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  1. Hi Bailiff Advice thanks for your message. My Junk folder is empty. But never mind as i want to confirm that i received an email from TEC to confirm that they received my application and processed it yesterday... exactly as you said. below is the text The TEC has notified the Local Authority concerned that an application has been received and processed. Upon receipt of this notification the Local Authority is required to suspend any enforcement action. A copy of your application has been sent to the Local Authority. • The Local Authority is given 19 working days to decide if they wish to accept or reject your application. • If the Local Authority accepts your application within this time limit, the court registration will be revoked (i.e. cancelled). N.B. This does NOT cancel the original penalty charge. The matter will be referred back to the Local Authority. • If the Local Authority rejects your application, the court file will be referred without a hearing to a Court Officer who will make an impartial decision. You will be notified of the result. ++++ so i will report back as soon as i hear thank you again to you and everyone for their messages and contributions I am an ardent supporter of CAG all the best Wrecked.
  2. hi Bailiff Advice thank you for your message. yes thats a very good point. i contacted them via email as their phone lines are either engaged or just rings. And regarding the Autoresponse - I do not think they send out Autoresponses to emails anymore. i did not receive any Autoresponse from TEC to the recent emails I sent to them last week but they responded the following day to my request to them for copies of latest TE7 and TE9 forms. They have ot responded to the application i sent on Saturday. May be they will respond today... anyway i sent the docs by SWIFT post with my signatures on the docs. all the best/Wrecked.
  3. Hi Mariner51 Thank you for your message. sorry i was late getting back to you. i am afraid work just gets in the way as i had quite a lot of stuff to get done for today as i spent so much time on this matter OK - all i have are letters from the Council. I do not know if they were sent over Bank holidays or not. I can check the dates and list them out if you wish but i did not keep the envelopes to verify whether they were First or second class post. You said "...The sender can normally rely on the Interpretation Act for thr service of legal demands..." What does that mean? But i submitted my application for Out Of Time Witness statements on Saturday by email to TEC and notified the council as well as TASK about this. I will chase up the TEC tomorrow and ask if they received it and instructed TASK to cease their action In the meantime TASK replied to my first notice (I emailed them on Friday that I was submitting my application to TEC) and said that the hv been instructed by the council to pursue the matter and they gave me an extension till 29 Sept to make the payment. thank you again all the best Wrecked
  4. Dear Bailiff Advice Thank you so much for your message. I have been checking though my documents and files and i regret i do not have any of the docs. you listed. I have also checked with my housemates to see if they have any of my letters but to no avail. I know you mentioned that i have no grounds to submit out of time witness statements, but on the basis that at this moment I have to make do with what I have as a Bailiff visit is imminent, I think i will try this route on the basis that i have paid the penalty charge in response to the "discount offer" . I will stress that the delays were outside of my control. If i fail with that then I have to make the payment so at best, it may get me some time. Thank you again - i really appreciate you spending your valuable time to help me. Its most kind. All the best/Wrecked.
  5. Dear all Firstly, - thank you for such fast replies. i am very grateful. To answer the questions – 1. it was titled Penalty Charge Notice 2. I do not understand why the mail had taken so long to reach me. I do receive most of my letters promptly though a few had been delayed by some days (as in this instance) I complained at the local sorting office but they said they cannot help as a. Incoming letters and they are not tracked b. Post office handles over 800 million items a day and some get lost/delayed. 3. I do not have Notice of Enforcement ... should i have received this notice? 4. The only notice I have is “notice of Intended Removal” dated 12/09/2017 from TASK Bailiff Advice – regarding your other comments: TE7 – I am not disputing the penalty. I have paid it as per the original request of Barnet parking services the issue was that it was outside of their 14 day window. You state that I should pay the £ 138 – OK that’s noted... however i am pretty broke so this will have an impact on my other bills. If I do make that payment is there any chance that I can recover all or any part of it … or shall I just bite the bullet, pay it and walk away? thank you Wrecked.
