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  1. Well I can see that they are responsible for cyber hacks etc. and they want to make the consumer responsible for fraud that might be a result of the consumer being careless. Having said that the problem is that they could then push a lot of things on to us and make us pay for things have have not actually done. If someone steels my card or my card details, and they have the technoogy to read it or hack it there is not a lot I can do about it but report it and this will depend on the quality of the technology the bank deployed as well. So I can see where the banks are coming from
  2. So I guess the question is, will there be banks that do this and banks that don't and who are they. People can always open another account with another bank. A bit of a hassle, but sometimes that's what it takes.
  3. Exactly. Vagueness will protect the party that is stronger and bigger.
  4. Thank you. Its a PDF so I am deleting the company name etc. and will then post.
  5. How can I give you the wording? Shall I copy it in here. I would prefer to send it to you by memo.
  6. I have one and I have just started a new job. They have asked me when offerig the job and I haev advised them, so that is fine. However, my previous employer have just sent me an email stating that they have posted as well as emailed a letter to my new employer with the restrictions. This is not a problem as I have told them anyway, but I have since left the new job as it was very junior, so looking for a new one. I am wondering whether someone could recommend an employment lawyer, or could give me some advice, as I now have new interviews lined up and I am expecting that emplo
  7. Hi All Can't find the letter in the library and the company I used to work for is still using my name and photo. Could someone tell me which letter to send please Many thanks, Mariann
  8. This sound really wise on the one hand, however I am wondering whether it makes any sense at all to be on there then, if no one can find me etc. Would it not be just easier to not have a profile at all? I also have a question. My employer asked a few of us to become community managers and so I now have two profiles, both with the same photos, one is my own and the other is an upgraded account that is paid for by the company. My job with relation to this was to collect contacts that are relevant to my job and the business. I have now handed in my notice and would like t
  9. Will having the council tax on my name improve my credit rating? Will having bills on my name improve it? Is there anything else I can do please? I am on the electoral roll and have a first direct cc which I am paying off by DD, and also have a virgin mobile contract, so far. Plus a current account from the COOP bank. (cash minder) Many thanks Mariann
  10. How can I get a report for free? I thought its only if you subscribe they give you the first month free or something and during that time you can get it for free? Not sure?
  11. Could someone tell me how often should I look at my credit rating, what is the minimum required for renting a flat, when the estate agent checks it, can they see how bad it is? Or only that I did/did not pass? Also if I was abroad for 4-5 years would that affect my credit rating? I had no CCJs against me, nor was I declared bankrupt. So how bad is bad, that's I guess what I would like to know. Also, shall I pay the CRA the 13 pounds for the credit check or is there another way of doing it please? Many thanks, Mariann
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