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  1. No I am still very worried about my husband stopping payment of IVA until we know if the debts are enforcable will check who the original lenders were and who now owns each debt. thanks x
  2. so have managed to upload a letter from Cabot and erase identiy etc. The document they have sent is just a policy of terms and conditions no signature and not stamped with Reconstiuted copy ? What to do now?
  3. Hi so I have entered the next stage to both letters from Cabot do I just wait now as they have not replied within time given. and others too have not replied?
  4. The IVA is with Pay Plan Today had a signed document no terms contditions etc from Eversheds the service providor of Max Recovery who asked them to act on their behalf this was Originally a Tesco debt So is this still enforceable Thanks
  5. Sorry DX I certainly Do not mean to make a mockery I am eternally Grateful for all help and not meant to start new thread just lost my old one but think I have now found out how to find mt original thread X
  6. Hi it was DMP that suggested we both go into an IVA after over 5 years plus in a DMP and not clearing any debts. my husband is in debt of around 64.000k paying £64.00 per month. If he pulls out of the IVA what would happen is it best to try and go SAR route first to his creditors to see how the land lies??? All advice greatly appreciated
  7. Hi I have sent several section 78 to so called creditors and have had one returned asking for more information funnily enough they are agents for CABOT then two more replies for different accounts that CABOT have now Halifax and Barclaycard debts. CABOT are saying they do not have so called information and that they have requested it from original lenders??? they CABOT say they acknowledge the 12 day time limit etc however as they have to request information before account becomes unenforceble, they anticipate that they can provide this within 40 days?????
  8. Hi Just need some advice on situation, my other half is in an IVA through DMP which started last year I declined entering into one after seeking helpful advice on this forum. I would like to know whether he is able to still apply for section 78 on some of his creditors, Cabot, Drydens, Arrow Global Apex etc whilst in the IVA or would it not be advisable. We were both in a state and sold our house to stop getting into arrears with our mortgage a nd had to clear 2 charging orders and other bills solicitors and estate agent fees so were left with l
  9. Hi They sent a copy it had all details with a filled in application form when I applied for a SAR they sent loads of documents details of account etc the copy of the application does have my signature and is dated the 4/8/07. Barclay card sent me a cheque more recently and when I wanted a break down it was sent through with interest etc this was for some PPI mis sold it also detailed 30/09/14 section 78 requested recent visa debt sale 24/9/14 Cabot - sold So as I say does this mean that I still have to comply with Cabot?
  10. Hi DX it appears I have the information from them back in October 2014 letter provided to show me so should i now request an up to date? or now do I have to put the ball in their court any advice would be appreciated
  11. Hi Slik132 Checked my CRA and the start date of the sky card says 13/08/07 so that obviously means I now have to go back to Cabot with my head held in shame and try and arrange some form of payment.
  12. Just checked sky card application and its says date of signature 4/8/07 so I suppose i am now scuppered So sorry about that, thank you for correcting for me. I originally sent them a SAR which sould have gone to the OC which I later did and have received documents detailing my acount from Barclay card I think I have just got myself in a pickle and maybe sent a CCA to them again as I have been receiving letters from Cabot saying to contact Cabot to arrange payments. This is all since I left the DMP I had been with since 2008
  13. Hi some advice please, well I sent a cca to Cabot with regards a Sky card now Barclaycard as they have taken over the account. Today they returned the postal order and where I had left it blank, although I put the necessary For Statutory Consumer Credit etc on the back of the postal order they have filled in the front with Cabot sad. Now they say that they sent me relevant documents in October although that did not include any signed documents only dates payments were received. Today they have included a few pages of terms and conditions from Sky and Barclay card. My na
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