  6. Hi All, been a while since I have had to seek help from CAG. I am not sure what I can do so please advise me. Briefly: I am a blue badge holder + parked on Disable Bay. But I was issued a ticket as that particular bay was only for a specific Blue Badge holder. After I wrote and submitted my representations I was granted a "discount" of £55 to pay within 14 days by Barnet Parking Services (BPS). Unfortunately, BPS’s offer letter was delayed in the post and arrived 24 days later. I emailed + wrote, explained the reason for the delay but paid it anyway. They accepted this payment and then proceeded to recover the "balance" because my payment was received outside the 14 day window. My subsequent letters citing postal delays were ignored. Now I received notice from TASK demanding £138 stating that Warrant of Control was issued by Northampton CC TEC. (I did not receive any notices from TEC) Of course, I received TASK's letter dated 12 Sept.... yesterday!!. TASK say they are coming to seize goods on 19th Sept - but have not shown up yet. I am really concerned they will show up later today or on Monday How and what do I do to fight this? Do I try to submit a witness statement out of time (TE7 and TE9) ? and if so on what grounds can I do this? I do not know what to say to complete TE7 - there were no Notice to owners issued etc. There were no notices from TEC. Do I merely state on TE 7 that I have paid the ticket ?... and then give explanation of sequence of events? I also want to ask if completing and submitting the Out of time forms is the correct way to proceed. Please help ASAP thank you Wrecked
  7. Hi Martin thank you for your message... i cannot as i do not hold a British passport. But i will check that out also. thanks best/Wrecked
  8. Hi Martin, thanks so much for your message. i have applied to Santander and my application was rejected as there is not much history and i am not on the electoral register this is why its not so easy for me to open an account. I have appealed this on the basis that they made a mistake with my address - they took the address of the company i work for. I also told them that i can show them copies of 3 months statements from Halifax account if required and i am told that they will let me know on Tuesday. In the meantime, i am trying the post office. I shall deal with Halifax after receipt of their reply to my SAR thank you again Best/Wrecked
  9. Hi Martin thank you for your message. Thank you - i will check out Nationwide but its far from where i am now located. yes i am sending them a SAR best/Wrecked
  10. Hi oh - i forgot to mention that when i asked the young manager if i may have a copy of the text of the email(which he had printed out in front of him on a blank piece of paper) he went and asked the branch manager and my request as denied. he wrote down 3 points from the email text for me on a blank piece of paper. i am going to submit a Subject Access Request and see what i can find out from this. thank you wrecked.
  11. Hi well i went to see the Halifax and they were most UNHELPFUL. its like i have leprosy, their Head office emailed the branch saying a. they are not giving any reasons for closing my accounts b. they gave a 60 day notice in october (which i did not receive) c. i will never get my accounts back again d. but i can appeal and they may consider my appeal but i must declare 1. what i want to use the account for 2. substantiate any receipts and payments and if they are happy with my explanations and appeal they may open new account for me. i have always conducted my banking with care and respect. But i have never been rich and the cash flow hs never been tens of thousands but the money trickle in and trickle out like any body elses account. a few years ago, i suffered a serious break down and had issues - when i joined CAG and i was able to sort these out with the help of various members of the CAG and in the last year or so, things had improved for me and i was actually getting a small income from a couple of companies and these have been paid directly into my account. I also employed a couple of Indian contractors and paid them out of my account. but its nothing major. Perhaps thats the issue??? is there any help and advice any one from CG can give me as to what action i can now take with the Halifax. ? or should i just forget about it? I am trying to open another bank account but its not so easy as i do not have a brilliant credit history. i have already been turned down by a bank. thank you Wrecked
  12. Hi fletch70 Thank you for your message. its perfectly fine. i did not take offence at all. I am meeting with my branch tomorrow but they claim they do not know why my account was closed as it was a "central decision" I am serving them with a SAR and hopefully i will learn something some time in the future. But for the short term it would appear there is absolutely nothing i can do. thank you Wrecked
  13. Hi fletch70 thank you for your message. The country in question is Myanmar - used to be called Burma. I am in fact, Burmese but have lived in UK for over 30 years. i have had my account with the Halifax for over 20 years my point is i notified the Halifax that a. i was visiting Myanmar b. i gave explicit dates for my stay there c. asked if it were OK to use my debit card there to which i was told everything was OK, i could use my debt card there. thats the thing. I am now trying to find out more information from the Halifax - which is really hard as they are not telling me anything. i am going to have to ask for a subject access request and hope they provide a reason i am hoping that some one on CAG may be able to advise me on what steps i can take. thank you wrecked.
