn't take the account over until Feb 2013 EGG were absorbed by Barclaycard in 2011 could they have done it? Either way surely if it has defaulted once it cannot do so again over 6 years later ? Your advice would be very welcome! Cheers Bongo !
  21. Hi I have been going through CAG on no insurance on a car even though its taxed and found that I have no choice but to pay the fine. The problem I have is the summons was issued whilst i was abroad and so I had no idea and therefore did not respond or attend court. I have now been ordered to pay a fine of £ 300+some fees which I really cannot afford and feel its really excessive. Is it possible to request a Stay of execution of this judgment using N244 form and present my case? I wrote to the court and explained my circumstances and basically they were extremely curt ... just told me to naff off. please help and give me some guidance? thank you Wrecked.
  22. i just got a warning from my jsa coach about not applying for enough jobs. i just find im looking at the same jobs but from differnt sites agencys ect. my question is can they check up on jobs you apply for where you have to email the company yourself
  23. hello this is my first post so please forgive any mistakes. i have recently defended a court action with mkdp for a old hsbc current account with overdraught that has ended up at 4800 pounds . the posision now is that mkdp didnt send a cca request but sent a letter saying it could take 8 weeks. the 33 days for them to respond to my court defence has passed. i presume this will now be stayed. sorry forgot to say my defence was that this account is statute barred. 7 years of no contact or payment by myself since cause of action. should i now send a n244 to ask it be struck out on the basis that this claiam is without merit. mkdp had put a default on my credit file in 09 which was 2 years after cause of action. but served nothing on me before the court claim. i would appreciate some advice as to whether i should leave alone and see what moves they make .i would prefer to kill it if poss but i am now stumped. thanyou in anticipation. chindit
  24. I've been sent a letter by GE telling me they intend to apply for a court date to ask for repossession, this is on the grounds that we're £6000 + in arrears, I've tried phoning them to come to an agreement, and despite having a 1 month old baby in the house they've said that we have to pay a £6000 lump sum or it's court, we don't have £6000 spare or anywhere near that amount. We've had the loan/mortgage since 2005 ( the house was paid for at that point) and it was for 63,000, when I asked how much it would be to repay in full they said £61000 plus an early repayment fee. Since we had the loan we have missed maybe 3 or 4 payments in total, the arrears seem to come from all the fee's, interest etc etc they add on, most months we pay a bit extra, it should be £320 and we pay approx £360 and it still doesn't come down. Any advice or help etc would be great, I really don't know what's next, I get more sense talking to my dog than I do trying to talk to GE. Thanks.
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