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Found 4 results

  1. I have had an ongoing claim with Jet2 for compensation following a fight delay in Feb 2011. There are six family members in the group, my wife and I, and four children under 16. I am the lead passenger and paid for the flights and the booking was made using my Jet2 account. It was a technical fault and they have been using the “unexpected circumstances” excuse since 2011, and most recently said they were waiting the outcome of their appeal to the Supreme Court which they said would affect the outcome of my claim. When the Supreme Court refused permission for them to appeal, I wrote again asking for the full amount plus interest. They have now asked me to submit a separate claim for each individual or they won’t consider them. This is the first time since I first claimed in 2011 that they have made such a request. After my initial claim, they made a partial pay-out for our allocated seats booking-fee, all on the same claim. So they have the all the passenger details and they have even partially paid out on the claim. I am inclined just to go straight to the County Court now because they are obviously just time-wasting. In my most recent letter, I said that if they did not inform me within 14 days of how and when they are going to compensate me, I would pursue the matter in the court. Am I now justified in taking them to court? Is it reasonable of me to expect a reply in two weeks after an almost four year on-going case ? Their normal reply time is six to eight weeks. If I don’t submit the claims again individually, would they be able to use that as reason for not paying if I go to County Court? Many Thanks
  2. I wonder if someone can help me with this? There are a number of restrictive covenants against my property that prevent a range of activities from building a shed, converting the garage and running a business to not keeping poultry and not hanging out laundry on certain days. Some of them have what I think are clear beneficiaries; there are some that grant right of access to areas of my land to my neighbors, for instance. My question is this: for the more general ones (like not keeping poultry!), who is the beneficiary? I'd like to get some or all of them released and would like to know who to get agreement from.
  3. Hello, I am an account manager. The account I run was recently lost by my employer. My employer said "there is not really a lot for you to do now" and " I dont want to pay you for doing nothing". So, obviously with a young family mortgage etc I am concerned for my livelihood. It turns out the client in question liked me, but not my bosses - so the client got the company who won the account to offer me a job. I accepted, on better pay I resign, get put on gardening leave, which I sit out. Start with new company, and get written too twice saying I am in breech of contract by working on the account. My convents say. I "may not accept or solicit orders from any of my associates for a period of 6 months". Now, I certainly have not solicited anyone. I have not contacted a sole outside the main account I am running (shame in a few cases as I was genuinely friendly with a few clients and I have just disappeared). As for accepting orders - I kind of am I suppose, but I would argue that the work has been placed with my new employer at senior level and I am merely facilitating the process of seeing orders through. My questions. . Is my covent "reasonable" and therefore enforceable? I cant see how they protecting a "legitimate business interest" by stopping me working on the account? . They have ben unable to find a signed copy of my contract - likely as I never signed it. Does this matter? . Are they just peed off and wanting to scare me? I can see how the circumstances might look fishy, and they prob suspect me of orchestrating the whole move - which is TOTALLY UNTRUE. (They have not accused me of this but I can tell they want to)... Any opinions well received. Kind Regards
  4. I have one and I have just started a new job. They have asked me when offerig the job and I haev advised them, so that is fine. However, my previous employer have just sent me an email stating that they have posted as well as emailed a letter to my new employer with the restrictions. This is not a problem as I have told them anyway, but I have since left the new job as it was very junior, so looking for a new one. I am wondering whether someone could recommend an employment lawyer, or could give me some advice, as I now have new interviews lined up and I am expecting that employer to send them a letter as well, therefore my employment may be jeopardised/restricted. I have spoken to a lawyer friend, not an employment lawyer though, and he suggested to take it easy as the judge would probably be in my favour if it gets to that point. This is because my job involves dealing with many customers who are on a database, and many companies in the industry I am in will have many of the same contacts/clients. Therefore if I deal with a client it would not be because they are my old job's client' but because they are the new one's existing customers as well. The restrictions seem to apply to the whole database which is about 20 000 people, not only the people I have dealt with. I also have no knowledge of who is actually on the database, as it is too large. So my question is, if I get an offer which I then lose because of this, can I take the old employer to court. I have heard that for example if there is a notice period, and they make me work if which results in losing another new job, due to the timing, I can sue them for damages. I do not want to sue anyone, my aim is to be able to get a new job and support myself. I have worked in an industry for the past 10 years and can not now suddenly find a totally different job/profession. But would like to know my rights. Are these enforcable? My colleagues have gone to comeptitors and have not been pursued, however I have been told that the restrictions have been posted to my new employers. Which has not happend to my colleagues who left. Any help apperciated. Mariann
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