  14. Dear All, i really would appreciate help and advice on how to deal with my situation. I visited a country on three occasions from last year to date. On each occasion i notified my bank the dates i was going to be away and the country to which i was visiting so that the Halifax knows exactly which country i would be visiting and how long i would be away. On each occasion of my travel i phoned and advised Halifax but more than that, i specifically asked them if it would be possible for me to use my debit card in that country. On each occasion, the Halifax said there was no problem and i could use my debit card there. On the last occasion i met with my account manager on 18 Nov and explained quite specifically that i shall be visiting this country and shall definitely be using my debit card there. he told me that there was absolutely no problem. Whilst i was away on 08 Dec. my account was closed by the Halifax I found this out by chance because someone gave me some money which my partner tried to pay into my account. She was unable to credit my account when she asked the bank, she was told that my account was closed down because i used my debit card in a sanctioned country. As soon as i learnt of this, i phoned Halifax and spoke with a manager there. I explained my situation and explained that i have to pay a hotel bill and i needed to use my debit card. I explained that i advised the Halifax etc. but the key thing was i needed to pay my hotel bill. The manager said he will see what he can do and will call me back. He never kept his promise. I had to settle the bill in cash which my relatives in the country lent me. Had i not been able to pay the hotel bill i would be in prison now. This country is pretty strict. I had banked with the Halifax for 20 years. I have not defaulted on my account. rarely do i go over my credit limit. i returned to UK over the weekend. i have no idea what to do. Will some one please advise me.? What can I do? How can i get my account re-instated? How do i claim compensation against the Halifax? this is rather urgent because, i now have no bank account. (I am trying to see if i can open an account with another bank) but these things take time. Already, my standing orders are effected. please advise me on what i can do thank you Wrecked.
  15. Hi urgent help needed please I gave my car to my son so he could use it. The car was insured under his name only. He then bought a new car and transferred his insurance to that car. A friend of his was going to buy my car and I was going to give that money to my son as my contribution towards the cost of his new car. His friend could not come up with the money. my car was not purchased. Of course, i was not fully aware of the last final piece of information. So the DVLA fined me for not having insurance on my car. Unfortunately, at that time i was abroad. I had been recovering from a breakdown and just came off ESA as i found employment. i had to go abroad with work. I wrote to the magistrates explaining the situation and asked if i could have the judgement set aside so i could present my case. After some back/forth letters they wrote to me asking me to get in touch with the court. This was at the end of August. Unfortunately, i had some terrible news about my 94 year old aunt to whom i am extremely close and i had a relapse. i was not able to contact the court On Friday 26 Sept. I had a visit from Collectica with a warrant to enter my house and seize goods. I did not let the guy in but explained to him about my health and showed him a letter from my doctor. He left a letter which said i had to pay £ 640 or they will force entry and seize goods. This actually added to my depression and totally messed me up. I was unable to do anything and doubled up on my anti depressants. Its not until today that I could write this post on CAG. Please help me and advise what i can do next. i have written to the court and explained my condition and situation in detail and sent them copies of all my medical certificates. thank you CAG Wrecked.
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